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dont you ware party

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dont you ware party

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dont you ware party
  • The Ark Trust Is Share-Ware
    "For all your life youve cared about people you dont really care about Youve heard them shout and youve heard them out Now whats that all about? And all the worlds a United Nations of faceless scorn and"
  • Musiq Soulchild Dont' stop
    "Party people in the place to beThis is history in the makin musiq & BilalDont stop rock onEverybodys on the floorSo how bout you just come on and dance with meAint no need to be afraid (no)I just want"
  • Sisqo U Dont Know Me
    "Lovher: Verse 1 A nigga just got paid its friday night all my homiesin the party and we doing it right locking down to my niggaz at my left at my right cuz my people came to party till the early light and"
  • Andrew W.K. Party Hard
    "Aaaah You, You work all night, And when you work you dont feel alright. And when, When things stop feeling alright, (ALRIGHT), Then everything is alright. Coz, We will never listen your rules, (NO) We"
  • Frankee Party Animal
    "wanna party party like a animal wanna party party like a animal i wanna shake ma tits really let ma hair down show off ma bits get rid of ma frown cuz i....... wanna party party like a animal wanna party"
  • Gap Band Party train
    "All aboard Every all aboard Anybody wanna take this ride Anybody wanna ride All it takes is a nickel or a dime Be sure to get your ticket Hurry, dont miss it Everybodys got to stand in line So make sure"
  • Home Made Kazoku Home Party
    "Mina OERUKAMU hora, muri agero omate nashimo oretachi ga itashi masu Atsumare! oto no naru ho ni oide Pump Up The Music Pump It Up! It's a Ho ho ho! HOME PARTY! C'mon! Ho ho ho! HOME PARTY! It's a Ho ho"
  • After Midnight Project Party Dress
    "When misery dreams The city doesnt sleep She craves the perfect life. There is a party in a hearse And everybodys been dying To get in. Misery cant feel. Misery cries all day long. When you close"
  • Bolshoi Lindy's Party
    "cold streets, grey town, early morning, no-one around, lets steal milk from a closed door, we wont drink it, but thats not what we do it for, walking around like a run away kite these are the days of eternal"
  • Band Of Horses Weed Party
    "I got you arrested because Are you come or gone I am about to set this off The party is done The wine is there to keep yourself You got it wrong So I brought you plenty thoughts Words were at a loss Its"
  • Aquabats POOL PARTY
    "Aquabats Miscellaneous POOL PARTY (spoken) Bro-whats up? Dude, just watching the dating game Right on, Hey dude, guess what tonite What Pool party-my house-eight o clock YEAH! You dont"
  • Bryan Ferry Party doll
    "When the world outside of you Seems to weigh too much for you Then draw within yourself For there is no-one else Well its a sin What Im sayin But its truth Black and blue has turned to grey Real life pictures"
  • Ten Shekel Shirt Friendship Party
    "all because i told your sis what we said. you had to get all mad. now you wont have a word with me. lets just have a friendship party. i miss seeing you. i miss talking to you. where did you go? why"
  • DJ Bobo Party Delight
    "Chorus: Its really getting hot tonight Well dance into the morning light Get up stand up dont stop the party delight Verse 1: Its saturday, its saturday night We go to dance just to feel alright Lets"
  • K-Maro Gangsta Party
    "1. Welcome back home Parmi les miens, a fait du bien homie La route est longue all alone Aux quatre coins du monde j'ai rpendu la nouvelle xcuter mes plan comme prvu, plus rien n'est pareil Tu devrais"
  • Cales Party Forever
    "Our life is a neverending party Disorderliness on the verge of crime Gallons of booze Throngs of cheap sluts And hearbroken naive admirers I'm hitting the rock bottom And soaring into euphoric heights It's"
  • Fort Minor Bloc Party
    "(feat. Apathy, Tak of S.O.B.) ...invasion! Hey Ap, why dont you do the uhthe intro on this shit? Apathy: Yo Apathy, Fort Minor, Styles Of Beyond, Demigodz Here we go Yo, rappers like heavy"
  • Alexandra Burke Please Dont Stop The Music
    "Please don't stop the music (music, music, music) Please don't stop the music (music, music, music) Please don't stop the music (music, music, music) Please don't stop the music (music, music, music) "
  • Johnnie Ray You Dont Owe Me A Thing
    "Youd Be Surprised Johnny Ray Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin Hes not so good in a crowd But when you get him alone, Youd be surprised. He isnt much at a dance But then when he takes you home, Youd be"
  • Andrew W.K. Party Party Party
    "O Party Party Party I wanna have a Party I need to have a Party You better have a Party O Party Party Party You gotta Party harty I'm gonna have a Party Or else you won't be sorry O Party Party Party The"

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