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dont you want do want

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dont you want do want
  • Jackson 5 I Want You Back
    "Uh-huh huh huh huh Let me tell ya now Uh-huh VERSE 1: When I had you to myself I didn't want you around Those pretty faces always made you stand out in a crowd But someone picked you from the bunch one"
  • Olivia Newton-John You're The One I Want
    "Oh I got chills, their multiplyin', and I'm losin' control Cause the power you're supplyin', it's electrifyin' You better shape up, cause I need a man, and my heart is set on you You better shape"
  • Sabrina Carpenter Don't Want It Back
    "You are the voice inside my mind Something so real is hard to find I know, I know (I know, I know) I know, I know (I know, I know) I'll hold you tight, remove the air No space between, I want you here I"
  • Make It Pop Do It
    "Corki Where are my girls at? Where are my boys? Jodi 'Cause we wanna make some, make some noise Sun Hi We don't even care what the neighbors say We're turning up loud so come out and play. All Imma Do"
  • Sabrina Carpenter Like Real People Do
    "I had a thought, Dear However scary, About that night, The bugs and the dirt Why were you digging? What did you bury, Before those hands pulled me From the earth? I will not ask you where you came"
  • Blue Cafe You May Be In Love
    "Every day, every night, everyone is in love Every day, every night, everyone is in.... Will you sing for me? Yeah! I won't search, I won't lie I don't need another guy Now my love I have found I won't"
  • Sabrina Carpenter Like I'm Gonna Lose You
    "I found myself dreaming in silver and gold Like a scene from a movie that every broken heart knows We were walking on moonlight, you held me close Split second and you disappeared and then I was all alone I"
  • Blue Cafe Do nieba
    "Jestem słodka Daję niebo Jestem gorzka Daję piekło Do nieba (nieba), do piekła Za tobą będę szła Do nieba (nieba), do piekła Pójdę tam, gdzie się ta Jestem dzika Daję burzę Jestem cicha Daję suszę Do"
  • PRETTYMUCH Summer on You
    "baby, i ain't got no money all i go it time and i’m gon’ spend that time on you but when they pay me and I can buy the sunshine take your away we’ll drink champagne while holed up in a room darling I’ve"
  • Diox DO MNIE (feat RETO)
    "ja nie czaje czy w ogóle to do mnie ona dzwoni - w ogóle czy to do mnie? widzę znowu jakieś esy na fonie jakie miło że myślisz o mnie ja nie czaje czy w ogóle to do mnie ona dzwoni - w ogóle czy to do"
  • Cheat Codes, Little Mix Only You
    "dancing with your silhouette in the places that we met tryna find you in the moon paris never feels the same when the treets all call your name so I hide in crowded rooms and I’ll follow right down the"
  • Years & Years All For You
    "I’ve been thinning was it all a different scene in my head? you’ve got powers you instructed all the demons instead everyone sees a man so tall so perfect, they said you’ve got ambition I thought we would"
  • Sabrina Carpenter You Raise Me Up
    "When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary; When troubles come and my heart burdened be; Then, I am still and wait here in the silence, Until you come and sit awhile with me. You raise me up, so I can stand"
  • Billie Eilish you should see me in a crown
    "bite my tongue ,bide my time wearing a warning sign wait till the world is mine visions I vandalize cold in my kingdom size fell for these ocean eyes you should see me in a crown I;m gonna run this nothing"
  • Dead Saints Mp3
    "Why do you want to take it away? Now you want us to pay? Sueing for something free? why don't you let us be? (power for you and not me) I just want an MP3, you will never stop us, It is so oblivious, Over"
  • Make It Pop Friday Night
    "I can’t wait for the weekend Hanging out with my girlfriends Doing things that we wanna do oo oo Make-up on – pick the right dress Do our hair – like supermodels Have some fun and just forget about school,"
  • Labrinth & Stefflon Don Same Team
    "hey, I’m not original just a BB King singing my blues ain’t no traditional but I won’t think twice to say that I do now, I don’t what today is don’t care much tomorrow got my back in a bit tree I don’t"
  • Chaka Khan I'm Every Woman
    "I'm every woman, it's all in me Anything you want done, baby I'll do it naturally I'm every woman, it's all in me I can read your thoughts right now Every one from A to Z I can cast a spell With secrets"
  • Bebe Rexha Self Control
    "got no self-control and I don’t mean cigarettes and alcohol cause when it comes to you I can’t say no I don’t want a taste I want it all when I get your call I’m out the door not a minute more like an"
  • Sabrina Carpenter Four Five Seconds
    "I think I’ve had eno­ugh I might get a lit­tle drunk I say what’s on my mind I might do a lit­tle time Cause all of my kind­ness Is taken for weakness Now I’m Four Five Seconds from wil­din’ And we got"

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