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dont wait

  • Dont Wait Up - Catch
    "She came from a little Southern town dressed in pretty hand-me-downs And wiht a tougue like bitter wine cut through a thousand dreams of mine My sentimental education reading out of desperation Paled in"
  • Dont Wait On Me - Tricky
    "( I use a code for a lot of the things said over and over: FN="Fucking niggers" W="Who I am" or "'s who i am" or "It's Who i am" or "N who i am" P="N' polygram" "Polygram" or "to Polygram" *=sample of"
  • Dont Wait Too Long - Tony Bennett
    "Experiment Tonny Bennett (Cole Porter) Note: (I am only giving you the original lyrics, here. There was a revised version for a film, Mississippi Belle, but since the movie was never released, I figured"
  • You Dont Have To Wait - A 45
    "You don't have to wait boy, no more cause you found your love tonight and you don't have to worry no more and you don't have to cry boy, no more she is waiting for you and at least you're reaching"
  • Wait, Wait, Wait - Format
    "The chords we play, ways left to communicate these roads are paved with plans we've made And your headboards never felt so safe well they'll reach our graves where your friends And i will kill the lights"
  • Wait - Sweeney Todd (musical)
    "Easy now. Hush, love, hush. Dont distress yourself, Whats your rush? Keep your thoughts nice and lush. Wait. Hush, love, hush. Think it through. Once it bubbles, then whats to do? Watch it close. Let it"
  • Wait - Estelle ft. Will I Am
    "Wait a minute, wait wait wait a minute, wait wait wait a minute, wait wait wait a minute. wait wait wait a minute, wait wait wait a minute, wait wait wait a minute. let me just wait a minute, let me just"
  • Wait - Earshot
    "Something's wrong, Trying to conquer these fears i thought were gone. And it's been so long, I'm dying to live in a world i dont belong I cant wait for someone to hear me, And wait for someone to touch"
  • Wait - Good Shoes
    "Wait I've got something to say and Wait I think there is something going wrong I know I know I know I know but then again I really really dont know Wait, stop, look, listen to what I've got to say Everything"
  • Wait - Stacie Orrico
    "You and I made mistakes We've been in and out of arguments And said some things we didnt mean to say (wait) This time you're not the one to blame Sometimes I get a little too afraid I didnt mean to"
  • Wait - Norah Jones
    "Drivin at night, you feel as if youre blind The sun is gone and its stuck in your mind You look to the morning with expectation Anticipation When you feel the dark coming and you know that its here You"
  • Everybody says dont - Barbra Streisand
    "Everybody says dont Everybody says dont Everybody says dont it isnt right Dont is isnt nice Everybody says dont Everybody says dont Everybody says dont walk on the grass Dont disturb the peace Dont skate"
  • Dont Hate Me - Lanemeyer
    "So this is the life I chose to live It's for myself and I don't need you to tell me what is right Cause I don't care This is all I want This is all i need Just Wait for now Leave it up to me Why not let"
  • I Dont Know - Bobo in White Wooden Houses
    "There's a hole in heaven I come falling down I seek you in a green-white grand meadowland But if you don't wanna embrace me I send big bubbles to the air I leave all my sorrows behind And I fly fly and"
  • Please Dont Stop - Aslan
    "I'm stumbling down that street I'm out of place And I'm an angry man a voice without a face Help me up My feet won't touch the ground I wish you had time to talk But your hours just fade away"
  • Why Wait? - Rufio
    "Growing old, and living for the moment, you're searching for something cannot find, the truth inside will leave you all, that you're living for thinking love is gone, its gone why wait for you to come"
  • Can't Wait - Avant
    "The party's over and your still here And I wonder why? Baby can u make it clear Cuz your acting like you wanna spent the night And the way I'm feeling gurl I juss might Let you stay wit me And if u act"
  • Wait Remix - Ying Yang Twins
    "(feat. Jacki-O) (Verse 1) Hey how you doin lil mama? lemme whisper in your ear Tell you sumthing that you might like to hear You got a sexy ass body and your ass look soft Mind if I touch it? and see"
  • Love Dont Come Easy - White Lion
    "There comes a time when baby you and me We gotta work it out whatever it will be It feels so right but somewhere deep inside You dont know how you feel you dont know if its real Chorus: Do you want"
  • I dont really hate you - Girls Aloud
    "Can't take me awayDon't try to handle meYour not the boy for meCan't take me awayDon't tell me I'm beautifulI'm not availableDon't waste your time, your wishing your life awayYour not my type, I'll tell"

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