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dont you want do want

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dont you want do want
  • Noah Cyrus, Gallant Mad at You
    "mad, mad at you mad, mad at you mad, mad at you mad, mad at you we need to talk you just say: I don’t want to start a fight” but the minute gets to my lips I can feel my tongue is tired and my eyes"
  • Paul McCartney Fuh You
    "come on baby now let me look at you talk about yourself try to tell the truth I can stay up all night try to crack your code I can stay up all night but I’d rather hit the road on the night I met you I"
  • Eminem Lucky You (Feat. Joyner Lucas)
    "I done did a lot of things in my day I admitted it I don’t take back what I say if I said it then I meant it on my life I want a Grammy but I prolyl never get it I ain’t never had no trophy or no mothafucking"
  • Lost Frequencies Like I Love You (ft. The NGHBRS)
    "it’s a long way down but if you don’t look you don’t have to know it and I can be around to catch your fall if you’re losing your grip can’t you see that I come crawling on my knees to get to you /3x can’t"
  • Smolasty Do Końca
    "nawet kiedy nie będziemy mogli zostać zagramy do końca nawet kiedy skończy się ta cała forsa zostanie historia nie chce umrzeć młodo, przecież wiesz chce spełnić swój sen chociaż wiele złego jest na drodze"
  • Maanam Do kogo biegłam
    "To było tak, to było tak Spóźniona biegłam na spotkanie A Ty wyrosłeś jak spod ziemi Po prostu wpadłeś na mnie Pierwsza dotknęłam Twojej ręki Czy to głód serca czy ciała Serce, ciało, dusza - wszystko"
  • Mike Posner Song About You
    "put all your stuff in a box in my room I don’t wanna write no song about you but you show up in everything that I do since you’ve been gone ain’t got nothing to do I sleep until noon I wake up and feel"
  • Interpol If You Really Love Nothing
    "if you really love nothing on what future do we build illusions if you really love nothing do we wait in silent glory if you really love nothing what part of betrayal do you wish to deny when I find my"
  • Elton John Turn The Lights Out When You Leave
    "Your bags out on the bed Your closet's all cleared out You say you're goin' to Jacksonville 'Cause our love's all worn out You're searching in my eyes To try and find a tear But the well of my forgiveness Has"
  • Tom Odell Half As Good As You (ft. Alice Merton)
    "I’m sick to death of eating breakfast on my own starting out my Daily blues I’m sick to death spilling coffee on my phone scrolling through pictures of you I’d like to say that maybe we could work it out but"
  • Vice Versa I love you
    "ja, ja ciebie ja, ja ciebie tak, ciągle myśli w głowie że ciebie brak że tak bez ciebie nudny swata nie, tego nikt nie powie to wszystko miało być nie tak to z tobą miało być dla ciebie chciałem żyćoni"
  • Rita Ora Let You Love Me
    "Premiera - wrzesień 2018 r."
    "morning 5 o’clock in the morning looking up at a ceiling maybe my head upon the wall you got in my head and I can’t stop so I make my ears pop Cause it’s time that I let you go I came here for love but"
  • Alex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra Around The World (feat. Melanie C)
    "The kisses of the sun were sweet I didn't blink I let in my eyes like an exotic dream the radio plays it songs that i have never heard I don't know what to say ohh not another word just lalalalala it goes"
  • Inna No Help
    "no no I don’t make a difference say what you want about me I see I see I don’t need no permission I run in the night from Belize to Italy I got coca-cola don’t want no chaser drinks on me you know haow"
  • Cardi B Ring (feat. Kehlani)
    "ring, ring , ring , ring you don’t hit me line no more you don’t make it ring, ring, ring, ring I can’t keep this on the low want you to make it ring, ring, ring, ring should I call first? I can’t"
  • BTS (방탄소년단) IDOL
    "you can call me idol or any other something you come up with I don’t care I;m proud of it I;m free no more irony for I was always myself point your fingers I couldn’t care less no matter what your reason"
  • BTS (방탄소년단) IDOL (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
    "you can call me idol or any other something you come up with I don’t care I;m proud of it I;m free no more irony for I was always myself point your fingers I couldn’t care less no matter what your reason"
  • Christina Aguilera Stripped (Intro)
    "Waited a long time for this Feels right now Uh, uh, ha, ha Allow me to introduce myself Want you to come a little closer I'd like you to get to know me a little bit better Meet the real me Sorry"
  • MAGIC! Expectations
    "Expectations can make you believe that what you desire is what you need and I’m thinking what if we just stop livin’ in the moment and I’m thinking and maybe we both will be way less disappointed from"

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