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don't you wanna sey, looking for

  • Sey Something Sayable - Limp Bizkit
    "Hey motherfucker Hey bitch motherfucker Bitch got a twitch for the ditch motherfucker I see you dug yourself a ditch for your dancin Pop goes the weasel now it's all avalanchin I see your lips movin I"
  • Looking For You - Kirk Franklin
    "I've been down so long, I've been hurt for so long, There were times I thought I would never so the break of day. It was hard for me,to see your plan for me And I tried to believe surely it won't last"
  • Gal Sey Woooee - Tanto Metro
    "Chorus: Gal sey woooee From you sure sey you man naah stall When him mek yuh skin crawl Sey woooee 'Cause you know sey you hot and have it all Fi you body man a bawl (Repeat) Verse 1: How much"
  • Wha Ya Sey - Spragga Benz
    "Intro: Yeah Is all about the reasonin an di seasonin Hey... hey Verse 1: So whappen... A weh ya seh star Long time mi nuh see yu... A weh yu did deh star Certain things cris star... A you jus pass"
  • Looking For Water - Alex Parks
    "Some days are harder than others Mountains we climb to get things done Trying to make sense of the way I'm feeling Looking for sanctuary but finding none You're in my head, you're in my heart Too busy"
  • Looking For Love - Jesse Powell
    "(Chorus) Are you looking for love Girl, do you need someone to give it to...yeah Could I be the one to show you The love that you've been looking for See what you're going through Baby I'm the one"
  • Looking For Strange - KMFDM
    "Jetlag limbo, can't decide Like molten rock I turn to stone Take me outside myself Do it nice and slow Somewhere beyond the great unknown Down here in the underbelly No words are used to speak at all The"
  • Looking For Love - Jaheim
    "You alright, alright I been, I been Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh no 10 after 8, I'm runnin' late I jumped in my ride headed down the west side I picked up the phone is my shorty home? See I saw"
  • Looking - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "(A Tale Of Two Meanings)I'm looking for a man who knows how to finishBetter than to beginI'm looking for a girl whose age is VirginiaName around seventeenI'm looking for a tie that won't get knottedOne"
  • Looking For You - Nino Ferrer
    "I'm looking for you I'm looking for you Don't know where to go Don't know what to do I walk along the streets Between a million people that I don't see Maybe they think I am mad. I feel in love, I am"
  • Looking At You - Gotthard
    "In all the games I've played It seems the dice were always wrong Never stood a chance, and I know But I found a love so good That I wanna hold it It's something that I'll have to see through Chorus: Looking"
  • Don't Wanna Lose You - Shawn Desman
    "I don't wanna lose you Don't wanna say goodbye Just a thought that it makes me, wanna cry Ahhhh ah ahh I don't want to lose you Girl, I know that there's something on your mind And why are you trippin' Baby"
  • Don't Go Looking For Me - Tegan & Sara
    "You say it's kinda like that Sad and blue You get all emotional And I get asked to go You love six atop the tree Shake it, shake it 'til it's free I hope it's good to you It's was good to me Don't go"
  • Don't Stop Looking For Love - Boyzone
    "Been so long since I found someone You came as some surprise But I knew you were meant for me When I looked into your eyes So beautiful and strong Boy where did you come from As life passed me by You fell"
  • Don't Go Looking For Love - Blaque
    "Ooh, yeah yeah yeah yeah Oh ho ho (Shamari) It's oh so typical You don't know where to go Someone's got you broken inside But don't you give up hope It's just transitional True love will materialize,"
  • Don't Stop Looking For Love - Stephen Gately
    ".from the different beat album (1996).written by billy mann. Been so long since I found someone You came as some surprise But I knew you were meant for me When I looked into your eyes So beautiful and"
  • What I'm Looking For - Brendan Benson
    "Well I don't know what I'm looking for But I know that I just wanna look some more And I won't be satisfied 'Till there's nothing left that I haven't tried For some people it's an easy choice But for me"
  • Start Looking For Me - Greg Raposo
    "I'm looking for someone But not just anybody I've been around, I've had my fun Now it's time to fall in love I wanna find a smile, a smile to kiss Someone to hold, and hold hands with (Chorus 1) Cause"
  • Looking Left, Looking Right - Caravan
    "If you don't know, back in the limes Gotta get used to your feelings No, no, you can't knock all the time Don't know then how you feel Well I wanna see walk a wonder Such talk will make for you only sorrow You"
  • Looking For An Angel - Laura Pausini
    "Well I'm looking for an angel someone to watch over me someone to lean on my shoulder I wanna feel how love can be but these things they don't come easy I've learned my lesson well some things don't work"

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