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dont meter

  • Meter Fietje - Willem Vermandere
    "we noemden z' altijd meter Fietje maar heur name was echt Octavie geboren in't land van ronse waar juste 'n weet ik nie ze klapte jezus maria jozef zo schone lijk 't volk van aldaar meter meter fietje zwarte"
  • 30 Meter - Die Schroeders
    "Ich kann nicht zurck und ich trau mich nicht nach vorn Ich hasse eure Sprche, die komm' mir schon aus den Ohr'n Ich denk an meine Feunde die lieen mich im Stich Und da unten stehen Leute und sie wetten Springt"
  • One Meter - Jerry Yan
    "Can zhuo liang bian / hei ka fei mao zhe yan Qu zhe fan teng de hu xian / mo hu le shuang yan Ni xi guan mei bian / shou zhi tou qiao da zhe bo li bei Yi zheng ye / bu ceng kan wo yi yan na tiao xiang"
  • Faulty Gas Meter - Brettell
    "(Dance Mix) To Bri - Bri - Bri - Bri - Bri - Bri - Bri - Bri British Gas Date Right About Now Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear Sir I shoooooooooooooooould"
  • I Dont Want It All - A Global Threat
    "It's all just a game, right? But I forget the fuckin' shifty rules I'm not a poet I suppose if the elite defeat the meter of my prose And in no uncertain terms mines is a faith that isn't confirmed Ask"
  • 6 Meter 90 (single Mix) - Blumentopf
    "Interlude:Es steigen einem die Trnen in die AugenWeisst du nicht da sowas scheie istEs steigen einem die Trnen in die AugenWeisst du nicht da sowas scheie istVerse 1:Niemals wird es wieder so werden wie"
  • Life, Love, Death And The Meter Man - Angry Johnny And The Killbillies
    "Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Miscellaneous Life, Love, Death And The Meter Man He was holding the McCulloch When he knocked upon her door Yesterday she said she didnt love him anymore But it wasnt"
  • Por Meter Entre Mis Cosas La Nariz - Rosendo
    "Ests aqu no me vas a entretener encontr mi medio dedo como unión. Tantas las cervezas que beb que perd todo el respeto a la leccón. Oigo ladrar mas no pases por aqu te dar con cuatro acordes la agresión. Otra"
  • Dont' stop - Musiq Soulchild
    "Party people in the place to beThis is history in the makin musiq & BilalDont stop rock onEverybodys on the floorSo how bout you just come on and dance with meAint no need to be afraid (no)I just want"
  • Dont Stop - Aerosmith
    "Aerosmith Miscellaneous Dont Stop AEROSMITH Don't Stop Transcribed by Mike Heasley Remember when somebody tried to tell you how to walk? And now they got the"
  • Dont Rush - K-Ci & JoJo
    "The look within your eys, baby It makes me wonder why, lady You want to be with me, darlin When I thought we were just friends Then you made your move on me You started moving on met strongly Even though"
  • Dont Go - Doro
    "would you like a woman who's been around the worldwould you like a woman who is like a little girlwould you like a woman who is strong and toughwould you like a woman who could never, ever get enoughwould"
  • Dont Go - Hothouse Flowers
    "you know the way I could never say no to anything at all you know the way you just got to let go before you take the fall you came out of the smoke before me I had to take you in then right there you spoke"
  • Dont Stop - Our Lady Peace
    "Can't get out of bed Straighten up my head I swear this is goodbye I feel like lying here I feel like dying here And only you can save me tonight I felt this earth spin and crash The end of the world"
  • Dont Push - Eva Dahlgren
    "Don't pick on me I'm no one Don't pick on me It's no use Don't pick on me I'm nothing Don't pick on me I cannot lose Ain't worth trying I just lie me a truth Don't pick on me I'm no good Don't pick on"
  • Dont Cry - Culture Club
    "Give me time To realize my crime Let me love and steal I have danced inside your eyes How can I be real Do you really want to hurt me Do you really want to make me cry Precious kisses Words that burn me Lovers"
  • Dont Go - James Blunt
    "And don't forget that I'll be watching you And the meaning of your motives will come shining through. Is it a warning? Is it an evil sign? Is it a people Who had lost their mind? Is it the darkness? Is"
  • Dont Go - Keith Urban
    "I've seen it happen too many times And just where it starts I don't know You're travelling steady but you don't see the signs That tell you there's a fork in the road And you don't think it's right but"
  • Dont Move - Butch Walker
    "written by Butch Walker Good morning sunlight As I get used to you It's all gonna be all right I did all I can do And as I'm waiting for those eyes To say what's on your mind I finally think I've found"
  • Ohio (& The 178 Meter Dash To Indiana) - The Junior Varsity
    "It's back this time only it's harder Take time rewind you could give a about this Look at what you've been through Look at what you've pulled me through Man somehow this one tells me this could take a"

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