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dont lie dont lie

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dont lie dont lie

  • Girls dont lie - Attila
    "SIKE! EVERYTHING THAT YOU SAY is false Just like your actions Fill your mouth up with a filthy waste Breathe it in Oh yeah, here we go So how does it feel when the tables are turned? Take a moment breathe"
  • Lie - Ian Moore
    "Morning feels like a drag When your all messed up Aint got nobody to pick you up And your phone dont ring like it used to do All those you thought were your friends Well they turned on you Like a stone"
  • Dont Push - Eva Dahlgren
    "Don't pick on me I'm no one Don't pick on me It's no use Don't pick on me I'm nothing Don't pick on me I cannot lose Ain't worth trying I just lie me a truth Don't pick on me I'm no good Don't pick on"
  • Birds Dont Sing - TV girl
    "She said ‘How could you joke at a time like this? I know why, cause this is what you wanted all along now, isn't it? I think that all you ever really ever wanted was a reason to complain That never stopped"
  • The Lie - Something Beautiful
    "Guilty or innocent in a sense, maybe I think theres more to see I cant forget or just leave it (leave it!) all behind me, cause I cant breathe They say the lie and wash it over with tragedy Betray the"
  • The Lie - Dry Cell
    "If not for suffering I would have nothing Still u stand tall No guilt or doubt You just dont get it Your so pathetic It wasnt hard to figure out You Lied to me, and change us all After all That we go"
  • Lie Awake - Soal
    "I've been through this a million times before But this time I cannot take it anymore I have never felt so insecure Im seeing shadows on the bedroom walls Faces of people that I learned to ignore I"
  • The Lie - Chad Brock
    "She thought the marrige was over, an she needed a sholder to cry on, she turned to another, and for a night found a lover, but it felt so wrong, the next month they reconziled, but everytime she saw"
  • I'd Lie - Taylor Swift
    "I dont think that passenger seat Has ever looked this good to me He tells me about his night And I count the colors in his eyes Hell never fall in love he swears As he runs his fingers through his hair Im"
  • My Love Dont Stop - Craig David
    "I've been knowin you you've been knowin me but i aint took the chance to tell you what i want girl its been too long and i can't go on can't be actin like i dont care cause i rolled with you i"
  • Dont Treat On Me - Metallica
    "Bodies fill the fields I see, hungry heroes end No one to play soldier now, no one to pretend Running blind through killing fields, bred to kill them all Victim of what said should beA servant til I fall Soldier"
  • I dont need 'em - 50 Cent
    "Yeah It is what it is man Uh huh Sirens flashin', you know the routine, the crime scene taped off It started off a robbery, they blew half his face off They seen him shinin', course full of diamonds"
  • I Dont Miss You Anymore - Lisa Ekdahl
    "I don't miss you anymore Unless the moonlight's grey Or on a stogy night I just might miss you A little bit I don't miss you anymore Unless it's a cloudy day Or if the sun shines bright I just might miss"
  • Dont Start Me To Talkin - Sonny Boy Williamson
    "Well, I'm goin down to Rosie's, Stop at Fannie Mae's. Gonna tell Fannie what I heard, Her boyfriend say. Don't start me to talkin, I'll tell her everything I know. I'm gonna break up this signifyin, Cause"
  • Dont Mistake It For Love - Doro
    "I feel my days are running away like rain I'm trying to hold on even though it's in vain off and on every day we change all and all love and pain remains I wish I could exist without your love I wish I"
  • Heart's Don't Lie - Joana Zimmer
    "I see us standing at the crossroads Upon our path Weve seen it all But always stood together In good and bad So whatever life might take us through Remember what weve come to oh yeah Hearts dont lie oh"
  • Don't Wanna Lie - Richie Kotzen
    "Try, try and tell me what your feelin now Can you try understand Im leavin now You dont have to wonder what it is were fighting for Cause we dont have to live no more in all this denial I dont wanna"
  • Lie To Me - Pushmonkey
    "You always come home late, but I know where youve been. Hard to deny it when you smell so much like sin. The lies I realize when I check your pager And now I know the price of angels in cages. I see it"
  • Drop The Lie - Oomph!
    "I will try - you will see Dont deny - you and me All - all of my lies All - all of my tries All - all of my lies All - all of my cries Let me try to sacrify Let me try to drop the lie Let me fuckin You"
  • Drop the lie - Oomph
    "I will try You will see Dont deny You and me All-all of my lies All-all of my tries All-all of my lies All-all of my cries Let me try to sacrify Let me try to drop the lie Let me fuckin You have my empathy"

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