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dream in no more

  • Dream No More - Metallica
    "He sleeps under black seas waiting Lies dreaming in death He sleeps under cosmos shaking Stars granting his breath He wakes as the world dies screaming All horrors arrive He wakes giving earth its bleeding Pure"
  • No More - Star Salzman
    "I've waited a long long time. I've looked for her far and wide. The only thing left in her eyes Is you. Now she don't smile at me no more And she don't laugh with me no more. She says she's living in"
  • No More - Elliott Smith
    "Tired of looking sideways With the things in black and white No more, no more Arguing my case to the mean hounds of the night What for? What for? What for? Put it in your face and let the peddles fall Cursing"
  • No More - Dragonforce
    "The light is shining Still I’m not so surprised One thousand voicemails For one thousand lies Blind faith – lost trust All along it was plain to see Years passed – lost touch Leads the path to insanity Take"
  • Dream - Godhead
    "If you'd listen to what I have to say to you You would never be the same again You're like porcelain Close your eyes, feel inside You wonder why I brought you here If you'd open up just once and hear my"
  • Dream - Dc Cooper
    "The time that the dreaming had started Found something was wrong No patience to fall in a deep sleep Vision's coming through strong Please give me a key to a door And worry no more If the dream will"
  • Dream - Norther
    "I saw a dream that can't be real It takes me to my mind Now look inside this evil dream of mine I left you dying in the rain Now you feel my fucking pain You know I am insane but in the end it's all the"
  • Dream - Grace Jones
    "Nothing comes during a sleep above a dream, You better wake up and face reality, You never get ahead just laying around in bed, What you can see you really can achieve. Dream means a sleepless fulfillment"
  • Dream - At Last
    "Im sitting here thinking bout the times we shared Trying to decide if I even should care I know youre gone and weve already said our goodbyes Forgetting you aint easy Im waiting by the phone wishing you"
  • Dream$ - Officer Negative
    "They brainwashed and programmed you right from the start Feeding you full of lies They told you that money's the key to success And happiness is what it buys You don't understand that you've been deceived"
  • Dream - Axe Murder Boyz
    "2:30 in the mornin, I slipped in my sheets It takes like 3 fuckin hours before I fall asleep But not tonight, vycodone pills are gonna knock me out And after that, it ain't nothin but sweet dreams and"
  • Dream - Ne-Yo
    "No problem I can't solve, In a test of our love, If your love was multiple choice, You'd be all of the above, You're the answer to all my questions, No need to cheat, Together we're the perfect score,"
  • Dream - Dizzee Rascal
    "I used to dream about crazy little things like fame in the days hangin out-side the off licence we used to run around the streets reckless with no shame mainly upto no good a whole world of nonsence and"
  • No More Darkness - Dream Child
    "Waving to the light : No more darkness And then I woke up, Put on this dimension so new That understanding cannot explain. I have to find a pure way, To reach my new existence. And I have to born again. Sure,"
  • No.9 Dream - Yoko Ono
    "So long ago, was it in a dream? Was it just a dream? I know, yes, I know, It seemed so very real, It seemed so real to me. Took a walk down the street, To the heat whispered trees, I thought I could"
  • No More Propaganda! - Clit 45
    "no more empty pride no more fucking lies no more stupid ties NO! no more politics no more to classify no more and justify NO! screaming fucking up but we wont listen anyway we aint your fucking sheep roaming"
  • Heroes No More - Gentle Giant
    "They were standing there - they were so near, yet so far away. Were they so unreal? Just a dream of someone to be one day? There was endless fame. They were heroes, now they're souvenirs. And through"
  • Lonely no more - Clay Aiken
    "Another dream, another dayI've seen too many fade awaySo if you wonder how to make it rightGive me everything, everything tonightCause I don't want to be lonely no more I don't want to feel empty no moreOnly"
  • No More Night - David Phelps
    "Words & music by Walt Harrah The timeless theme, Earth and Heaven will pass away. Its not a dream, God will make all things new that day. Gone is the curse from which I stumbled and fell. Evil is banished"
  • No More Songs - Phil Ochs
    "intro chords: DmCB flatA Em Hello, hello, hello C Is there anybody home? Em I've only called to say C D I'm sorry. Em The drums are in the dawn, G D and all the"

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