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don't let him get away

  • Don't Let Him Steel Your Heart Away - Phil Collins
    "You were lonely and you needed a friend And he was there at the right time with the right smile Just a shoulder to lean on Someone to tell you it'll all work out alright Don't let him steal your heart"
  • Let Him Go - Bobby Valentino
    "(feat. Fabolous) You don't need to prolong you can let him know, you ain't gotta hold on you can let him go I know you probably need a soldier yo, you can tell him that Bobby V told you so. You don't"
  • I Let Him Get Away With It - Chalee Tennison
    "(W.L. Burnette/Brett Beavers) Every now and then I'd mention her to him He'd get that look in his eyes But it was only there a minute So I let him get away with it There was one day he called me by"
  • Don't Let Her Get Away - VINCE GILL
    "(Vince Gill, Al Anderson) There's nothin' like the feelin' When you finally find someone You're wastin' your time Thinkin' the whole thing through If you take her for granted Man, it's gonna come undone Don't"
  • Him - Rupert Holmes
    "Over by the window There's a pack of cigarettes Not my brand, you understand Sometimes the girl forgets She forgets to hide them I know who left those smokes behind She'll say, "Oh he's just a friend" And"
  • Get Away - Yung Ro
    "(*talking*) Sometimes you get away huh, uh-huh We up in this bitch, my nigga Head Yung Ro, Rizzo dig these blues (Yung Ro) I can write forever bout my pain, till my pen run to ink about it I'm a sinner"
  • Let Him Run - Night Ranger
    "Strap on your safety belt Blazing in the sky Thinking of nothing No disguise What happened to the one The one you thought you knew Did he just take away What is missing in you Let him run Till he sees"
  • Let Him Go - Tamar Braxton
    "(Intro) Uh, yeah, Redzone, Sole' Tamar, yeah, like that Yeah, what Uh-huh, uh-huh Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh Yeah, what Uh-huh, uh-huh Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh Yeah, what Uh-huh, uh-huh Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh Fly"
  • I Let Him Get To Me - Beat Happening
    "(?)'s friends ask me why i look so down why come they haven't seen me around town cause i let him get to me but he don't let me get to him i let him get to me, he don't let me get to him i let him get"
  • Away - Don't Look Down
    "scatered thoughts keep runin though my head I keep thinking bout all the wrong things that I said didn't mean to bring you down with me i'm so stupid cuz i'll never let things be so take me away.... take"
  • Let Him Run Wild - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Stack-o-tracks Let Him Run Wild When i watched you walk with him Tears filled my eyes And when i heard you talk with him I couldn't stand his lies And now before he tries it I hope you realize"
  • Mamma Let Him Play - Doucette
    "Mamma let that boy play some Rock-N-Roll Jazz is much too crazy, he can play it when he's old He's to young for the Blues,he's still inside his first pair of shoes He' just a baby Give that boy some freedom,let"
  • Let Him Run Wild - Brian Wilson
    "When I watch you walk with him Tears fill my eyes And when I heard you talk with him I couldn't stand his lies And now before he tries it I hope you realize it Let him run wild he don't care Let him"
  • Let Him Have It - E-40
    "(E-40) I never stayed my ass home I always thought that I was grown In the traffic I was gone you see my head was made of stone Got a problem with me? Then feel free muthafucka Don't be talkin under yo"
  • Get Away - Flipper
    "I was talking to Larry The scene was really hairy We were sitting in the dark What you don't see you don't know He said this town is getting kinda scary Pretty soon comes the big fall He said he's gotta"
  • Get Away - Don Williams
    "I been cryin so long I been a watin for you to come along There you are what can I say I wont ever let you get away I been sittin by myself Been compairin you to ever body else You always won each"
  • Get Away - Cartel
    "Stop and turn, Look away right now You never will find a safer thing, if you turn around If anybody wants to see you now, they'll have to get through me Cause everybody burns for something special, somehow"
  • Get Away - Mobb Deep
    "sometimes I feel Sometimes I feel I gotta (get away...) Verse1: From theese streets like a fiend for crack, but pullin me back, this real got a nigga goin (ooh) cuz no mat- ter the drama the gossip my"
  • Get Away - Limp
    "I wasn't looking for an even ciew of you I wanted nothing more, confirmed When I met you Fucked up and lost for words, I knew I'd been reduced Brought down to serve a term, a splendid servitude you knew"
  • Get away - O.A.R.
    "Is it me or does it seem that life just carries on? Now was it him who said that life is just a song? Now I don't know what will keep me on this little Earth I just might use the love that's all in the"

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