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doro pesh
  • Amfa Doro
    "-Wiesz co Ci powiem? Dorośnij Chłopczyku. Taa -A wiesz co ja powiem Tobie? Dorośnij Dziewczynko. Kiedyś trzebaa. Mówisz że ją kochasz,a naprawde chcesz ją tylko w łóżku,kiedy dobrze cie popieści umiesz"
  • Amfa ft. Saio Doro
    "- Wiesz co ci powiem ? Dorośnij chłopczyku, ta . - A wiesz co ja powiem tobie ? Dorośnij dziewczynko, kiedyś trzeba . Mówisz, że ją kochasz, lecz na prawdę chcesz ją tylko w łóżku, kiedy dobrze cię popieści"
  • Sakis Rouvas Doro sti siopi
    "Klisti strofi me petakseFanari o hronos m' epiaseSton topo pu pigename maziEgo ke si ke t' agnostoSta matia su to adiavastoMa kathe skepsi meni panta ekiKonta su, makria su, skia suKi an me stelnisDoro"
  • The GazettE Doro Darake no Seishun
    "Kitanai kenkaya doutoku wo buri kazashiteru hito Eriito no omaera ga zouri ue kedo reeru wo Fumi tatoshi,tsuba wo haki waremichi wo aruku no sa! Mikusuna! sou bokura ha narazu no kyouken saa! Migimuke"
  • The GazettE Doro Darake No Seishun (wersja ang.)
    "Filthy authorities, swinging morals on people You elitists fall down on your imaginary rai I spit at you and walk my own path! Don't mess with us, we're the mad hooligan dogs! I won't face right or anything,"
  • Doro Emotional Suicide
    "In the land of the lost horizon Where the queen lies dark and cold When the stars won't shine, then the story's told When the world was milk and honey And the magic was strong and true Then the strange"
  • Doro Enough For You
    "Barely understand What seems so real Sometimes I hurt myself So I can't really feel You want me with your tortured eyes I want you with my mind Here we are short of paradise A drop of blood frozen in time Chorus Save"
  • Doro Even Angels Cry
    "Every time you call you can't imagine what it's like I'm getting chills I hear your voice each time And every time we talk I get shivers down my spine I can't deny you're always on my mind I never had"
  • Doro Eye On You
    "Even Angels Cry I felt so blue - the sky was so grey It was pouring down - I went walking anyway A ragged old man came right up to me He said: "I'm half blind - but there's things I see And things I believe""
  • Doro Fall For Me Again
    "I couldn't close my eyes I stayed up all night I thought of promises you gave me for life your words were racing through my head "forever together" I just remembered that you swore you won't lie 'cause"
  • Doro Hear Me
    "There is a statue - out on an island Lady Freedom's got nothing much to do Just stands alone, her face set in stone It reminds me of me... without you And in case you didn't get my letter I ain't been"
  • Doro Heartshaped Tattoo
    "So you better wake up Pay attention to me I need to talk And you need to see What I've been feeling Got so much inside You know you've been stealing My peace of mind You never take the time to listen -"
  • Doro Heaven With You
    "I'm just like you And I've got a heart that's searching Tell me - is it true? Is that my fire behind your eyes? And when you look at me Do you really like what you see? Do you want somebody Do you want"
  • Doro I Dont Care
    "I thought you'd love me forever I thought nothing could change your mind as long as we were together through every war I could still survive you meant everything to me and my heart Now you leave me with nothing"
  • Doro I Had Too Much To Dream
    "what d' ya want from me creepsneaking up on to meis it my mind you're afteros is it all of me put the gun to my head yeathat makes it quite alrightyou think you'll get what you wantwhen you see fear in"
  • Doro I Know You By Heart
    "Last night your shadow Fell upon my lonely dream There's something in the air I knew it wasn't real The night was filled with love The way it used to be And then your hand reached out To comfort me Came"
  • Doro I Want You Back
    "You come around You're feeling down She left you on your own Without a sound Your eyes they lead me Into the danger zone I know I do Just what you're up to I know you by heart And I know what you'll do"
  • Doro Ill Be Holding On
    "i want you back againuh i want you backi can't take itthat you're with someone elseuh i want you herei want you with me back again your very reason for leavingwas that i let you gobut you know i regret"
  • Doro Ill Make It On My Own
    "I have lived my life my way For tonight and for today Just the strongest hearts, they say Always survive And I'm fallin' through the years All these dreams disappear And the night is full of tears I'll"
  • Doro In Freiheit Stirbt Mein Herz
    "You look at meFilled with sadness in your eyes But this should come as no surprise It's what I have to do Was never right 'Cause someone else belongs to you I'll say good-bye It's what I have to do Yeah"

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