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don;t need to

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don;t need to
  • Mike And The Mechanics Don`t
    "I don't want to condescend I just want to be your friend I don't want to drive your car I just want to make a start with you I don't want to touch your lace I just want to touch your face but everytime"
  • The Cranberries I don"t need
    "The world is consuming me And I don't feel so happy here today I'm numb and I don't feel and I used to be a baby in my day So where is the one you loved? Did she hold you happy next to her? And your"
  • Alan Parsons Project Don?t Answer Me
    "If you believe in the power magic, I can change your mind And if you need to believe in someone, Turn and look behind When we were living in a dream world, Clouds got in the way We gave it up in a moment"
  • Lindsay Lohan Don`t move on
    "You brought me to the highest Mountain, Out of my, deep despair. And you don't know how much I need you, To stand beside you, To breath your air. Don't move on Don't move on Don't move Don't move Don't"
  • Fighting Instinct You Don?t Know
    "Your eyes are watching me closely Somehow you think that your not seen You look through me in deep thought But all thats on your mind in my unreal faults You dont know You dont know me You dont"
  • Marc Anthony Don' t let me leave
    "How can this beThough all these years I have been true to theeYou had the nerve to say you' re done with meAnd that I should leaveGirl, you' re killing meTake another dayBefore you go and throw it all"
  • Amos Tori I Don?t Like Mondays
    "Amos Tori Strange Little Girls I Dont Like Mondays (Bob Geldof) The Boomtown Rats - from The Fine Art Of Surfacing (1979) The silicon chip inside her head gets switched to overload and nobodys gonna"
  • New Kids On The Block Please Don?T Go, Girl
    "We've been together for a long time, baby Do you have to leave? Please don't go girl I just can't live without you Please don't go girl So listen to me... (Don't go, girl) Please don't go girl You"
  • Ana Johnsson Don`t cry for pain
    "Hey man, here's my plan I'm gonna break it Hey you, don't be sad Here's your chance so take it If you slap my face If you don't call Honestly, I don't care at all Maybe I'm a bit complicated All"
  • The Sounds Don`t want to hurt you
    "Don't want to hurt you, try not to mess with your feelingsIt's just a matter of trust, for us, for lustDon't want to hurt you, try not to fuck with your feelingsIt's just a matter of trust, for us, for"
  • Lordi Don`t let my mother know
    "I set the mood It's like Evil Dead II Out in the woods Spread the fear with my tools I need to see you I need to feel you Skull & bones Grins & moans Let me be the one to shock you Dont' let my mother"
  • Joe Cocker Don`t you love me anymore
    "Oh oh I thought I'd see you smile When I walked in the door Thought those arms of yours would be open wide The way they were before Why do you look at me Like I'm some stranger now Why do you pull away When"
  • Agnes Carlsson Don`t Pull Your Love Out
    "You wanna stay you wanna go You just dont know and then you turn to walk away I feel abraved and I cant take how it makes me wanna Chasing all around trying hold you back from making a big mistake Dont"
  • Aaliyah I Don`T Wanna Remix Featuring Trina
    "Did I approve for you to talk to me? Motherfuckers like you, hell, I preach it to 'em First hand I teach 'em no psychic, bitch Hell I reach it to 'em No bus no fuss dogg, no sucks in the Lex, dogg Don't"
  • Absynthe Minded I Don?t Now Where To Shelter But With You
    "As i wonder why and carry on i have this secret for you to hold Im not as self-assured as usually because youre here I sort of get undone by going on and getting grip on things I used to freak on out before"
  • The Ramones Don' t go
    "She was everything to me oh yeah She was everything to me But how I ever let her go I'll never know She was everything to me oh yeah She was everything to me But how I ever let her go I'll never know Don't"
  • Tupac Don?t Sleep
    "(feat. Lil' Scrappy, Nutso, Yaki Kadafi) Ahhh shit hahaha When I enter the first zone Worst known mic holder My Hummer roll up Evacuating strapped soldiers Inside strategy Manifestin' military styles Casually"
  • Vanilla Ninja Don`t Goo To Fast
    "Destination nowhere land Let us find a place where heartaches end It's good to hold you tight Just make me surrender Come on in and find out baby We got time and hope and dreams enough So don't you"
  • The Rasmus Don`t let go
    "Holding my breath as I walk to Your garden Everything seems so abandoned Roses have grown just as high as a mountain Fireflies glow in the dark Dont let go now Somebodys lying Everyone came to the final"
  • Noa I Don?t Know
    "Lyrics & Music: Achinoam Nini (Noa) Flower, colored bright I am strong I can fight But I dont know. Tower, brick and stone Make my way on my own But I dont know I dont know why, I dont know how"

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