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dora poznaje ��wiat tekat

  • Dora - Ney Matogrosso
    "Dora Rainha do frevo E do Maracatu Dora Rainha cafuza de um maracatu Te conheci no Recife Dos rios cortados de pontes Dos bairros das fontes, Coloniais, - Dora - Chamei - Dora! Dora... Eu vim a cidade Pra"
  • Dora - Alan Parson Project, The
    "Alan Parson Project, The Freudiana Dora Another of freud's patients Lead vocal : eric woolfson Dora, in the middle of the night Will you wait for me Till the morning sun shine bright For it's all a dream And"
  • Dora - Wim Sonneveld
    "In het bleke ochtendgloren stapelt Dora nachtclubstoelen Want dat doet ze van tevoren, omdat ze de vloer moet spoelen Zomaar schrobben is zo zonde, even doet ze snel de ronde Om vooral de driekwart peuken"
  • Dora - Alan Parsons Project
    "Dora, in the middle of the nightwill you wait for meTill the morning sun shine brightFor it's all a dreamAnd it's only make believeDora, oh it hurts to hear you sayYou're all aloneAnd the pain won't go"
  • Dora and Lili - J Church
    "Idle hands for the idle rich, The men think she's a bitch, She's a twin to one belief, For now she is a thief, She smiles and laughs and you want more, But she thinks you're a bore, Hungary is where Hungarians"
  • Dora Goes to Town - Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
    "She's got a ham in her handbag, a pig in her purse She's got two ply, no fly, baby buggers She's got a burlap sack, she's on a voter parade Gonna get some carob cigars and some lemonade No need to put"
  • Dora The Explorer (Theme Song) - Nickelodeon
    "dora! boots! come on dora! do-do-do-do-dora! do-do-do-do-dora! do-do-do-do-dora! do-do-do-do-dora! dora dora dora the explorer! boots, that super cool explorer, dora! need your help! grab your backpacks! lets"
  • Elvis Bought Dora A Cadillac - Wall Of Voodoo
    "It was 1957, Evlis Presley came in the Spanish restaurant where Dora was working. Dora took the order, bussed the plates, poured the coffee as the party ate. Col. Tom paid the check and Elvis Presley"
  • Samba Que Nem Rita ? Dora - Seu Jorge
    "O Chico falou que a Rita levou O sorriso dele e o assunto Eu sofri seu sofrer mas pergunto Se o meu ele ia aguentar A quem tanto queria um presunto Deu meu corpo morrendo de amar Onde havia horizonte defunto Pois"
  • Dor - Activ
    "Stau pe ploi.. Ne topesc pana in zori.. Cu trupul tau ma-ncalzesti apoi.. Vom zbura iar sper nori.. ohhh... Anti - Refren: Numai tu stii sa razi cu mine oh baby Tu imi dai tot ce vreau Numai tu stii sa"
  • Dor - T-Raperzy znad Wis
    "- Kto tam?- Poczta- Już otwieram!Listy noszęChoć roboty tej nie znoszęTo w historii tej nieważneZ tego wnoszęŻe publikę tak jak i radiosłuchaczyBardziej kręci co wyrabiam w trakcie pracyWśród klientek"
  • Poznajesz Mnie - Pierwszy ft. Chief Kaspa
    "Refren Dlaczego nie poznajesz mnie (nie poznajesz mnie) Łatwo było znaleźć cię, mamy czas
Nie ma, nie ma, cię w tej grze (nie ma cie w tej grze)
Oni już wybrali mnie, jeden z nas Zwrotka 1 Wiedziałem,"
  • Nie poznaję cię - Dawid Tyszkowski
    ""Nie poznaję cię" to nowy singel Dawida Tyszkowskiego. Premiera utworu 30 września 2022 r."
  • Im lepiej Cię poznaję - Religijne
    "Im lepiej Cię poznaję, tym bardziej kocham Cię. Im więcej Ciebie słucham, tym bardziej kocham Cię. Ciebie, mój Jezu, mój Jezu, tym bardziej kocham Cię. Ciebie, mój Jezu, mój Jezu, tym bardziej kocham"
  • Hunky Dory - Kenny Price
    "Hunky Dory Hunky Dory Hunky Dory it's all right with me Time is a runnin' out with our love affair I can see it in your face it's everywhere You haven't left a stone or turn and left not a bridge that"
  • Funky Dory - Rachel Stevens
    "(You can get what you want) I want my love to paint pretty pictures for me (You can get what you wish for) Technicolor and super-reality (You can get what you need) I need my life to be extraordinary (You"
  • Parachute Dor - Alain Souchon
    "Parachute dor - Alain Souchon - 2008 Adieu mgaphones, adieu calicots Adieu reprsentants syndicaux A moi le soleil et le calypso La nana, la noix de coco A moi les alizs, les vents tropicaux Et moi, bien"
  • Dor Daedeloth - Summoning
    "My heart for your word, Ered Engrin, and watch your folk, tired and small all hope lies in its last breath... You won't fear us, for we won't bring you anything but a fading spirit, the essence of my frost"
  • Dory Previn - Camera Obscura
    "Fed up of girls in pretty dresses With boys who want to teach them a lesson Sick of the sight of my old lover Went under sheets and covers to get away from him I can't see what he once meant to me I think"
  • Jeunesse Dor - Peter Hammill
    "The youth are voting with their feet, such a shame that the dance-beat gets so complicated. Pretty, pretty it seems... on second glance, the look is overrated. In the hot-house there's a magic potion, timeless"

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