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dont you want do want

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dont you want do want
  • Stonefox All I Want
    "Sometimes when the sun sets I feel alone Sometimes I feel at home This time, tonight, I need someone And it's not the sand in my hair It's the thoughts running through my head All those things you never"
  • Sam Smith How Do You Sleep?
    "I’m done hating myself for feeling I’m done crying myself awake I’ve gotta leave and start the heeling but when you u move like that, I just want to stay what have I become? looking at your phone oh,"
  • Ed Sheeran I Don't Want Your Money (feat. H.E.R)
    "hey I waited for you all day I been away on the road for a little while today I am heading home to make my baby smile she hates it when o am more the a 1000 miles away and I am not there to pick up when"
  • Hopsin I Don't Want It
    "this would probably be the last song that I come out with for a while.."
  • Lil Pump Pose To Do (ft. French Montana & Quavo)
    "there he go ohh you already know who it is lil pump lil pump bless trap montana mally mall what i’m supposed to so? what i’m supposed to so? what i’m supposed to so? what i’m supposed to so? I am surrounded"
  • Kelly Clarkson Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
    "You know the bed feels warmer Sleeping here alone You know I dream in colour And do the things I want You think you got the best of me Think you had the last laugh Bet you think that everything good is"
  • Monsta X WHO DO U LOVE? (ft. French Montana)
    "in the heat of the moment when you’re all alone and out of breath what’s keeping you going? what do you see up in your head when your eyes are closing where do you whis you erer instead? you got me hanging"
  • Shawn Mendes If I Can't Have You (Gryffin Remix)
    "I can't write one song that’s not about you Can’t drink without thinking about you Is it too late to tell you that Everything means nothing if I can’t have you? I’m in Toronto and I got this view But"
  • Refrit Winda do piekła
    "ja jadę windą do piekła ja jadę winda ja jadę winda ja jadę windą do piekła ja jadę windą do piekła ja jadę winda ja jadę winda ja jadę windą do piekła ja jadę windą do piekła ja jadę winda ja jadę winda te"
  • LIL PAJAC Wiadomość do hejterów
    "siema, to jest do moich hejterów wiadomość bo słyszałem że ostatnio brzydko mówicie na mnie w internecie nei ukrywam trochę mi sie to nie uśmiecha trochę mi sie to nie podoba chciałem kilak spraw z wami"
  • Mata Prawy do lewego
    "[ Zwrotka 1 ] Wielka Plaża w sercu miasta Pokaż mi gdzie masz tak.. Nad Tamizą jest muzeum nad Tybrem Koloseum nad Sekwaną jest Noterdam. A my w piasku gasimy se skręta, a my pijemy to piwo i gramy w VolleyBall.. Ktoś"
  • Religijne List do boga
    "1.Drogi Boże piszę chociaż kilka słów, innym razem napiszę więcej. Na początku życzę Ci wszystkiego dobrego i pozdrawiam Cię najgoręcej. Tak się jakoś złożyło że nie miałam okazji podziękować za list"
    "joł! MŁODY DZBAN, człowieku DZWONI DO MNIE KUZYN jak dzwoni kuzyn to odbierasz elo, elo, elo mordo dzwoni kuzyn pytam sie go co tam kuzyn na co kuzyn luzik lece w miasto po towar dla ludzi i czuje super mordo moja"
  • Conor Maynard Hate How Much I Love You
    "i crashed my car the other day too busy thinking about your face even though I just saw you yesterday it’s a hazard to my health I don’t fo fnothing for myself you made me turn up late fer work again I"
  • Gromee Love You Better
    "i am trying you all alone cuz when call you hit ignore I know I;ve beet too high and low yeah, I can’t lie I know I’ve put you through a lot when times we’re though you kept me strong and then I went"
  • The Strokes You only live once
    "Some people think they're always right.Others are quite and uptight.Others they seemso very niceInside they might feelsad and wrong.29 different attributes.Only 7 that you like20 ways to see the world20"
  • Stardust Music Sounds Better With You
    "if baby i feel like Music Sounds Better With You lobve might brings us back together I feel so good I feel like Music Sounds Better With You if baby i feel like Music Sounds Better With You lobve"
  • Pentatonix Can You Feel the Love Tonight
    "There's a calm surrender To the rush of day When the heat of a rolling wind Can be turned away An enchanted moment And it sees me through It's enough for this restless warrior Just to be with you And"
  • Kylie Minogue Can't get you out of my head
    "La la laLa la la la laLa la laLa la la la laI just can't get you out of my headBoy your loving is all I think aboutI just can't get you out of my headBoy it's more than I dare to think aboutLa la laLa"
  • Ed Sheeran Nothing on You (feat. Paulo Londra & Dave)
    "Lyric wideo"

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