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don't want to lose Madame red

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don't want to lose Madame red

  • Madame Woe - Joe Ely
    "Down to the quarter there you go MADAME WOE Down to Canal where the red lights glow MADAME WOE Take some of your lonliness and lay it on me It's a tough ol way to make ends meet, honey can't you see? Down"
  • Don't Want To Lose - J. Holiday
    "Well, I said I don't want to lose My baby, I said I don't want to lose My lady, I know, that I done some wrong, Funny things going on, But I don't wanna lose My girl. See baby Ive been tryna' give you"
  • Don't Want To Lose - Jake
    "VERSE ONE: I used to live out here, my life and limb together I used to hang my head, and dream to make it better If you could understand what's happening to me Then I wouldn't need myself To tell me it's"
  • Don't want to lose you - UFO
    "Is she waiting now Do you think she really really cares Is she standing and looking with her hope Her fingers through her hair Looking at the future you and me baby Life lately don't seem like wonderland"
  • Don't Have To Lose - Michael Learns To Rock
    "If we want it we just have to choose If we need it we don't have to lose I see into your eyes It's time to realize If you want it I am here for you If you need it and you love me too There is no black"
  • Want To Lose You - Shawn Desman
    "I don't wanna lose you... Don't wanna say goodbye... Just the thought of it makes me, wanna cry... Girl, I know that There's something on your mind And why... Are you tripping? Baby, are you still mine? Why"
  • I Don't Want To Lose You - Phyllis Hyman
    "I don't want to lose you I love you as you are I don't want to lose you I couldn't love you more Tell me love will remain Though we may change Who do you think you are? Who do you want to be? You're the"
  • I Don't Want To Lose You - REO Speedwagon
    "You left this morning on an early plane You left your picture behind to haunt me You left in a steady rain You say you'll miss me, say you want me I'm left this mornin with a world of doubt I'm left"
  • I Don't Want To Lose Her - Rick Astley
    "Stock/Aitken/Waterman I don't wanna lose her I don't wanna lose her They told me that she had found somebody new But I don't believe it They said I would soon find out she was untrue But I just can't"
  • I Don't Want To Lose You - Air Supply
    "(graham russell) I called on you today I know it's late to say I'm sorry There's so much on my mind I feel as though the time is upon me Do you know you take my heart through the door Are there words"
  • I Don't Want To Lose You Yet - Steve Earle & The Dukes
    "Baby its a cold hard world out there Broken hearted people everywhere Taking whatever love they get I dont want to wind up like that so Baby put your arms around my neck Lay your pretty head against my"
  • I Don't Want To Lose You Yet - Steve Earle
    "Baby it's a cold hard world out there Broken hearted people everywhere Takin' whatever love they get I don't wanna wind up like that, so chorus Baby throw your arms around my neck Lay your pretty"
  • Bonsoir Madame - Big Fat Snake
    "Well I've heard that you're married now And I've heard that you don't fool around Well I guess you can hold him down Bet he's kissin' the marks that you leave in the ground Well I'm happy for your"
  • Nothing To Lose - Nothing To Lose
    "I was born long ago on a ghostly grave where everybody knew how to behave I don't wanna know...I don't wanna learn play! I must confess I thought I knew everything there was to know about you I"
  • Madame Helga - Stereophonics
    "Mary Mary where you been? You been out all night? You ain't got no sleep? She said 'I been dancing in the hills At a place I know' She said 'an' thats the place Where the fireflies glow' Had to"
  • Madame Butterfly - Kevin Ayers
    "Nothing positive can come out of this Said madame butterfly with her last kiss; And what you never had, you won't really miss And nothing really matters, no not even this. Alright, I said, I know All"
  • Madame Butterfly - Malcolm McLaren
    "Pinkerton: Back in Nagasaki I got married to Cho Cho San that was her name back in those days and when I was her man I'm going back to visit her she got a problem she got a little Cho Cho Cho Cho San was"
  • Nothing to lose - Michael Learns To Rock
    "There are times when you make me laugh there are moments when you drive me mad there are seconds when I see the light though many times you made me cry There's something you don't understand I want to"
  • Madame - Michał Bajor
    "Nieznane są otchłanie ludzkich sercMadameNikt nie wie, co w nich kryje się na dnieMadameNie zgłębisz tych tajemnic nawet tyMadameZamiast więcIść na dnoBadać gdzieLeżał błądTy się śmiejComme il fautExcuse"
  • Don't Lose It - Pulp
    "(Do it) Don't lose it He wants to use it But don't change a single thing He wants to put it down on paper and put it in a song to sing How your father went away How your mother got her way How"

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