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dove cameron trye love

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dove cameron trye love

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dove cameron trye love
  • Moony Dove
    "Why can't he give her his love, no more again? Tears on her face and the dove, she cries, she knows... She won't be able to fly away from him, She looks at red roses in spring Now she won't be able to"
  • Akashic Dove
    "Dove The wings of peace and love You give me all I need Gentle touches shall stay inside 'Till the end of time Sweet My crowned queen for you my soul, My arms open wide All my dreams shall become a life"
  • Jillette Johnson Cameron
    "Cameron's in drag, makes his father mad Since he was a little boy, he always felt more comfortable in lipstick People call him fag, teachers turn their backs Off the bus he runs and runs To get home before"
  • Michelle Shocked Moaning Dove
    "Moanin' dove, a moanin' dove Lord, that's what I be Moanin' for your precious love Your love is what I need What I need, Lord, what I need Your love is what I need Always moanin' all day long Lord, I'm"
  • Trisha Yearwood Lonesome Dove
    "I hear a lonesome dove off in the distance His cry echoes out through the hills He's sad that his lover flew off with another And I know the sorrow he feels Lonesome dove we're not that different You"
  • Agents Of Good Roots Turtle Dove
    "Lyrics: Jones Music: Jones Lyrics: I met a lass with eyes of glass Named Amy Atlas-Friend She cooked for me, I served her tea For two upon the Thames But don't believe the thought police They'll twist"
  • Patty Griffin White dove
    "Laying low in the darknessA long slow pain beats deep in her chestAnd she wonders if he's safe tonightOr if he's warm enoughAnd she tries to send upon the windA song of her loveWell a hundred miles away"
  • Dolly Parton Raven Dove
    "(Dolly Parton) There will come a day when sorrow fades away, And anguish and heartache shall ease, No mothers cryin', no soldiers dyin', And turmoil and misery shall cease. The hungry shall be fed, the"
  • Dust To Dust Blackened Dove
    "Like sorrow sweet sorrow Sure to find my heart tomorrow She waits for love to borrow and anyone will do All faceless all nameless Lost inside and all so shameless So innocent and blameless I haven't got"
  • Celine Dion A Dove
    "Celine Dion Celine Dion En Concert A Dove Une colombe est partie en voyage Autour du monde elle porte son message De paix, d'amour et d'amitié De paix, d'amour à partager Et c'est sa jeunesse qui la fait"
  • M.C. Breed My Dove
    "(Yeah) Tell you 'bout my bitch (Oh-oh, baby) Some might even say she our bitch (Yeah) I don't even trip (Oh-oh, baby) (It's you I'm keepin nigh You, baby, that gets me high You blew my mind a thousand"
  • Death SS Sinful Dove
    "Under the sheets you play with your hands Pleasure and pain you can't understand Open you altar and recieve the Lord Give him a gift you cannot afford Your bed is wet for the battle you've fought Praying"
  • The Stanley Brothers White Dove
    "In the deep rolling hills of old Virginia There's a place that I love so well Where I spent many days of my childhood In the cabin where we loved to dwell White dove will mourn in sorrow The willows will"
  • 10,000 Maniacs Noah's Dove
    "You won a prize for that, for telling lies like that So well that I believed it. And I never felt cheated. You were the chosen one, the pure eyes of Noah's dove. Choir boys and angels stole your"
  • Cher Dove l'amore
    "Dov' l'amore Dov' l'amore I cannot tell you of my love Here is my story I'll sing a love song Sing it for you alone Though you're a thousand miles away Love's a feeling so strong Come to me baby Don't"
  • Skrewdriver Shove The Dove
    "Don't wanna talk about the government peace, It's just another virtue with a throwout piece. Congradulate yourselves while the people die. Just to win one election dosen't fly. You can talk about a thing"
  • Jess Klein Little White Dove
    "Little White Dove My love, my love All that noise is a little white dove In my pocket, in my pocket Take it from me Otherwise Im gonna set that little dove free Hearts break, birds fly La di da li li"
  • Feeder Dove Grey Sands
    "Seeing life begin, hear the oceans sing It takes you back, pulls you back, brings you home See a face in stone, a hollow moon above an aching sky Silent night, brings you home Left without a place, lonely"
  • Dove Cameron What A Girl Is (ft. Christina Grimmie, Baby Kaely)
    "(Młoda aktorka i wokalistka Dove Cameron zamieściła w sieci teledysk do singla "What A Girl Is". Do współpracy przy którym zaprosiła uczestniczkę 6. edycji programu "The Voice" – Christine Grimmie oraz"
  • Kirwan Danny Wings Of A Dove
    "Walking under the moonlight Walking under the stars Thinking thoughts of you babe Wonder where you are Looking over the mountains Looking over the skies Dream a dream of tomorrow Only love tells me why You're"

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