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drown in your sorrow

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drown in your sorrow

  • Drown - Limp Bizkit
    "It's getting closer to the end, every part of me And then disaster takes it's toll, and now i'm left with only me Maybe sorrow plays a role, when you feel unkind Your abuse is medicine, and I'm forever"
  • Drown - 40 Below Summer
    "Chase this tease into the open wave And take this leash into your inner slave And follow me into the open end Now gather these pieces of broken man I will set in motion To open me up again I will make"
  • Drown - Magna-Fi
    "i need to hear your voice to know you're there i need to feel your arms around me to make me whole again and you won't have to worry that there's no one you can trust i want to drown in everything"
  • Drown - First Blood
    "The flood gates thrown wide open, the fear SWEEPS YOU AWAY Undertow pulling you, all hope DRAINS AWAY Overwhelmed in a sea of suffering One of the worst conceivable ways to fucking die Liquid consumes"
  • Drown - Edith Backlund
    "So you strike once againI can feel your evil manner on my shoulder you are hiding in my bedroom once again I'm holding my breath, trying mot to cry, but you're covering my face I never thought you'd let"
  • Drown - The Benjamin Gate
    "did I see you move in the shadows above did I hear you speak was the silence loud enough did I feel you change something deep down inside did I know your touch in a place I will hide did I pray this is"
  • Drown - Kills Gravity
    "I feel your reflection But your a stranger to me I saw you staring back now Your shadow right next to me Can you be, my enemy, my disease Looking through, whats left of you to hold on to Drowning, hold"
  • Drown - Gravity Kills
    "I feel your reflection But you're a stranger to me I saw you staring back now Your shadow right next to me Can you be, my enemy, my disease Looking through, what's left of you to hold on to Drowning, hold"
  • Drown - House Of Heroes
    "The water's at our knees It's rising while we speculate to its existing Sinking merrily Invincible, convinced no warning is worth heeding The ocean deep and black That seemed so shallow Pulls me under I'm"
  • Drown - Front Porch Step
    "Well I’m so tired of the rain falling softly on the ground, Just enough to get my feet wet but not enough to let me drown. I’ve been laying in my bed wishing I had never woken, Begging god to rid my head"
  • Drown - Fightstar
    "We dive into my bed And swim under the sheets We float from wave to wave Until we reach the shore Dry your armor Lay your weapons here Dry your armor Lay your weapons here I drowned in my sleep Away from"
  • Drown - Common Children
    "If you will find life unkind in your time Well it's alright If you will sell all yourself for something else Well it's not right You gotta get on - Don't sell your soul You gotta get on - The story grows You"
  • Drown Me - Penance
    "The memory lives in me to this day I awake that morning to sorrow and to pain I stand silent amidst the cries Told your soul's been called Robbed of all your guidance When it was needed most Drown me"
  • Sorrow - Nits
    "She does not even warn me Or tells me she's coming tomorrow But suddenly she's there - On my doorstep She does not even cry - Cry like the other girls But suddenly there are tears - On my pillow Her eyes"
  • In Sorrow - Acid Death
    "Oh mist! This pneumatic mist which exterminates Brutally dreams and exceptions Resistance can be corrupted so easy no one could hope Oh no- no one could hope! Mother says life is Godly present But"
  • Drown In Me - Magda Mielcarz
    "Run with me till the desert where none will see Let me be the wind that runs through your hair I wanna be in every raindrop that's falling on your skin Drown in me Silently feel the ocean bring you"
  • Never Drown - Days Of The New
    "I am the dirt, the dust, the stain, the rust that's on your fingers You're here to get inside the place To hide the fear that lingers If we never drown, we never know how well it tastes So tell me how"
  • Drown In Blue - The Mission
    "Ravaged, by the lines of age Too many appetites to sate Blue and as dark as death Been swimming too long, Can't catch my breath I'm going down again Don't wanna drown again like this, Don't wanna fall"
  • Drown Together - Sentenced
    "Take this love, my dear, and cherish it in your heart You shall have no fear Nothing could tear us apart Accept this love sincere, from the bottom of my heart for now our time is here and love shall heal"
  • Drown soda - Courtney Love
    "Ooh yeah he wants to take youTake you away from your lifeOoh yeah he wants to take youTake you away from your lifeOoh yeah he wants to help youCome on and take my handOoh yeah he wants to kill youBaby,"

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