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  • Dark Skies - Nero
    "Dark skies Dark skies Dark skies and heavy rain Bright lights and cocaine Power Control After dark Don't trust who you think you know Night life Obey the rules Run these streets Don't don't accept defeat Cruise"
  • Menstruating Thrills - Arab On Radar
    "menstruating thrills return without training bras a carpenter's dream gave that bitch fertility scars so we're donating eggs until menopause silly, trying to incubate the Easter Eggs because, your blue-collared"
  • Merry Christmas! - Redwood (Switzerland)
    "For days before Christmas 2006, our can went up in flames outside the recording studio in Germany Enoy the muffeld sound of the explosion and the band's reaction to it. Strangely enough, this was our"
  • The Knock Song - Christy Moore
    "At the early age of thirty-eight me mother said "Go west!" "Get up", says she, "and get a job", says I, "I'll do my best" I pulled on me Wellingtons to march to Kiltimagh But I took a wrong turn in Charlestown"
  • Hesitation - Paolo Conte
    "Io li sentivo parlare dietro la porta del pomeriggio chiusa a chiave naturalmente dalla mia parte, si capiva molto poco, quasi niente, ma qualcosa si intuiva, si indovinava una specie di salto nei loro"
  • Sensemachine - Grand Alchemist
    "Swallow the interglacial serenity My recreation for life Down so long Grown so strong In a devotional illusion, I ride the storm again Down so long Grown so wrong Brazen and contented I burn I don't"
  • If Today Was Your Last Day - Nickelback
    "My best friend gave me The best advice He said each day's a gift And not a given right Leave no stone unturned Leave your fears behind And try to take The path less traveled by That first step you take Is"
  • Blood And Iron - Overkill
    "Out for blood, take no prisoners Out for the kill, and looking for donors. As terror strikes, give your life We drink your blood, a human sacrifice. Ahh! Stick in the knife Uhh... For blood and iron Iron! Blood"
  • In This Together - Tsunami Bomb
    ""Take a look around the room, eyes red from crying No one knows what is true, then I see you I can't even try to convey how safe I am (When you're around me) You donate your strength when I am broken"
  • Naive Giant - Snog
    "In the United States of Unreality The people come second to the property The king won't move 'til the order is given And your life is spend, well, how you're livin' And we live in fear of this naive giant And"
  • In Santa's Claws - Pretty Maids
    "The snowy days of winter We're taken by it's force And everyone surrenders We're trapped in Santa's claws It's heaven for the moneyman This buisness overflow The begger doesn't understand This sudden"
  • Brandy Eyes - Joni Mitchell
    "Eyes that send me Chasing after feelings that I lost one day Why befriend me, when the brandy tells me What they want to say Playing big protector is a grand disguise Till you contradict yourself with"
  • I'm On The Guestlist Motherfucker - Crime in Stereo
    "Incapable of holding down real jobs and can't make rent, so for a life in the arts we deem ourselves destined. Skip across my record collection until a song strikes my soul. Until it distances the earth"
  • Armchair Advocate - Rocktopus
    "I love my doberman kill your television honk if you're horny nater for president stop eating animals go vege mean people suck thank you Jerry if you can read this then you're too close jesus is my copilot rock"
  • Joel - Heaven Shall Burn
    "Golden domes and massive towers False icons, show their perfect smiles All joy and benefactions, they give it with a smile Big hearted deeds and wise words They donate it all with pleasure As you have"
  • Just Be Good - UB40
    "Just be good to each other...yeah Donate some peace of mind Invest in one another...yeah A love of all mankind Just be good to each other...yeah You know we don't get long It takes so much to recover...yeah And"
  • Just Be Good (Bushman Club) - UB40
    "Just be good to each other...yeah Donate some peace of mind Invest in one another...yeah A love of all mankind Just be good to each other...yeah You know we don't get long It takes so much to recover...yeah And"
  • Happiness - Goldfrapp
    "Join our group and you will find Harmony and peace of mind Make it better We're here to welcome you We're all on a journey to finding the real inner you Make it better We're here to welcome you Time Stops"
  • Let Me Be Lonely - Janis Ian
    "Ooo, let me be lonely I'd rather be by myself than with you acting holy I want to be with the one I want to be or else I want to be free Ooo, let me be lonely Saving up for a rainy day or donate to charity? Impossible Think"
  • Lights Out - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "(Original song by Angry Samoans) Nothing more you can leave behind. So forget about seeing, and get it into your mind. Whole thing is better when the world gets black. Grab a fork, you make your first"

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