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dreamy bruises

  • Bruises - Marc Almond
    "I wake up blind each day by morning sun I got nowhere to hide nowhere to run You have the heart its chained shackled down My crime is loving and now Im bound to you I got bruises on my soul I got bruises"
  • Bruises - Kelela
    "Utwór 'Bruises' z albumu 'Raven' od Kelela (premiera 10 lutego 2023r.)"
  • Bruises - Lisa Germano
    "Coffee in the morning And wine in the evening And everything else is boring, boring You are a nothing But all I can think of is you The sun could be shining, But all i can see is a black and blue Bruises,"
  • Bruises - unloco
    "Please leave me alone For I cannot let this go It's the lie that I live Everything that I give Shut the fuck up! Please tell me that I have grown For I have bruises left to show And I fall in between everything Let"
  • Bruises - Sugarcult
    "Turn off the lights So you can't see my eyes My fingers are crossed While I promise the world to you And I feel like I'm walking on air Believing the lies when I thought that you cared I can tell that"
  • Bruises - Skindred
    "All I want to do is make the people rock But them I heard dem der words I never trusted you lot And why don't you go back to Africa From I heard that sound these a vibe non-stop, right? Round 1, i'll tie"
  • Bruises - Disturbed
    "Please leave me aloneFor I cannot let this goIt's the lie that I liveEverything that I giveShut the fuck up!Please tell me that I have grownFor I have bruises left to showAnd I fall in between everythingLet"
  • Bruises - Jet
    "I can't live inside of the dream I can't live inside of the dream I'm changing in my mind next week I'm changing in my mind next week Bruises up my arms and a strange look Who the hell I am I want to"
  • Bruises - Majandra Delfino
    "I can't stop thinking about cutting myself up Visual bruises can be covered with make-up But down to the core I'm all bruises My little whore gives this excuses How can this be rationalized? Your brain"
  • Bruises - Chairlift
    "I tried to do handstands for you I tried to do headstands for you Every time I fell on you yeah every time I fell I tried to do handstands for you But every time I fell for you I'm permanently black and"
  • Bruises - Plain White T's
    "She tries to hide the bruises she says it wasnt him But sometimes he looses his temper and again he'll come home and look for a fight but she tells herself it's alright she hopes someday it's alright she"
  • Bruises - The Smiths
    "Belligerent ghouls Run Manchester schools Spineless swines Cemented minds Sir leads the troops Jealous of youth Same old suit since 1962 He does the military two-step Down the nape of my neck I wanna"
  • Bruises - Garrison Starr
    "Sometimes i feel dead inside Makes me wonder Is it me, is it me, is it I don't know what to do with myself I don't know what to do with myself I could lose my mind Makes me wonder Do you think to love"
  • Bruises - Act Fast
    "I dont' know Why you do Everything that you do Seems to me You can't see Just how much That you've changed And everything That you do Turns my skin black and blue And why do you Just proceed to beat the"
  • Bruises - Gene Loves Jezebel
    "I am slowly pushing on Bruised but only waiting To run run run - away To run away You better hide love, hide love, across the water You better hide love, hide love, you know you oughta Thoughts that"
  • Bruises - Lewis Capaldi
    "counting days counting days since my love up and dot lost on me and every breath that I’ve been taken since you left feels like a wast on my I‘ve been holding on to hop that you’ll come back when you"
  • Dreamy Eyes - Johnny Tillotson
    "Dreamy eyes You've got such dreamy eyes When I'm away from you I'm so alone and blu-u-ue When I take you home I feel so all alone And then I realize I love you, Dreamy Eyes Your eyes hold a dream"
  • Dreamy Eyes - Aguilera Christina
    "Aguilera Christina Miscellaneous Dreamy Eyes I'm reaching out to touch you in the middle of the night. And I don't know if I've been sleeping but I hold my pillow tight. Are you real or are you my imagination"
  • Dreamy Eyes - Christina Aguilera
    "I'm reaching out to touch you in the middle of the night and I don't know if I've been sleeping but I hold my pillow tight Are you real or are you my imagination playing games? I can set you free, you'll"
  • Dreamy 17 - River City Rebels
    "In the moonlight your smile glows Your hair just parts right I'll never forget those summer nights If one and one wasn't two My love would never be true If I kissed you now Would you 'member me later?"

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