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don't make me fight

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don't make me fight

  • Don't fight - Fun Factory
    "I don't wanna fight tonight what can we do to make it right? Can it be a dream or is it reality? all the time when you start screaming my heard starts turning m heard starts bleeding I hope I wish I pray"
  • Don't fight it - Kenny Loggins
    "Live long enough you're bound to find Moonshine'll make a man go blind Never can tell what the brew will do But there's times you'll wind up feelin so fine Some women seem to have a knack They'll turn"
  • Don't Wanna Fight - Qwote
    "I don't wanna fight I don't wanna fuss girl Tonight I just wanna make Make love girl I don't wanna fight I don't wanna fuss girl Tonight can't we just make Make love girl Love, love, love, love x3 Tonight"
  • Don't Wanna Fight - Qwote ft Shaggy
    "I don't wanna fight, I don't wanna fuss girl Tonight I just wanna make, make love girl I don't wanna fight, I don't wanna fuss girl Tonight can we just make, make love girl Love Love Love Love Love"
  • Don't Fight It - Shannon Noll
    "Sittin here in the darkness And the seconds tick away Searcin in the silence It's ok Even though your're holding back on me What is meant to be Is what will be It's ok Chorus Yeah, I know it's"
  • Don't Wanna Fight - Rivets
    "They never came to talk to me like this I cant see why or how They came today, they came from far away To talk about all their hopes and interests The reason for being like this Is that they just want"
  • Fight - Motorhead
    "Midnight, midnight, Midnight beat the drum, Black night, black night, Black night, cut and run, Slaughter, slaughter, Slaughter, flee your bed, Quarter, no quarter, No quarter, don't lose your head, Fighting"
  • Fight - Alicia Keys
    "(from "Ali" soundtrack) Heyy Where?s your faith in Jesus? Mmhmm Mmmhmm Mmhmm Mmhmm You think I don?t understand You think your baby don?t know whats goin on How come everyone keeps tellin me What my own"
  • Fight - GWAR
    "Cruising through town, slack-jawed tongue out You're a moron Turn on the radio. Afraido. Fire up that dim bulb And let some coke f**k piss into your ear Hit'em with a left Hit'em with a right"
  • Fight - Rolling Stones
    "(Jagger/Richards/Wood) Yeah, baby! Gonna pulp you to a mass of bruises, 'cause that's what you're lookin' for. There's a hole where your nose used to be. Gonna kick ya out of my door. Got to get into"
  • Fight - Bee Gees
    "No matter how long it takes No mater how long No matter how long it takes We'll never be alone Don't wanna make a wrong headline No matter how strong They'll be watching every move you make Don't let 'em"
  • Fight - The Rolling Stones
    "Yeah,baby!Gonna pulp you to a mass of bruises,'cause that's what you're lookin' for.There's a hole where your nose used to be.Gonna kick ya out of my door.Got to get into a fight.Can't get out of it.Got"
  • Fight - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant, Dann Huff, Gary Chapman) You know some days I like me Some days I don't Some days I try with passion Sometimes I won't I might just hold my guard up And lock my heart up tight But it's the"
  • Fight - Ashanti
    "Ashanti: I think we need to talk. Irv gotti: oh here we go again. what we need to talk about. Ashanti: we need to talk about what's going on. I don't think I can Just forgive and forget all the shit"
  • Fight - The Tragically Hip
    "it gets so sticky down here better butter your cue-finger up it's the start of another new year better call the newspaper up 2.50 for a hi-ball and a buck and a half for a beer happy hour, happy hour happy"
  • Don't Tell Me - Fight
    "There's always one thing They want to ask me As they proceed to invade my world It's never with originality They always make me want to hurl Do you think that I'm really impressed By the way they talk? Well"
  • I Don't Wanna Fight - Tina Turner
    "(Steve DuBerry & Lulu) There's a pale moon in the sky The kind you make your wishes on Like the light in your eyes The one I built my dreams upon It's not there any longer Something happened somewhere And"
  • Don't Fight It Baby - 5ive
    "(Check it out) (Here we go) (Right) Why do u call up and fight with your feeling's Girl weve been friends now for far too long I know some part of the things that I'm schemin' But there's no way I could"
  • Don't fight the feeling - Day 26
    "(Tell me)How much you've been anticipating?Now let your body show me how to make good love.Don't have to say a word.Girl, you know it's on.Ohh, yeah.(You already know)Look at the way you move your hips.Girl,"
  • I Don't Wanna Fight - Westlife
    "I cant sleep everything i ever knew is a lie, without you I cant breathe When my heart is broke in two There's no beat Without you You're not gone, but you're not here Is this the way it seems"

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