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don't stop believing julianne

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don't stop believing julianne

  • Don't Stop Believing - BrainStorm
    "Follow the way til' you reach your dreams you keep on movin' never give up the belief let the good times roll you know stay true to yourself anytime and you will get the dream you've always reached for take"
  • Don't Stop Believing - Journey
    "Just a small town girl, livin in a lonely world She took the midnight train goin anywhere Just a city boy, born and raised in south detroit He took the midnight train goin anywhere A singer in a smokey"
  • Julianne - Ben Folds
    "I met this girl, she looked like Axl Rose got drunk and took her home and we slept in our clothes and in the morning put my feet on the floor and thought: being awake never felt like this before and Julianne,"
  • Julianne - Ben Folds Five
    "I met this girl, she looked like Axl Rose Got drunk and took her home and we slept in our clothes In the morning put my feet on the floor and thought Being awake never felt like this before And Julianne"
  • Keep Believing - Aaron Carter
    "When I look into your sad eyes It makes me feel for you Cuz I don't see the light That was always shining through Someone broke your heart And now it's easy to give up I'm tellin you It's not the end It's"
  • Past Believing - Puressence
    "Let me relate the tale of how I evened up the score. I said I can't take anymore without my baby. And let me relate the tale of how I barricade my door, So I just can't hear a word of what you're saying. You"
  • Julianna - Far Too Jones
    "The promises you break the dirty bed you make and all your little tricks that are keeping me awake Julianna Julianna I am almost over you again You come you go I'm dirty again I don't know why, I don't"
  • Julianna - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "Been six days since your last hello Empty space here, that's your pillow It's a black night and the moon is yellow Keep that shade high and the music mellow Julianna I want you now You're the woman who"
  • Believing - The Calling
    "I'm one man to make a difference I'm one soul all persistence In a dark world, just trying to make things right Choices we weren't given Any heroes, and our decision Is to stand up and fight for ourselves"
  • Never Stop Believing - Christopher Cross
    "Every night in my window I see pictures of The day we met I keep wishing on the falling stars To forget you but It hasn't happened yet And I still remember when you walked away It was more than my heart"
  • Never stop believing - Ice MC
    "You have deen waiting tor something to believe in Better wake up and open your eyes Waiting for something Something to believe in Better wake up and open your eyes Never stop believing Never stop believing"
  • Believing In Fergie's Fighters - John Klass
    "Believing In (Fergie's Fighters) John klass These are the help helpThese are the times When things just seem to drive you out of your mind Seemed as good as dead You wished you stayed in bed But we"
  • Don't Go Believing - Hear'Say
    "Written by Ray Hedges / Nigel Butler / Hear'Say Everything about you babe just makes sense You're my sweet memory, that's right (that's right) Every time I'm without you I reminisce About the way we kissed"
  • Juliann Wilding - Cadence Weapon
    "have you ever done coke off a book? it ain't the bible but it'll have to do this happened in wilding's large art room where young men and women stay sparse at night bumping tech house, technical drinks juliann"
  • Seeing & Believing - Screaming Trees
    "Moving slowly in the morning light Waiting for you to come along Understand it's time for a change Now I know I've got nothing to say Looking through me like there's no one there Journey to the great nowhere If"
  • Start believing - Papermoon
    "If you wanna be freeStart to be just youIf you wanna belovedStart to love you tooIf you wanna be happyStart to make it come trueIf you wanna be richGive away to the poor If you wanna believeThen start"
  • Don't stop believin - Olivia Newton John
    "You think the world should see things your wayLove, I know you, you think good fortune's here to stayLove, I know you shine in everything you tried beforeYour smile can open any doorChorus:But on those"
  • Pop Don't Stop - Kim Wilde
    "Two of us growing up together Through a golden age We never realized it Our lives you changed Days of pure inspiration Will live in our hearts forever And as the years went by Dreaming of our destinies Believing"
  • Keep On Believing - Iggy Pop
    "I woke up in the quiet dark Fed the cat and hit the park Cutest chicest chocolate queen Look and smiled right at me Keep on believing, keep on believing Keep on believing, keep on believing She said "hi""
  • I'll Be Believing - Point Of Grace
    "Words & Music by Geoff Thurman & Becky Thurman When I'm walking the straight and narrow Sometimes life throws a little curve If I slip on the stones beneath me Will I loose my nerve? Looking"

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