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duane stephenson

  • Wanda & Duane - Marshall Crenshaw
    "(d. alvin) Blue horned toad music (bmi) (I think I cut myself) Wanda met duane in a local bar Next to an industrial park Duane didn't like the clothes that she wore But she felt so good in the dark After"
  • Duane Joseph - The Juliana Theory
    "Tell your mom you need a day off So we can play out in the rain We'll catch a ride to the mall. Go down to the arcade Cuz that's where all the cool kids hang. Tell your mom you need a day off Cuz I don't"
  • Duane Joseph - Juliana Theory
    "Tell your mom you need a day off so we can play out in the rain we'll catch a ride to the mall go down to the arcarde cause that's where all the cool kids play tell your mom you need a day off cause I"
  • Wanda And Duane - Marshall Crenshaw
    "(D. Alvin) Blue Horned Toad Music (BMI) (I think I cut myself) Wanda met Duane in a local bar next to an industrial park Duane didn't like the clothes that she wore but she felt so good in the"
  • Ryan Stephenson Is: Nature's President - Andrew Jackson Jihad
    "I'll fight a fight that I can't win. I'll commit the mortal sin. Then God will punch me in the chin. And then I'll smile a toothless grin. I'll smile a fucking toothless grin. We were born to fuck shit"
  • Dance With The Guitar Man - Duane Eddy
    "(Dance With The) Guitar Man Duane Eddy & The Rebelettes (Lee Hazelwood-Duane Eddy) Hey, everybody, come along if you can We're gonna take a ride uptown And listen to the guitar man Then we're gonna"
  • Modern Day Delilah - Van Stephenson
    "She's a wizard with her shears She's been turning heads for years All the darlings and the dears Say she's got the touch An exclusive clientele Oh she knows each one so well No one dares to kiss and"
  • Nub - The Jesus Lizard
    "So since the surgery, how's that ghost limb Hey man, say man have you been rubbin' your nub Por favor De no sacar los manos, de no sacar los manos Fuera de la ventana So cuenta es muchas dinero lo"
  • New York Hold Her Tight - Lobo
    "(Austin Roberts / Van Wesley Stephenson) You can't wait to get her in your nightlife Take her out and show her all your bright lights She wants to be there at the top of your world But she's just a little"
  • Three Pick-Ups - Lobo
    "(Kent "Lobo" LaVoie) I delivered papers in the Early morning rain - Oh what a pain Getting up and going to school after that But I saved my pennies and I saved my dimes Bought a Fender Stratocaster On"
  • Undertow - Kim Carnes
    "(Kim Carnes/Duane Hitchings) Is anybody in there Is anybody home Is anybody in there Is anybody home Can anybody hear me Does anybody know Know the way to break out of the undertow When you need to hear"
  • The Body - Public Image Limited
    "(Allan Dias/Duane Edmonds/John Lydon/John McGeoch/Bruce Smith) When you run about - without precautions You get dieseases - need abortions And up till now - no vaccination Can give you back your reputation CHORUS We"
  • The Harp Jam - Molly Hatchet
    "The Harp Jam Danny Joe Brown-Duane Roland-Dave Hlubek Steve Holland-Banner Thomas-Bruce Crump Is not Atlanta, GA is the Rock n Roll capital of the world!!!! Then let's hear you make"
  • That Old Black Magic - Ray Davies
    "That old black magic has me in it's spell That old black magic that you weave so well Those icy fingers up and down my spine That same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine That same old tingle that"
  • Hit Country Song - Little Texas
    "(Del Gray/Porter Howell/Dwayne O'Brien/Duane Propes/Tim Rushlow/Brady Seals) (Track 9 - Time 3:01) Babies and puppies and high school football games Veterans and factories and fresh fields of hay Grandma"
  • What Does A Woman See In A Man? - Jimmy Webb
    "He stinks to high heaven, half covered with hair And grunts just like some old orang-utan While she smells of clean skin and a trace of jasmine And speaks like a first rate librarian His stomach hangs"
  • I Wish That I Could Tell You - Reba McEntire
    "(Anthony Jerome Martin/Van Stephenson/Reese Wilson) How do you tell someone you're letting go I wish that I could tell you But you're asking me things that I don't know I wish that I could tell you The"
  • Never In A Million Years - Laura Branigan
    "(Van Stephenson/Dave Robbins & Bob Farrell) Oh, if I could touch you It'd be a once in a lifetime dream come true And oh, if I could have you Just one night, just one time But I know I'll never get"
  • A Kiss Is Worth A Thousand Words - Blackhawk
    "A Kiss Is Worth a Thousand Words (Henry Paul/Dave Robbins/Van Stephenson) We've been up all night trying to figure it out Trying to make it all make sense We ain't right and we ain't wrong We're just"
  • Grand Illusion - Eric Clapton
    "(Robbins, Stephenson and Farrell) I saw you in a dream, it hit me like a bright light Flashing on a screen, visions of my whole life. I used to chase the moment of desire Back to when my young heart burned"

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