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drip drop safura

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drip drop safura

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drip drop safura
  • Safura Drip Drop
    "You are my man You are my half Tell me what's happening I know something's wrong I can tell when you lie I can tell you've stopped trying These last three weeks past and we've barely talked I think I"
  • Dion Drip Drop
    "Hey, the roof is leakin and the rains fallin on my head, it wont stop The roof is leakin and the rains fallin on my head, I need a mop I cried so hard, teardrops on my bed, drippity-drop (yes) She packed"
  • Dion And The Belmonts Drip Drop
    "Hey, the roof is leakin' and the rain's fallin' on my head, it won't stop The roof is leakin' and the rain's fallin' on my head, I need a mop I cried so hard, teardrops on my bed, drippity-drop (yes) She"
  • Vanessa Hudgens Drip Drop
    "Drip drop, Drip drop... Now only heaven knows How I really feel inside I try my best not to let it show But late at night, In my room I think of you and start to cry You know that I'm emotional But still"
  • The Cardigans Drip Drop Teardrop
    "I'm gonna watch you while you get me wrong I'm gonna sing until you hate this song I'm gonna tell you in my sweetest voice I'm gonna choose you 'cause you have no choice This funny thing we got Is never"
  • Negativland Truck Stop Drip Drop
    "I found a hair in my underwear And I wonder how it got there. The rain's drip drop at the Washington truck stop Holding on for a thousand years or two Raining outside it's a very nice bus ride And I think"
  • Joe Budden Drop Drop
    "Uh huh, yeah Uh huh, yeah Oh no (louder) oh no (louder) Uh huh, uh huh (Drop drop) - my homies that ride chromies let it (Pop pop) - at the bar Budden them bottles and them (Shots shots) - my ladies"
  • Blisse Drip
    "Drip by drip the water leaks the noise it makes is how it speaks The words it says are "time goes on" The life it lives is never done A drip is like a day in life sometimes they come and pass you byand"
  • Chumbawamba Drip drip drip
    "Eat, sleep, and crap For to prey on your needs Down a dark street Backwater Leeds I seen yer comin' Come in, lads! You seen the ad? Too bad, bad, bad What you git Is what you see Trickledown theory And"
  • Holy Molar Drip! Drip! Drip!
    "Five cent tip toe through two lips, and slip! oops, that bloody countless bathory... I'll be damned how she spits out her murder scene on a string. Oh forsooth! I was once a wee lad who surfed the crimson"
  • Charlotte Martin Drip
    "Drip Jawbone clenched A little drip drip drench Some more attention, honey Put your hand on my hand Left to the clover And I can't roll over 'Cause you do it so You do it so well I'll feel the anointing"
  • Lollipop Lust Kill Drip
    "shout shout let it all out these are the things i can do without so come on im talkin to you so come on you know your beaten when your legs are stiff your lips are frozen i but a nut on your tits chorus- i"
  • Comus Drip Drip
    "You dangling swinging Hanging, spinning aftermath Your soft white flesh turns past me slaked with blood Your evil eyes more damning then a demons curse Your lovely body soon caked with mud As I carry"
  • GWAR Penile Drip
    "Penile Drip You gotta love it when the blisters spread all over your hands The Penile Drip You gotta love it when the blisters come up all over your hands Penile Drip - you gotta love when you spread it"
  • Bobaflex Tears Drip
    "I was born yesterday, 300 years ago And there ain't no explanation for this situation that I'm in And I don't want to live forever, that's just the way it's always been All of the children I've"
  • Audioweb Drip Feed
    "Once for you to know The questions of life It's the heart I open your suprise, no Just tell me when you decide to free your mind Just tell me when you decide to free your mind Sometimes it feels like we're"
  • Bill Nye Drip It
    "Take a sip, change the shape of it, step on a fluid, and through it you will slip. If you're a liquid or a gas, (you're a fluid) if your shape will not last, (you're a fluid) If you're the air we breathe"
  • Maestro Fresh Wes Drop The Needle
    "Drop the Needle INTRO The Maestro Fresh Wes The symphony Is in full effect Let your backbone slide Let it slip, let the rhythm rip While my lyrics leave my lips Ladies and gentleman kids of all ages Watch"
  • Ying Yang Twins Drop
    "Everybody in the club in the heat Pussy get to poppin when we holdin the beat Bitches throwin up they posin hands Ass keep poppin out these female pants Every motherfucker sippin on liquor See the crunker"
  • Tinfed Drop
    "It's a piece of paper Like all the pieces of me That I gave to you It's the watering of a dry plant I don't really know I just see what it would do Let me take you down There's nothing at all Here to"

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