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don't get married girls

  • Don't Get Married - The Replacements
    "You're like a guitar in the hands Of a man that just can't play You're like an inmate countin' off the days You're like a student on vacation That's waitin' for school to resume Like a flower in the"
  • Don't Get Married - Merle Haggard
    "Julie they've taken me to prison I pulled the gun and robbed the jewelry store The only thing I took was that big diamond You know the one you said you wish was yours The diamond in the window called for"
  • Don't Get Married - Brave Combo
    "One thing I know for sure I will never marry I don't wanna find someone To be my baby I don't wanna find someone To be my baby I live my life simply in a Small one room house I keep my things with me There's"
  • Let's Get Married - Al Green
    "Sitting here Wasting my time for you And I'm not too crazy About the idea Having nothing to do I'm tired of playing around A girl in every town, oh I wanna settle down And stop fooling around (Let's"
  • Let's Get Married - Archie Star
    "Tonight, I say we just get out of this town Let's go to Seattle, watch rain fall to the ground And on our tongues "I love you's" run into each other But could I really trust her? She said, "Hey baby, baby"
  • Lets Get Married - The Ark
    "Hey you feeling old and blue You think you've got the answer But you haven't got a clue So don't give me that crap 'Bout old times coming back Cause I can see you've been Away too long To know anything"
  • These Girls - Why Don't We
    "I've been all through the country From L.A. to Kentucky Met a good girl in Houston but she knows That there are bad girls in Paris No, they wanna get married And some beautiful ones in Tokyo Some"
  • I'm Happilly Married - Bill Anderson
    "(Bill Anderson) Appreciate ye callin' me Charlie Invitin' me to go out tonight with you and the boys Drink one for me won't ye Charlie Flirt with all the girls and make lotsa noise. Live it up like we"
  • Married Men - Bette Midler
    "The world is full of married men with wives who never understand. They're looking for someone to share the excitement of a love affair. And just as soon as they find you they'll wine you and dine you. Fly"
  • Getting Married - Nas
    "Say hello to the man, goodbye to the gigolo It was difficult for me to find a chick I want This ain't no sucka for love shit This ain't no Huxtable kisses and hug shit, first night we fuck shit And"
  • We're Gonna Get Married - Randy Newman
    "Into a life of pain came something beautiful Someone who loved me much as I love her There have been trials and tribulations, and not just a few But we made it through And now the time's at hand We're"
  • I Wanna Get Married - Nellie McKay
    "I wanna get married yes, I need a spouse I want a nice Leave it to Beaverish golden retriever and a little white house I wanna get married I need to cook meals I wanna pack you cute little lunches for"
  • Let's Get Married Reception Remix - Jagged Edge
    "(feat. Kanye West) Just gots me a crib and a new car too I got the ring, but I gotta have you babe C'mon let's get married babe C'mon let's get married Let's have some kids with a dog with a house A"
  • Girls - Nazareth
    "Some girls got it some girls don't Some girls do it some girls won't Some girls want to run your life Some want to sink your boat Girls- Sweet sweet girls Make you break you girls don't care Wake you shake"
  • Girls girls girls - Sailor
    "Girls, Girls, Girls Yellow, red, black or white, add a little bit of moonlight for this intercontinental romance. Shy girl, sexy girl, they all like that fancy world champagne, a gentle song and a slow"
  • Girls girls girls - Snoop Dogg
    "Hey yo Fred Wreck Hey yo Fred Yo, I'm tryin to fuck with all them fly (Girls, girls, girls, girls) Oh yeah (All we really want is girls, girls, girls, girls) (All we really want is girls, girls, girls,"
  • Girls girls girls - Jay-Z
    "Course I love you.. I love all y'allHehehe, hehehe, f'real I love girls, girls, girls, girlsGirls, I do adore Yo put your number on this paper cause I would love to date yaHolla at ya when I come off"
  • Girls - Sailor
    "Girls Girls Girls Yellow Red Black or white Add a little bit of moonlight For this intercontinental romance Shy girl Sexy girl They all like that fancy world Champagne A gentle song and a slow dance Who"
  • Girls - Hadouken!
    "Where's all the (girls) Where's all the good ones gone? The stable ones The singles ones The ones with nothing wrong Girls Where's all the (girls) Where are they d'you reckon? I know a few, I'll introduce"
  • Girls - Afroman
    "Girls (wow wow wow wow wow) I like the girls (ay loco sing that one more time sound good cuz) Girls yeah (oh yeah yeah) I like the girls (give me a light loc a tell that girl over there my name is Afroman) I"

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