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drink me michele morrone

  • Drink Me - Michele Morrone
    "kill me lie me curse me do you want me again drink me freak me hate me as you never before love me pray me brave me make it all for yourself wash me hold me fuck me!"
  • Michel - Anouk
    "Hey Michel how's life are you okay? I wonder if you ever think of me It's been nine years since that kiss I can't help but reminisce Hey Michel do you remember? We walked the street to the beat Hand in"
  • Drink, Drink, Drink - Mario Lanza
    "Drink, Drink, Drink(Drinking Song) Mario Lanza Ein zwei drei vier Lift your stein and drink your beer Ein zwei drei vier Lift your stein and drink your beer Drink! Drink! Drink! To eyes that are bright"
  • Drink - Alestorm
    "Oy You Give me some beer! Piracy's a crime and crime doesn't pay And we go home poor at the end of the day But I'd rather live my life in rags Than be taped to a desk with a wife as a hag We live each"
  • Drink - Fiction Plane
    "No drink no drugs no cigarettes no loose woman because I'm weak well that's all fine for you to say but I'm too shy to even speak I can't go out in the world without a little fire in my soul it puts a"
  • Hard For Me - Michele Morrone
    "you keep telling me tat I am free to go but I am addicted to you it’s a night it’s a night it’s a night when I am not here, you’re alone and you walk by your Earth don’t you lie don’t you lie don’t you"
  • Hard For Me (Acoustic) - Michele Morrone
    "You keep telling me That I am free to go but I’m addicted to you It’s a lie It’s a lie It’s a lie When I’m not here, you’re alone Can you walk by your own don’t you lie don’t you lie don’t you lie And"
  • Porno Michel - Panda
    "This is the new lyric from the new album of the band Panda. Esta es la nueva rola del nuevo disco del grupo Panda. Te he visto actuar en tus mejores papeles, "La Pequea Golosa" que llegó a los moteles. Me"
  • Jean-Michel - Cordae
    "Yeah, uh Brink of extinction, hell-bent on survival This life's a continuous cycle Consider this a venomous haiku This ain't a verse, nigga And I done dealt with the worst niggas The type to steal your"
  • Watch Me Burn (utwór z filmu 365 dni) - Michele Morrone
    "don't lie to me (hold on) oh baby I’ve been thinking about it you know, that I’ve been dreaming about it! (I am gonna teach you some!) head light hold tight oh no, no, no! oh baby I’ve been thinking about"
  • Feel it (piosenka z filmu 365 dni) - Michele Morrone
    "I don’t wanna keep you waiting that’s why you .. on me you just give me a secret and I wanna coz’ this one was on you, baby this only true, yeah I am gonna feel, feel it so strong this is making me"
  • Dark Room - Michele Morrone
    "I am feel like mess bubbling through me but I don’t care, if you touch me now she wanna dance until she’s warm up baby my mind is ready now baby my mind is ready now baby my mind is ready now l let me"
  • Player - Michele Morrone
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, a murderer She got a look of a killer She cursed my heart, player Now that I'm hurt, she wants to live Blah, blah, blah, blah, I’m calling her She never picks her cellular She got"
  • Another Day - Michele Morrone
    "There was a time, when I felt inside Love and hate, but you were mine You were the only reason to make My eyes smile over and over again And now I just feel, this fear is eating me inside now If you believed"
  • Beautiful - Michele Morrone
    "She got me every day on the phone She make me wanna get off the road Wish i could turn ot off, let it go But she’s too fucking beautiful Right girl Wrong time Love of my life We met in Paris I love her"
  • Dad - Michele Morrone
    "I wasn’t a miracle one more … form I didn’t know what to do and I live on my own I know it’s matter to know what it’s the love you know what I mean it’s something precious those are my days used my"
  • Next - Michele Morrone
    "if you were in my head wouldn’t say I am wrong if you know my past you wouldn’t fly you think I am naïve I’ve try so many times a new begin the space turn around and se my empty glass you think I am"
  • Do It Like That - Michele Morrone
    "(you make me feel) babe, uhum um um, uhum um um, uhum well I was walking on the street and I saw her she was eating a ice-cream she was so pretty and I thought that I could have be Johnson for one time"
  • Angels - Michele Morrone
    "A thousand colour paintings you have made for us when I'm done, look at your photograph counting all the days we have been seprate I disappear and burn like my damn cigarette I just wanna fall asleep"
  • Drink Me - Anna Nalick
    "Talk about the weather Will you miss me ever? Lately I'm obsessed And I need the rest I hope that you're impressed But she's so pretty, I'm jealous And she's lost like Alice In a painted past In a looking"

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