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down town

  • Down Town - Saint Etienne
    "Transcribed by anja degerholm When you're alone and life is making you lonely / You can always go / down town / When you've got worries all the noise and the hurries / Seems the help I know / down town"
  • Down town - Counting Crows
    "Well I feel just like a freight train baby,running out of steam.I wanna go on down to New York town,but I'm stuck in between.And I could stay on here at home aloneand have myself to thank,But I just made"
  • Down town - John Waite
    "I wait for sundown on the fire escapeAnd watch the passing cars downstairsI'm high above Korean groceriesA sublet castle in the air It's down to cigarettes and rosariesChrist, I wish someone would call"
  • Town - Patrice
    "ChorusOh she felt so lonelywhen I par with my homiesin the town town townShe was there when I was downwhen I was blue she was aroundI was so lost could not be foundwas just wondering aroundstranded in"
  • Down Home Town - ELO
    "The world outside don't like us much, 'Cause they ain't got our classy touch. But they ain't good enough to breathe This town's good air, we make 'em leave. But it's no, no, no, you really can't do that, No,"
  • Down Home Town - Electric Light Orchestra
    "The world outside don't like us much, 'Cos they ain't got our classy touch, But they ain't good enough to breathe, This towns good air we make 'em leave. CHORUS: But it's no, no, no, you really can't"
  • London Town C'mon Down - Roger Taylor
    "(Roger Taylor) We got it down, we got it down We got it down, in London Town Dig this and dig that Dig the thin and dig the fat Dig the boys and dig the girls Dig the straights and dig the curls Dig"
  • Going Down Town Tonight - Status Quo
    "(Johnson) I'm going down town tonight, I'm gonna find myself a dream I'm gonna dress up right, and be the best they've ever seen You can tell from their eyes, you can tell from their eyes That they're"
  • Burn Down This Town - Rosanne Cash
    "This hills are burning, fields turn to steel the big house is haunted with what we don't feel the streets are empty, no one ever comes around so you know they won't make a sound burn down this town My"
  • Chi-Town Beat Down - Flatfoot 56
    "Jimmy walked to his car, attacked by a gang coming from a bar twenty on one the fight was fair circled around, Jimmy didn't care bring your boys get ready to go swing your fist, let's start the show they"
  • Welcome To Lazy Town - Lazy Town
    "Welcome to LazyTown A place where you'll wanna stay You'll meet Robbie with his rotten plans And Sportacus saving the day Stephanie is new in town And soon she and Ziggy are friends With Pixel, Stingy,"
  • Come to town - System Of A Down
    "Link! He Come to Town, Come to Save the Princess Zelda, Gannon Took Her Away, Now the Children Don't Play, But They Will When Link Saves the Day Hallelujah!Now Link, Fill Up Your Hearts, So You Can Shoot"
  • This Town - Frank Sinatra
    "(L. Hazlewood) This town is a lonely town Not the only town like-a this town This town is a make-you town Or a break-you-town and bring-you-down town This town is a quiet town Or a riot town like"
  • Rocket Town - Right Said Fred
    "Let me take you down down down to rocket town Yeah we're going down down down to rocket town Let me take you down down down to rocket town Yeah we're going down down down to rocket town Every time I see"
  • Devil Town - Groovie Ghoulies
    "I was living in a devil town Lived my life in a devil town Oh my lord it really brings me down About the devil town And all my friends were vampires I didn't know they were vampires Until that I was a"
  • Hot town - America
    "Down in this hot townAt some old cafe tonightYou hear the dogs bayAt the green neon lightIts one hundred degreesBut the heat is freeIn this hot townThis hot town tonightAnd that there candleOnly adds to"
  • Devil Town - Bright Eyes
    "(feat. Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs) I was living in a devil town I didn't know it was a devil town Oh lord it really brings me down about the devil town All my friends were vampires I didn't know"
  • Ghost Town - The Specials
    "This town, is coming like a ghost town All the clubs have been closed down This place, is coming like a ghost town Bands won't play no more too much fighting on the dance floor Do you remember the good"
  • Tinsel Town - Feeder
    "Falling down, reaching out, For someone to come down Oblivious to all of us, The child that grows inside Seventeen without a care, She's taking another ride A sense of peace she's waving back, To faces"
  • In town - Opus
    "A feelin I cant get out of my head Since I came to the big town A countryman remains a countryman He feels that he is pressed by heavy grey stones Flowers dont bloom on asphalt In town I cant unfold In"

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