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dream still

  • I Still Dream - Richard Thompson
    "(Richard Thompson) It was cruel of you to stand at my door and take my hand Like a drowning man I clung to my defenses And ten years is a time but your looks, love, it's a crime And I lost my tongue in"
  • Still Dream On - First Degree
    "It's the same nice feeling, yeah Running through the north country side Givin' all up and glide, say yeah It's the same nice dream I had Gonna find my soul ahead It's a so right yeah yeah, say yeah No"
  • Still - Little Big Town
    "You What you do You always find a way to make me fall in Love Deep in love I'm reminded every time we touch You're still the sweetest dream I know Still the place I want to go Still the one thought on"
  • Still - Brian McKnight
    "Funny when you stop and think Time goes fast and then you blink Nothing's ever like it was Girl we've got a special thing And all the happiness it brings Is more than enough I know it's hard to believe You're"
  • Do you still dream - Chris Rea
    "Do you still dream of summer nights The endless roads between the distant lights Do you still find yourself On strange and long highways Drifting into unknown phase Do you still dream of summer days The"
  • Do You Still Dream? - Chris Rea
    "Chris Rea Chris Rea Do You Still Dream? Do you still dream of summer nights The endless roads between the distant lights Do you still find yourself On strange and long highways Drifting into unknown phase Do"
  • Still - David Fly
    "I see your face Just like it was yesterday I feel your touch Just like you were next to me I still know the taste The sweet taste of your lips so I close my eyes I pray for one more day with you (cose)"
  • Dream - Texas
    "When I'm lost You take my hand and make me burn All of the time Turn my life around I feel lost, take my life and make me shine You feel life, life won't let you down With the love we take Have I ever"
  • Dream - Vanessa Amorosi
    "intro: i'm dreaming, i'm dreaming verse 1: one week to another leaving the love of my life holding the hand of a stranger why does this feel right so i fall in love with someone i just met still so very"
  • Dream - Dope
    "Am I dreaming Or am I just walking in my sleep I don't believe in Anything that you want me to be But I believe in me When everything is falling down Pick it up pick it up Take what tommrow brings and"
  • Dream - Charme
    "So the dream has come to an end And I'm taking all you down with me Nothing's gonna change my mind My anger dwells inside of me No one is getting out alive This time I've lost my mind But I don't"
  • Dream - Kelly Rowland
    "I dream one day that you and me were meant to be, I should have talked to him, you should have given me a chance. But now we'll never know. chorus And now i'm sittin here, can't get get you out my"
  • Dream - Shinedown
    "Whisper in the yard and turn the trees all into toys Lay there on the ground, and turn the dirt into your joy From what I see and what I know, it's all been boring lately So I suggest we trade a question"
  • Dream - West Indian Girl
    "I'm on a dock overlooking my mind I hitch my boat and I drift off Where fools whisper lies Everything's a sign when dreams come alive I'm not crazy at all, my friends they talk I try to listen, but"
  • Dream - Glenn Lewis
    "1ST VERSE Look at you now You really haven't changed Still as beautiful as the first day we met But something's different Doesn't seem so long ago Amazing how the years can go When we wanted different"
  • Dream - Alice Smith
    "When I wake up in the morning time I like to see you sleeping by my side I think about the nights we had before Wanna give you this and more, let you know I truly adore you Being with you, loving you this"
  • Dream - Irene Cara
    "I've been chasing dreams for so longJust one step behind and then theyre goneIllusions of love would come and goI guess you have to hurt before you growAnd everybody knowsNever let go of the, never let"
  • Dream, Dream - Steve Forbert
    "The signal lights jerk in the wind And snow blows off the road like sand, The driver squints and sets his chin, He's got to hold the upper hand, Saginaw by midnight, that's the plan And then the snow blows"
  • Dream - Celesty
    "One of Viviathans: We are no evil don't fear. We have the truth you must hear. We've created your world. Like in tales you have heard. When everything was still fine. In the course of our time. We created"
  • There Is Still A Dream - Aaron Neville
    "When will we open our eyes And finally discover We are united by one blood? When will we realise We're sisters and brothers And what the world Needs now is love? There's a dreamer inside Each one of us Who"

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