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draft punk

  • Rough Draft - Enchant
    "Why do we loan ourselves to things by which we will never be repaid And feel consoled by tomorrow when today has been profaned? Confused by choices ... or blind to cause-and-effect and a future gravestone Today's"
  • Draft Me - Canibus
    ""Also the, hearing from the defense department that they launched some fifty Tomahawk cruise missiles Not only from ahh US ships but also from British submarines in the area" Draft me! I wanna fight"
  • Draft Resister - Steppenwolf
    "Words and music by John Kay and Goldie McJohn He was talkin' 'bout the army while he passed his pipe around An American deserter who found peace on Swedish ground He had joined to seek adventure and to"
  • Draft Day - Drake
    "Draft day, Johnny Manziel Five years later how am I the man still? Draft day, A. Wiggins Fuck that other side bitch we stay winnin' Aw man, you know I had to do it for you You know I had to do it for ya Yeah,"
  • Rough Draft - Yellowcard
    "Like a Saturday night I'll be gone Like a Saturday night I'll be gone Before you knew that I was there So you wrote it down I'm supposed to care Even though it's never there Sorry if I'm not prepared Is"
  • Punk - General Public
    "But here comes the musical thing keep You rockin' an swing so all you gotta do is keep On coming down adn don't be no clown as I would Tell you 'bout the musical thing that we love to call Punk 'Cause"
  • Punk - PerAm0
    "Historia pewnej kultury Długa i tajemnicza Nie zapomniana, wciąż trwająca Zawsze emo wyprzedzająca Punk, punk, punk, punk Możesz powiedzieć ze oni już odeszli Możesz kłamać że każdy się już powiesił Ale"
  • Punk - Adrian Trojanowski
    "Historia pewnej kultury Długa i tajemnicza Nie zapomniana, wciąż trwająca Zawsze emo wyprzedzająca Punk, punk, punk, punk Możesz powiedzieć ze oni już odeszli Możesz kłamać że każdy się już powiesił Ale"
  • Punk - Leo Masliah
    "Un tipo le dice a otro yo soy pank, pank El otro le contesta si, y yo suy punk, pank punk Otro llega y dice: compaeros, yo soy pink Punk, pink, pank, punk pink pank Y viene mas gente calle arriba diciendo"
  • '94 Ho Draft - Warren G
    "Ladies and gentlemen, pimps, playaz and hustlahs, welcome to the 1994 hooooooo Draft.yeah, yeah what's up what's up 'cause what's up yeah oh and I could tell you Today that fellas that we got a very very"
  • Draft Dodger Rag - Seeger Pete
    "I'm just a typical American boy from a typical American town I believe in God and Senator Todd and keeping old Castro down And when it came my time to serve I knew better dead than red But when I got to"
  • Punk - Impellitteri
    "Ladies and gentlemen Please welcome from Los Angeles California... PUNK RIGHT Come on come on What's your name P.U.N.K... PUNK Heavy metal punk Right Uh oh uh oh Hey Curtis check this out La la la la la Listen"
  • Punk - Jessica Folker
    "If you're safe you're sorry You won't see the edge Roll the dice and watch it Hit the ground, one of six Slick and ordinary Is so predictable Rather be a little Up and down in and out There's a brand"
  • Punk - All bandits
    "Kiedy rano łeb mnie boli, bo znów kaca mam, wtedy chwytam za gitarę, no i punka gram. Słyszę tłucze w kaloryfer, starzy wrzeszczą "zamknij się". Bo jak punka gram i śpiewam, to wszystkich zalewa krew. Tak"
  • Questions (Rough Draft) - Tech N9ne
    "The name of this motherf**ker is called Questions Rough Draft (ha ha, tell em) QDIII did the beat (all day all night) Whassup to everybody out there in L.A. What you really doin hoe? Why do I do the things"
  • Draft Dodger Rag - Phil Ochs
    "Here's to the State of Richard Nixon Phil Ochs Written by Phil Ochs - This song is a rewrite of his earlier song "Here's to the State of Mississippi" Here's to the State of Richard Nixon For underneath"
  • Punk - Blue Cheer
    "(Dickie Peterson) I'm young and fast Baby, I'm so slick Better get down Don't fake a trick. Gotta get my baby, yeah Gotta see her move This street dog daddy I done enough tonight. (right baby, alright) I"
  • Punk - Los Planetas
    "He decidido que no te quiero ver, he decidido que no te quiero ver. Estoy cansado de orte protestar, estoy cansado de orte protestar, adelante chilla cuanto quieras, eso no me va impresionar. Adelante"
  • Punk - Ellegarden
    "When I am someone you have never seen That is just too bad for your eyes When I am someone you have never felt I'm too bad for your touch I'm standing here looking for chicks Looking for chicks who will"
  • Punk - The Bill
    "Słowa, które chcesz usłyszeć wszystkie Twoje tajemnice Twoje sny i myśli chore Twoją twarz i wszystko twoje Twoje grzechy znam jak swoje strach i twoje paranoje ból i Twoje łzy i wszystkie swoje sny. Lęki"

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