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dream it's real babe

  • C'mon Babe - Crystal Kay
    "see you walking down with that smile babe If only you would look this way Lookin' cool Lookin' fine You bring me up make me higher baby oo-oo-oo Feel the love that I do I'm tryin' to make you see that"
  • Home Babe - Bonfire
    "(Radio playing): I've been praying every night ... just to have you back with me... I close my eyes and I drink illusions And sometimes I fade into a dream You know, I can't wake up from this confusion The"
  • Babe - Styx
    "(Dennis DeYoung) Babe, I'm leaving, I must be on my way The time is drawing near My train is going, I see it in your eyes The love, the need, your tears But I'll be lonely without you And I'll need your"
  • Babe - Caught in the act
    "Caught In The Act Miscellaneous Babe Chorus: You know it's you babe Whenever I get weary and I've had enough Feel like giving up You know it's you babe Giving me the courage and the strength I need Please"
  • Babe - Glassjaw
    "I exclude light and wash my hands of you.By larger being devoured,leaving only me to improve.Weep.Don't fucking weep.Your weak eyes cry tears of the week.Weep.Catch up with the sheep.It's a sacrilegious"
  • Real - Lupe Fiasco
    "(feat. Sarah Green) Uhh, Food & Liquor Yeah, my man said he wanted somethin real.. real.. real.. real.. real Somethin he could recognize, somethin he could feel.. feel.. feel.. feel.. feel Baby girl"
  • Real - Clay Walker
    "(Ron Harbin/Richie McDonald/Noah Gordan) Girl, if you only knew How many times I've reached for you Every night I'd drift off to sleep And there you would be Reaching for me too Oh but now I don't have"
  • It's All Real - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "Krayzie Bone and the bone, with my mighty-mighty warriors With my mighty-mighty warriors Cause this is all real, what you see I said it's all real it's just the thug in me Nigga just because Krayzie"
  • It's all real - Bone Thugs n Harmony
    "(singing) Krayzie Bone and the bone, with my mighty-mighty warriors With my mighty-mighty warriors (chorus) Cause this is all real, what you see I said it's all real it's just the thug in me (verse 1)"
  • Real life - Simple Minds
    "Paula came from Washington with long golden hair Twenty eight dollars in a fake silk purse and a leather skirt to wear Shane came from Dublin town from the old world so green Counterfeit ticket in to JFK"
  • Miss You Babe - Aerosmith
    "Aerosmith Miscellaneous Miss You Babe I could stay awake just to hear you breathin', Watch you smile while you are sleeping, While you're far away and dreaming, I could spend my life in this sweet surrender, I"
  • Dream - Norther
    "I saw a dream that can't be real It takes me to my mind Now look inside this evil dream of mine I left you dying in the rain Now you feel my fucking pain You know I am insane but in the end it's all the"
  • Dream - Golden Earring
    "Suppose she will love me yeah I feel fine 'cause there's nothing in the world that will change my mind I can't stand to feel the pain that she walk away that it's all in vein but when I awake I look outside now"
  • Dream - Fair Warning
    "It only seems like yesterday - You broke the spell and turned away The darkness of the night. Your smile just like the morning sun - It healed the pain I felt so long Dried all the tears I cried. One"
  • Real Dream - Tamaki Nami
    "Anytime hashiri dasou Ano kaze no mukou he be ambitious! Furimuku yori motto Motomeru kagayaki ni tadori tsuki tai Arifureta mirai nante Ajike nai dont you? Kato itte mitsu kara nai Samuzora ume tsukusu"
  • Dream - Calla Lily Band
    "Verse 1 As i walked along the sky Of my dream you came alive And it feels you're made to change My whole life And i know you will be there There for me to make me stare And it will be always and Forever"
  • Dream - Sisqo
    "Told myself time and time again That I'm not in love with you and then You came to me one night in a dream You meant more to me than I wanted to see There was nothing I could do to stop it Even though"
  • Dream - Snow
    "Now if a young girl is absent and hangs with the guys And if a young girl needs a young girl to (hearthis) Another time at dance I'm a real girl stopper Listen and go dance playing things a from the speaker"
  • Dream - Celesty
    "One of Viviathans: We are no evil don't fear. We have the truth you must hear. We've created your world. Like in tales you have heard. When everything was still fine. In the course of our time. We created"
  • Tell Me It's Real - K-Ci & JoJo
    "Woah, woah Woah, woah Tell me its real This feeling that we feel Tell me that its real Don't let love come just, to pass us by Try, its all we have to do It's up to me and you To make this special love,"

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