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dont dream its ower

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dont dream its ower

  • Dream - Dizzee Rascal
    "I used to dream about crazy little things like fame in the days hangin out-side the off licence we used to run around the streets reckless with no shame mainly upto no good a whole world of nonsence and"
  • Its A Craze - Phobia
    "iight lets go stubob yous a hoe muvafuka speakin all drama but dont blow muhfukaz only dem dicks, wedged between ya lip and tonsils repercussions from the vandals, i eat the beef 'cause it is maditory"
  • They Dont Understand (Pokemon) - Dream Street
    "They say, we're just playin' games That it isn't real... but its what we feel, oh yeah And they say, it doesn't make sense That we're just wastin' time...and they wonder why, yeah You know we got, our"
  • Dont' stop - Musiq Soulchild
    "Party people in the place to beThis is history in the makin musiq & BilalDont stop rock onEverybodys on the floorSo how bout you just come on and dance with meAint no need to be afraid (no)I just want"
  • Its over before it starts - Rancid
    "Its over before it starts Oh dont you know Hold your marks and stand by Ready to go From London to New York, Montreal, Tokyo I see visions of her everywhere i go What have i become Now that im alone I"
  • Dont Cry - Culture Club
    "Give me time To realize my crime Let me love and steal I have danced inside your eyes How can I be real Do you really want to hurt me Do you really want to make me cry Precious kisses Words that burn me Lovers"
  • Its Over - White Lion
    "Theres a little note beside this empty bed I hear the back door slam Rn baby youre on your way You know I cried a thousand times before you left You say that this is it But baby cant you wait You take"
  • its love - A-Teens
    "A Teens Miscellaneous its love oh yea oh no baby what i feel for you is weird like ive never felt this way before(tell me the same) but even though this seems like a dream i know you are so true i really"
  • Its Magic - Dick Haymes
    "Laura is the face in the misty lights. Footsteps that you hear down the hall. The love that floats on a summer night, That you can never quite recall. And you see Laura on a train that is passing through. Those"
  • Dream Vacation - Christy Carlson Romano
    "Im cutting school today Im gonna get away Im leaving now to precise Dont that sound nice In a place warm and breezy A little piece of paradise Dream Vacation Its summer time and were having fun Dream"
  • Dream flowers - Negative
    "Nobodys ever gonna smile When its time to say goodbye No idea in this world My head is empty if I dont want it to be The time has come, the countdown has started Ive got to go only god knows where Easy"
  • Dream maker - Ashanti
    "Dream maker ooooooooooh maker VERSE 1 baby im thinkin bout just what i wanna do (just what i wanna do) i dont care if im wrong i think im in love with you (i think im in love withyou) and all of"
  • Mr. Dream - Avant
    "You and I Such a pair If you would stop, stop running from whats real You call them dreams But they can hear you Searching for love when its standing right here Why would you choose to reach out your"
  • American Dream - Nelly
    "Yo we be out man, fukin it up for erbody I can't lie man, they thought I was just getting started Keep the tie man, its the amerrican dream I'm just participating, my participation is game Yo we be out"
  • Sounds Good, But I Dont Know - Catch 22
    "Saw it on the television, heard it on the radio. This in truth, is not yet the end. Bus station, it's 4 a.m. Took a taxi to the city. Matt Ball left. Looking too familiar and I don't know how to feel."
  • Dream On - Eminem
    "These ideas are nightmares for white parents Whose worst fear is a child with dyed hair and who likes earrings Like whatever they say has no bearing Its so scary in a house that allows no swearing To see"
  • American Dream - Lil Wayne
    "uhhn! like mutha'f**k all yawl Mr.Mike Tyson flow,uppercut all yawl step into my ring bitches,ding ding bitches click clack pow pow ping ping bitches im the green machine i mean King vision i can see through"
  • American Dream - Lil Wayne
    "uhhn! like mutha'f**k all yawl Mr.Mike Tyson flow,uppercut all yawl step into my ring bitches,ding ding bitches click clack pow pow ping ping bitches im the green machine i mean King vision i can see through"
  • Dont' stop movin' - Velvet
    "You get to get it right X4 You can do anything that you want to do but if not body and soul in to it prove it to yourself and say i want (i want) i will (i will) i can do anything Its a difficult"
  • Dont Walk Away - Jade
    "I got all this love, waiting just for you I just gotta know, that your love is true Can't keep runnning boy, in and out of my life Wanna be your girl, not coz the mood is right... BRIDGE If i let you come"

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