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dragons blade

  • Dragons breath - Bathory
    "Ride the Dragon's breath, mist of poison greenCome yee flemes, a burning death, face the unseenDeep within the cave, lit p by the torch, a plae gleamAs told of in the ancient tales, the Sword of gold and"
  • Dragons - Jimmy Nail
    "the first time I saw you I realised at once you were an angel in torment how could I desert you I vowed in that moment nothing in this world or any other would ever threaten or hurt you dragons rage outside"
  • Dragons - Prefab Sprout
    "The first time I saw you I realized at once you were an angel in torment How could I desert you? I vowed in that moment Nothing in this world or any other Would ever threaten or hurt you Dragons may"
  • Dragons - Edwin McCain
    "Well im watching the dragons as they make another claimhe used to be a friend of mine, i called him by his namewell theres nothing you can say to nirvana when its packed up ina syringewe'll call up your"
  • Flash Of The Blade - Avenged Sevenfold
    "As a young boy Chasing dragons With your wooden sword So mighty You're St. George Or you're David And you always Killed the beast Times change very quickly And you had To grow up early A house in smoking"
  • Flash Of The Blade - Iron Maiden
    "(Dickinson) As a young boy chasing Dragons with your wooden sword so mightly, You're St. George you're David and you always killed the beast Times change very quickly And you had to grow up early A house"
  • Blade - Clouds
    "Got a blade to my face Got an axe to my hips Got me some horny lips Gotta Get a clamp round my waist Gotta Gotta Gotta Gotta Gotta fix my form Get a plough for my thighs Get some glue for my eyes Get"
  • Blade - KODEIN
    "się czuję jak Blade wampiry wokół a ja mam na rękach krew nie znasz moich dróg i nie znasz moich wejść znoszę to, czego inni nie mogą znieść się czuję jak Blade wampiry wokół a ja mam na rękach krew nie"
  • Blade - Imperanon
    "From the flames of a burned down heart, Ripped off and torn apart,Life to ashes and life to death,I twist the blade and take your breathIn the twist of blade I feel, the passion to hate arising,Cruellest"
  • Blade - Frameshift
    "For heritage love and pride And for this land I'll give my life Guard against the raping flag Here's a blade now you're a man From horse to flaming arrow You may take a mortal blow They will underestimate"
  • Blade - Rearview Mirror
    "Right now you're missing the point, and I'm screaming in your ear but you don't acknowledge me standing here by myself. Nothing is holding me up, talking me through this game. I'm in no mood to fight but"
  • Blade - KRS-One
    "Only a few... will understand and appreciate what's about to happen Das EFX come in!!! Verse One: Das EFX Well it's the super duper rhymer rhymer I'm about to set it Niggaz best forget it let it be"
  • Dragons Upon The Mountains Of Mashu - Cephalectomy
    "(The Call of Cthulu) Hounds of war.. Cthulu invokes hordes of malice Call to arms.. Herald of mass legions of upheaval Ia mass Ssaratu! Beyond the swamps of wandering dead Cthulu, master of the armies"
  • Dragons Revenge - Galloglass
    "It's written in stone... my way... my path... it leads me home... Storming, the gate, the dragons Storming, the gate, the dragons, gate High above the sky, where golden dragons fly In this mystic land,"
  • Butterflies & Dragons - Crest
    "I'm the fly on your wall and the sound I make will always remain humming on bringing sounds and smells of summer I'm the swarm in your jar hear the song we sing - a twisted refrain humming on bringing"
  • Ice Dragons - Noe Venable
    "time keeps rushing whirling dervishing by can you feel the white furry hooves of time? catch me catch me rocketing ever closer closer to the bright white eye when I dream I see the world turning oh do"
  • Dragons awake - Guided By Voices
    "Dragons Awake!Take me through the voodoo, BuddhaYou are the King of ThingsI am a fakeOver the treetopsAn automanAnd automatic girlPredator skin an orangutan aliveI have two eyesSprinkle the pearls over"
  • 400 Dragons - Adrian John Loveridge
    "(chorus) 400 dragons it's gonna be rough six million soldiers of fortune I'd fight them all for a night in your love... 400 dragons if that aint enough send ten million Venus invaders I'd shoot them all"
  • Chasing Dragons - 1349
    "I am chasing dragons Seeking the primal state of mind Filling my veins with venomous lust Awakening the beast inside Seeking no meaning only feeling Entering the shape of the beholder And get ready to"
  • Dragons Rising - Iron Savior
    "During the savior war the sleeper from ancient Atlantis was leading the battle - today he cannot cope with the new world. Isolated and lonely he fades away day by day. But the thread of the Shadow brings"

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