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donny osmond pupy love

  • Paper Roses -- Marie Osmond - Marie Osmond
    "I realized the way your eyes deceived me with tender looks that I mistook for love So take away the flowers that you gave me And send the kind that you remind me of Paper Roses Paper Roses Oh how real"
  • Pupy - Łobuzy
    "Jest taki magnes, co przyciaga uwagę Jest taka szynka, której nie kupisz na wagę Każdy lubi jak się trzesie, każdy dotknąć tego chce To są najważniejsze mięśnie Chcesz jak Reksio szarpać je od Czikago Aż"
  • Soldier Of Love - Donny Osmond
    "SWEET AND INNOCENT Donnie Osmond Lots of boys are gracious And lots of boys are true But they can't make me feel The way I do when I'm with you Sweet and innocent is your love to me The way you hold me,"
  • Young Love - Donny Osmond
    "They say for every boy and girl There's just one love in this whole world And I know I've found mine The heavenly touch of your embrace Tells me no one could take your place Ever in my heart Young love"
  • Puppy Love - Donny Osmond
    "There's a candle I keep in my window, and it's burning brighter tonight. Through the storm and the winds of change, I'll be sure that you can see the light. I never wandered, I never gave up, 'cause a"
  • Seasons Of Love - Donny Osmond
    "five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes how do you measure-measure a year in"
  • In It For Love - Donny Osmond
    "I've loved and I've lost I've added the cost up Now I want to live Free to start all over And if you say you will I've nothing to promise and all that I want is To know we have this chance We can make"
  • This Guy's In Love - Donny Osmond
    "You see this guy This guy's in love with you Yes I'm in love Who looks at you the way I do When you smile I can tell We know each other Very well How can I show you I'm glad I got to know you 'cause I've"
  • I'm Not In Love - Donny Osmond
    "I'm not in love so don't forget it It's just a silly phase I'm going through And just because I call you up Don't get me wrong, don't think you've got it made I'm not in love, no no, it's because I'd"
  • A Teenager In Love - Donny Osmond
    "Each time we have a quarrel, it almost breaks my heart Cause I am so afraid, that we will have to part Each night I ask the stars up above Why must I be, a teenager in love One day I feel so happy, next"
  • All Out Of Love - Donny Osmond
    "I'm lying alone with my head on the phone Thinking of you till it hurts I know you're hurt too but what else can we do, tormented and torn apart I wish I could carry your smile in my heart For times when"
  • Love Of My Life - Donny Osmond
    "I am amazed When I look at you I see you smiling back at me It's like all my dreams come true I am afraid If I lost you girl I'd fall through the cracks and lose my tracks In this crazy lonely world Sometimes"
  • Love Me For A Reason - Donny Osmond
    "Girl when you hold me How you control me You bend and you fold me Anyway you please It must be easy for you The loving things that you do But just a pastime for you I could never be And I never know"
  • After The Love Has Gone - Donny Osmond
    "For awhile to love was all we could do we were young and we knew and our eyes were alive Deep inside we knew our love was true For awhile we paid no mind to the past we knew love would last Ev'ry night"
  • My Love Is A Fire - Donny Osmond
    "(Joseph) Close every door to me Hide all the world from me Bar all the windows And shut out the light Do what you want with me Hate me and laugh at me Darken my daytime And torture my night If my life"
  • Hey Girl - Donny Osmond
    "PUPPY LOVE Donny Osmond (Paul Anka) And they called it puppy love Oh, I guess they'll never know How a young heart really feels And why I love her so And they called it puppy love Just because we're in"
  • Morningside Of The Mountain - Donny Osmond
    "Marie: There was a girl Donny: There was a boy Donny: There was a girl, there was a boy If they had met they might have found a world of joy But he lived on the morningside of the mountain and she lived"
  • Donny X - Faithiles
    "Quiet...Still...You feel there's nothing going onUntil you releaseThe space behind your eyesIs filling up with something like peaceYour thoughts seizePleasure grows in your soulThe space behind your eyesIs"
  • Donny X - Faithless
    "Quiet... Still... You feel there's nothing going on Until you release The space behind your eyes Is filling up with something like peace Your thoughts seize Pleasure grows in your soul The space behind"
  • Twelfth Of Never - Donny Osmond
    "Why Frankie Avalon I'll never let you go Why? Because I love you I'll always love you so Why? Because you love me No broken hearts for us 'Cause we love each other And with our faith and trust There"

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