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dornan maybe i am

  • Maybe I Am? - Funeral For A Friend
    "Maybe I'm a pessimist What if all the grey clouds in the sky Follow me home tonight? Maybe I'm an atheist What if there's no god waiting to greet me At the end of the working week Maybe I'm just delicate Maybe"
  • Maybe - k.d. lang
    "Maybe I am crazy Maybe I'm confused Maybe I've misconstrued Maybe I.... Love you Maybe I an dreaming Maybe I am doomed Maybe I'm desitute Maybe I... Love you *Oh... Maybe I'll ask or No... Maybe I won't Oh... It"
  • Maybe - Pushmonkey
    "Maybe you could stay Maybe I could wander Maybe you could stray and Maybe I could pull you under Maybe you could sting Maybe I could play Maybe you could mitre and Maybe I could break your thunder Come"
  • Maybe - Stereophonics
    "Maybe one thing, Maybe something, Maybe nothing, All I know is friend, it's nothing new. Maybe it's me, What is to be, Maybe lucky, All, I ask is where we're supposed to be. I give a lot, I take a lot, It's"
  • Maybe - Robert Kramer
    "Maybe this is what it is Maybe there's no more Just a ceiling with holes in the roof And maybe no floor Maybe sometimes theres only night Sometimes only day All your problems are out of sight But"
  • Maybe - Jay Sean
    "BEEP BEEP oh look now there goes my phone and once again am just hoping its a text from you (mmmm) It aint right read your messages twice thrice four times a night its true (Everyday i patiently wait)"
  • Maybe - Jasmine Guy
    "People say i'm a true personWhat does that mean ?I wish i had someoneWho could take me from this dark spaceAnd make it that everything was okayI've had enough of angerI've had enough of painI've had enough"
  • Maybe - Opshop
    "So what's this big secret you can't tell me I don't wanna piece of this Haven't we all had enough Enough for one day I don't wanna argue with you You've got me shiverin' in my spine (Chorus) If everything"
  • Maybe - Irish Celebration
    "Gonna plan my deliveranceGonna plan it myselfGonna stand my deliveror back up on the shelf.Gonna turn to the only thing that I can obeyAnd maybe, just maybe, it wont turn it away.Gonna hold out for something"
  • Maybe - Collective Soul
    "The sky now divides To bring you back into the fold Welcome home Still my need to recognize Any comfort you may show Only grows Guess I'll learn to accommodate While my heart just sits and waits Maybe"
  • Maybe - The Connells
    "Gonna plan my deliverance Gonna plan it myself Gonna stand my deliveror back up on the shelf. Gonna turn to the only thing that I can obey And maybe, just maybe, it won't turn it away. Gonna hold out"
  • Maybe - Milk Inc
    "(Ft. Regie) Just another day,Im wondering through the city trying to find my way,But I see you,And every stranger that walks by,They all seem to ask me why,But I don't know,If theres a cure,To stop me"
  • Maybe - Auburn
    "I never thought that I would be the one to tell Bout how i changed my life after all the times I failed I am thankful things have changed No day remains the same And Lord I'm so grateful When I was out"
  • Maybe I Will - Julia Nunes
    "This bed is so hot I can not get the covers off they stick to me like leather seats in cars at 80,000 degrees did you leave something behind it looked like nothing at the time now you fear that it's too"
  • Maybe Monday - 'Til Tuesday
    "Tell me again you only want what's good for me Tell me again you're gonna make me happy Tell me again I have promises to keep Tell me again- I might stop crying in my sleep Maybe Monday he'll call Maybe"
  • Maybe monday - Aimee Mann
    "Tell me again you only want what's good for me Tell me again you're gonna make me happy Tell me again i have promises to keep Tell me again- i might stop crying in my sleep Maybe monday he'll call Maybe"
  • Maybe, Baby - Emilia
    "Baby when, I think of you My whole world seems, seems so blue You make me wanna fly, wanna fly Like a great, big balloon But honey I've got a question for you Do you know the colour of my soul Please get"
  • Maybe Someday - Egotronic
    "Well I guess Maybe someday I can learn to Hate you too Lass mich in ruh ich will dich nich mehr sehn Die Zeit war lang und es muss ohne mich weitergehn Es ist vorbei und ich wei das so genau wie"
  • Maybe Someday - Alexis Strum
    "All of my time thinking about you And most my nights dreaming about you I can't let go and take it easy How do you know the buttons to push? I am so hung up on you I don't know what to do Maybe someday"
  • Maybe Tomorrow - The Rembrandts
    "I tried to win your heart-That's when I lost my head I should have saved up all of my feelings, but I squandered them instead And in one fragile moment, I could almost see Just how things might have changed"

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