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drunk all the time

  • Drunk - Kylie Minogue
    "I'msoffucated with desire, I need to save me from myself, I ache for great experience, there's a riot in my senses Time and space and hurt and tears are not enough love and light and faith and words, are"
  • Drunk - Tweet
    "Got a 5 in my pocket Wanna buy me some gin I drop a gas in the tank Let me think it over again Cuz I'd rather be drunk And drive away from here Than to be sober So sober Yeah No friends coming through I"
  • Drunk - Ed Sheeran
    "I wanna be drunk when I wake up On the right side of the wrong bed And every excuse I made up Tell you the truth I hate What didn't kill me It never made me stronger at all. Love will scar your make-up"
  • Drunk - After U
    "You're there in all my thoughts, you're there in all my dreams, Now you are here, and it's hard to believe. Seems like yesterday, when I was on my own. What I could do, I'd do you here? All I want is to"
  • Lab Drunk - The RZA
    "(Intro: RZA) Wu-Tang worldwide, Wu-Tang, Bobby Digital worldwide wordlwide, word up, all y'all crab MC's out there Let me spark y'all like this one time (RZA) Yo, I make your fragile bones rattle with"
  • Drunk Again - The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
    "My woman says it's a dog gone shame the way some men bring their wives money and furs and jewelry and I come home, ain't got a dime and smellin' like a brewery. I'm drunk again, I've been been drinkin'"
  • Everybody's Drunk - Reel Big Fish
    "Everybody's drunk Everybody's drunk tonight Everybody's drunk Everybody's drunk tonight Everybody's drunk Everybody's drunk in here Tonight's the night we're gonna get plastered Pissed or maybe even get"
  • Drunk Tonight - Emmelie De Forest
    "Nothing is worse than a drunk excess so stop wherever you are I know this hurts and it's all a mess but stop and live with the scars What we had is never coming back and what you did will never be forgotten you"
  • Drunk Again - Left Alone
    "Well I'm trying to stay sober but I'm drunk again On and on with the memories of you Well I'm trying and I'm trying but I'm drunk again On and on theirs nothing I can do Well I'm trying and trying but"
  • Love Drunk - Little Mix
    "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah Jade: Can't breathe, can't sleep, crazy what you do to me Head is smokin', feeling my heart is open So hazy but it's alright, you take me to the dark side Dangerous,"
  • Love Drunk - Boys Like Girls
    "(hey! hey! hey! hey!) Top down in the summer sun The day we met was like a hit and run And I still taste it on my tongue (taste it on my tongue) The sky was burning up like fireworks You made me want you"
  • Drunk Tank - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "i'm a member of the drunk tank- sometimes three days a week- i'm a member of the drunk tank- there's room reserved for me- happy hour is every hour seven days a week- drinking is my game and i do it sociably-"
  • Drunk & Crazy - Fang
    "Hello everybody I just come to say Didn't come to stay I just came to play So lock all the doors and open up the wine Tell all the babes to stand in line Drunk and crazy let the good times roll Way across"
  • Drunk Again - Reel Big Fish
    "If I had a dollar bill for every time Ive been wrong Id be a self-made millionaire and youd still be gone So hand me down my best dress shoes and my best dress shirt Cause Im going out in style to cover"
  • Lab Drunk - RZA
    "(Intro: RZA) Wu-Tang worldwide, Wu-Tang, Bobby Digital worldwide wordlwide, word up, all y'all crab MC's out there Let me spark y'all like this one time (RZA) Yo, I make your fragile bones rattle with"
  • London Drunk - Swingin' Utters
    "i'm burning in this pit i dug myself in an hour ago and up around the corner lies that bastard pub's front door and in my many changing moods and on similar days i've cursed and spat mercilessly at the"
  • Drunk Song - Joe Jackson
    "The hands on the clock stopped moving a long time ago To the horror of cops and mothers and daughters But I've made it to 2am Now it's nothing to do with them It's my life - or funeral Another round for"
  • I Ain't Drunk - Albert Collins
    "I'm Not DrunK (I'm Just Drinkin') -- Albert Collins Every day, baby When the sun go down I get with my friends And I begin to clown I don't care What the people are thinkin' I ain't drunk I'm just drinkin' (But"
  • Drunk And Disorderly - Mighty Sparrow
    "Drunk and Disorderly: Mighty Sparrow Drink and drunk yes that's me name, Always make me family shame Like Mary-Anne all day all night, I start whoring high like a Kite It's Christmas everyday is Christmas,"
  • I Got Drunk - Uncle Tupelo
    "Well I took a fifth, and I poured me a shot And I thought about all the things that I haven't got And I drank that down, and I poured me some more Kept drinking and pouring till I felt the floor I got"

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