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dub incorporation

  • Dub - Jamal
    "Gdy poczujesz moją krew O tu, na swoich rękach Zanim czas odmieni cię Ja to zapamiętam Dla ciebie to jak pęta Bo nie ma tego, man żeby ktoś straszył tu cię Nie ma o ty mowy, bo ty nie boisz się To zło"
  • Dub - Lugnut
    "It's been one year and one half now and you're still right in front and Ii fell in love with you so long ago living life for something real and you know its not drinking beer more to life than waking"
  • L'echiquier - Dub Incorporation
    "Refrain: Contre tous les politiciens, Man, Qui on Contruit leur Royaume Babylone Qui Ecrasent tous les Hommes Contre tous les hauts-placs, Man, Qui veulent nous Controler Qui jouent sur la Plante, sur"
  • Justice feat Mellow Mood - Dub Incorporation
    "J'entends parler de justice mais c'est du bla bla, Quand on est caché derrière nos édifices ! Et quand des injustices se passent juste en bas, Nous restons spectateurs dans les coulisses ! Bigga heads"
  • Monnaie (Feat.Lyricson) - Dub Incorporation
    "No money, no money, no money yeah... Another big connection Dub Inc along side Lyricson Hear that sound Yeah I! (Refrain) : Que de la tune par excs, de l'amertume, des dcs Ce sont tous des cow-boys"
  • I'n'i Soldier - Dub Incorporation
    "Car mon frre j'ai mal, ils jouent avec le feu sous les rafales, meurent tous ceux qui veulent se battre contre eux... L'avenir semble perrilleux s'ils controlent partout les enjeux La maison blanche tourne"
  • Holy Mount - Dub Incorporation
    "Appelle du renfort, la dub inc toutes cultures incorpore de l'est du sud au nord coute ce qu'on labore c'est la merde dehors pour ceux qui n'ont pas de passeport et c'est pour tous ces freres que je reviens"
  • Hakimniktou - Dub Incorporation
    "la vie, la-bas tu ne imagines mme pas les gens, sont tous, assoifs de vengeance ce gouvernement d'Algerie, joue la comedie, joue la comedie! Il y a beaucoup de gens qui revendiquent, cet tat, a l'esprit"
  • La Corde Raide - Dub Incorporation
    "Refrain Prt pour la bataille soyons (de) taille Des lyrics comme un tract musical Ma rage qui clate face face lorsque l'on mate la claque rac-attaque contre-attaque (Bis) Babylone c'est pression, dpression,"
  • Dub Mentality - Asian Dub Foundation
    "Written by: Das, Pandit, Savale, Tailor, Zaman, Spacek Dub is the place we come to argue and debate It isn't just a backdrop for our herbal intake And in this time we fill the space with noise Black"
  • Dub-I-Dub - Me And My
    "Chorus: Dub-i-dub-i-dub-i-dub-dub-dub Dub-i-dub-i-dub-i-yeah-yeah Dub-i-dub-i-dub-i-dub-dub-dub I don't need your love Dub-i-dub-i-dub-i-dub-dub-dub Dub-i-dub-i-dub-i-yeah-yeah Dub-i-dub-i-dub-i-dub-dub-dub I"
  • Dubi Dub - Dance Dance Revolution
    "Love is cold yeah I don't need Love is cold yeah I don't need I don't need you here by my side no more no no And when I feel your love deep inside I will forget oh yeah So don't you dare come knocking"
  • Rub A Dub Dub - The Equals
    "Saturday night and I'm sitting in a tub. Got to see my baby Rub a dub dub. Need hot water running out got to see my baby scrub a scrub scrub. Wait till late to see my baby tonight's the night that I'm"
  • Dub 56 - The Toasters
    "Politicians scheming Try to bring a new tax Populations sleeping Got to get hip to the facts Take a modette out on the dance floor Bass man put down a lick Get involved and your problem is solved Little"
  • Scrub A Dub Dub - Macabre
    "Scrub a dub dub Three men in a tub Jeffrey Dahmer took showers With dead men in his tub He was too tired to cut them up So he put them in cold water With disinfectant Scrub a dub dub Three men in a tub Jeffrey"
  • Rub-A-Dub-Dub - Hank Thompson
    "Now once upon a time in a nursery rhyme three little men got lost Like you and me they couldn't agree and upon the wave they tossed Well I'll sing their tune cause I got marooned with the love I can't"
  • Army Dub - Gomez
    "From the bed to the car Let us stick to you now and then Move on, move on Out of school, into home Let us swallow you whole Or just hold on, hold on We were close Army dub Not as quick as you run, you"
  • Zarah (Dub) - Nina Hagen
    "Ich weiss, es wird einmal ein Wunder gescheh'n Und dann werden tausend Mrchen war. Ich weiss, so schnell kann keine Liebe vergeh'n, Die so gross ist und so wunderbar. Wir haben beide den selben Stern Und"
  • Dub Evolution - Army Of Lovers
    "Love is free love is love The world united I have this message This message This message to say I have this message This message This message to say I have this message Come on baby take the chance Love"
  • Fopp (dub) - Soundgarden
    "Fopped last night and the night before I had to fopp outside and then I went indoors Fopped so hard I made the people warm They stood back and gave me all the floor I did the fopp, the fopp they wouldn't"

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