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down in the middle')

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down in the middle')

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down in the middle')
  • Rocket From The Crypt Middle
    "Are you stuck in the middle? (Way-oh-ay-oh) Say (4x) Are you broke? (Yeah) Are you down? (Yeah) Are you broke? (Yeah) And down? (Yeah) Broke? (Yeah) And down? (Yeah) Stuck in the middle? (Way-oh-ay-oh)"
  • Kind Of Like Spitting Middle
    "The middle man what a miracle Of common calculations, Compressed and erratic Hung out to fade like ribbons Through wall-to-wall maybes So I gave it my soul, Got wasted sick and trashed it It's midnight"
  • The Black Dahlia Murder The Middle Goes Down
    "Cold winter cuts - a heart that couldn't heal destroyed by it's own stupidity a frozen smile - cracks backing frigid lies I shelter beneath a veil of happiness - a delicate facade and snow falls as"
  • Trey Songz In The Middle
    "(Ummmm no) If I could be up in the middle of Just wanna be in the middle of Middle of your love If I could be, anywhere in the world I would be inside your skirt in you gurl between your knees everyday"
  • Mat Kearney In The Middle
    "I meant it all and every part And every word right from the start I'll never let this love fall in the middle 'Cause you know you broke the hardest part You know you broke the hardest heart I'll never"
  • Jimmy Eat World In The Middle
    "hey, dont write your self off yet its only in your head you feel left out or looked down on just try your best try everything you can and dont you worry what they tell themselves when your away it just"
  • Sugababes In The Middle
    "I'm caught up in the middle Jumping through the riddle I'm falling just a little tonight (uh uh) Cos everybody's making trouble Someone's burst their bubble But we'll be getting by alright (uh uh uh) "
  • Jimmy Eat World The Middle
    "Hey, don't write yourself off yet It's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on. Just try your best, try everything you can. And don't you worry what they tell themselves when you're away. "
  • Edie Carey The middle
    "Miles from ecstatic years from depressed across the board content a step below dramatic nowhere near repressed sometimes i just need to vent i've got an understated chest and an exaggerated ass but with"
  • Bing Crosby Straight Down The Middle
    "F O R E ! Straight down the middle It went straight down the middle Then it started to hook just a wee wee bit That's when my caddie lost sight of it That little white pellet has never been found to this"
  • Demi Lovato Middle
    "Knew where I was going when you left the roomyou're the kinda guy that makes me want tofollow through to youI've been trying to leave you for the longest timeThe second that I saw you I just knew I found"
  • Moonlyght Middle
    "I am in front of a falling empire I am standing right in front of you all! I know you're there Somewhere between love and hate I would die to see you fall in tears Do you believe hope may still exist? My"
  • Fifteen Middle
    "I heard a song once and it was beautiful and it was free and it was my dream I lost my housing at the sweet young age of fourteen I heard a song on the radio, it was my dream I found the value of a song"
  • The Fall Middle Mass
    "The evil is not in extremes It's in the aftermath The middle mass After the fact Vulturous in the aftermath Summer close season A quiet dope and cider man But during the season Hard drug and cider mates The"
  • The Dingees Middle Man
    "Stay alive to see what we do and what will come up next It's quite obvious that you're oblivious you make a breeze complex No one wants to see you out there acting like a child Stumbling curses on the"
  • The Replacements Stuck In The Middle
    "Out east they got heat But we got mosquitoes They got a west coast scene Lemme tell ya where the grass grows Down south they get so drunk They think they're gonna piddle Ah there ain't nowhere to go When"
  • Flash And The Pan Hole In The Middle
    "Summer city, morning sun Early ending, just begun Making daisies, laying round Nothing doing, nothing found Saw the fat man, saw the smoke Cried a little, cracked a joke What's the difference, just for"
  • The Stanley Brothers Man In The Middle, The
    "Three men on the mountain Up on Calvary And the Man in the middle was Jesus He died for you and me Well the man on the left was a sinnin man Tied to the cross, he bled He could have been forgiven But"
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Caught In The Middle
    "Caught (in life) In the middle (in love) Caught (in life) In the middle (in love) Caught (in life) In the middle (in love) Caught (in life) In the middle (in love) Caught (in life) In the middle (in love) Love"
  • Mary Chapin Carpenter Middle Ground
    "(Mary Chapin Carpenter) For years she's lived on her own In a corner of the city Twice a year she gets back home Playing catch-up with the family She tells her folks what they need to know Her mother"

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