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don't ask me why don't ask me why

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don't ask me why don't ask me why

  • Don't Ask Why - Alan Jackson
    "Ask me any kind of question Anything you wanna know Tell you all about my lovers Heartaches and laughter From a long time ago Ask me if I'm finally happy I've never really been before Ever since you happened"
  • Don't Ask Why - Vanessa Hudgens
    "I remember the day I first met you You really caught my attention Didn't know I was looking for a rescue I wasn't thinking that hard Now and then I was there in the moment I was ready for nothing Doesn't"
  • Don't Ask Why - Ron Sexsmith
    "Don't feel the need to get to the bottom of The love light in your eyes As the leaves fall prey to autumn I don't ask why Don't give my feelings the third degree No need to think twice As long as"
  • Don't Ask Why - My Bloody Valentine
    "See all your sorrow But be happy tomorrow From the back of my mind I was searching (and I...) From the look In your face I believe It's not too late See where you are When did we go that far From the"
  • Don't Ask Why - Long Since Forgotten
    "In conclusion I'd like to say it's getting better. And in conclusion I'd like to say it's only fair. It's not about anything in particular because you don't care. I'd like to tell you something that"
  • Don't Ask Me Why - Night Ranger
    "Looking down the road where I've been Can anything last forever Still I take my chances Looking for the answers I need somebody oh I think I'm falling for love And the morning here it comes And I'm lying"
  • Don't Ask Me Why - Debelah Morgan
    "(Robert Jerald, Sherree Ford-Payne) You wanted to know why I love you Baby don't ask me why, I just do And you say that you feel the same No questions asked Here we go, here we go Don't don't you ask"
  • Don't ask me why - Alchemist Project feat. Monika Novak
    "I wanna feel you I'm gonna miss you with all my mind I wanna kiss you when I burn from inside out My love - let's forget about tomorrow Right now I wanna hold you in my arms My love let's keep away that"
  • Don't Ask Me Why - Silent Circle
    "Don't ask me why Don't ask for more This part of me you can't explore There is a secret deep inside forever. Don't believe that I am blind There's no way to change my mind How can you go and leave"
  • Don't Ask Me Why - Elvis Presley
    "(Wise - Weisman) I'll go on loving you Don't ask me why Don't know what else to do Don't ask me why How sad my heart would be If you should go Though you're not good for me I want you so It's not the"
  • Don't Ask Me Why - Jim Reeves
    "Don't ask me why I stand aside And watch her break every rule Why I close my eyes to her schemes and lies And play the part of a fool. Don't ask me why I love her still After all she's done to me After"
  • Don't Ask Me Why - Billy Joel
    "All the waiters in your grand cafe Leave their tables when you blink Every dog must have his everyday Every drunk must have his drink Don't wait for answers Just take your chances Don't ask me why All"
  • Don't Ask Me Why - Seven And The Sun
    "Don't ask me why Don't ask me to explain I will not try I'm who I am That's all you need to know So let it go I will not change for you or anyone at all I'm who I am I'm all I ever need to know And you"
  • Don't Ask Me Why - Linda Eder
    "THere are those who manage such a charmed existence Lucky ladies who've been fortunate since birth All the major domos will know them And obligingly will show them Straight to the only table left on earth These"
  • Don't Ask - Richie Kotzen
    "You know my name you know my face you know my touch You know my voice you know my words And you know where we stand Im not your man i never was And i dont answer any questions Because im free im free"
  • Don't Ask - No Motiv
    "Well I've had problems with my life at times Sometimes I'll have happy some-times I don't know what's bringing me down Some will ask why are you feeling so god damn depressed I appreatiate your concern"
  • Don't Ask - Eric Schwartz
    "Maybe some day I'll decide to stop thinking Get a job and achieve the approval of my neighbors Buy myself a beemer and a condo out in Vail Send my boys off to college if I can keep them out of jail Maybe"
  • Don't Ask Me - A Flock Of Seagulls
    "What happened to the world we had when we were young? What happened to the sun? What happened to the buildings and the fields and trees? Won't someone tell me, please? I sit here all alone and watch the"
  • Don't Ask Me - Joe Jackson
    "I got ideas but I don't know it all And when I speak you know my voice is small And when I'm walking down the street I never smile at folks I meet Cause I know they won't smile at me Now ask yourself"
  • Don't ask me - Girls Aloud
    "I know you always try to be like me when I'm not thereTo make all the pretty boys stareBut never did you think I'd come down on your planCos you're not the one to doAnd when it's the late nights in the"

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