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dubi dubi dam come one and take my heand

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dubi dubi dam come one and take my heand

  • Dubi Dam Dam - Banaroo
    "Dubi Dam Dubi Dam Dubi Dam Dubi Dam Dubi Dam Dam - Da Dubi Daba Dibi Dam Dubi Dam Dam - Da Dubi Dibi Dam Dubi Dam Dam - Da Dubi Daba Dibi Dam Dubi Dam Dam - Da Dubi Dibi Dam When I was lyin in my bedroom There"
  • Dubi Dub - Dance Dance Revolution
    "Love is cold yeah I don't need Love is cold yeah I don't need I don't need you here by my side no more no no And when I feel your love deep inside I will forget oh yeah So don't you dare come knocking"
  • Shoobi Dubi Du - Banaroo
    "Follow me now I hear your heartbeat Ill show you the way of endless freedom It`s unbelievable Its irresistable Come feel the magic of moonlight Open your heart I wanna give you A nice melody And you will"
  • I Miss You (Dam Dubi Dam) - Millane Fernandez
    "(Dam Dubi Dam) Intro: Dam Dubi Dam Dam Dubi Dam Chorus: Dam Dubi Dam Dubi Dam I miss you like the flowers Are missing the sun Oh nane nane Dam Dubi Dam Dubi Dam Oh love is here and now you're gone (now"
  • Szubi Dubi - Tomasz Niecik
    "Sto na sto, Pół na pół, Fify fity, Góra dół, Spoko loko, Jako tako, Ale z Ciebie niezłe ciacho! Ty i ja jest super git, Dla nas parkiet mocny bit, Plaża słońce to dla Ciebie Daj mi proszę czastkę siebie... Szubi"
  • Dubi dubi dub - Smerfy
    "dubi dubi dub dub dub dubi dubi je je dubi dubi dub dub dub dubi dubi je je gdzie te smerfy sa? dubi dubi dub dub dub dubi dubi je je dubi dubi dub dub dub dubi dubi je je gdzie schowaly sie? dubi dubi"
  • Dam, Dam - Blue System
    "Dam dam dubi du dam I need you more than everyone Dam dam dubi du dam I know it hurts to be alone Oh, do you really go ? Baby, say it isn't so Do you really really know ? That I miss you baby (oh be"
  • Dam - Ryan Matthew
    "Do you think That you've come far Through winds so hard And are you as disgruntled As you appear Are you wishing that I wasn't here Well one day soon that dam is gonna break And it'll wash you away it'll"
  • Come One, Come All - Popa Wu
    "(Intro) Yeah yeah (yo) Turn my mic up, one two East Coast Gangsters (straight Brooklyn right here) (East Coast Gangster, East Coast Gangster) Come to let ya niggas know One time and one time only We ain't"
  • Cinderfella Dana Dane - Dana Dane
    "Once upon a time, Brooklyn was the scene In the project that they called Fort Greene There lived a young man, Cinderfella's his name To make it interesting it's me, Dana Dane I lived in a house with my"
  • Here I Am (Come And Take Me) - Al Green
    "I can't believe that it's real, the way that you make me feel. A burning deep down inside, a love that I cannot hide. Our love is you and me baby, that makes the world go round. And if you've been doin'"
  • Take That And Party - Take That
    "Come on, come on, come on, come on take that and partyCome on, come on, come on, take that: Every part of you makes me feel that I've gotta touch you you knowIf only you knew what's in my mindI can't believe"
  • Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Getting born in the state of Mississippi Papa was a copper and Mama was a hippie In Alabama she would swing a hammer Price you gotta pay when you break the panorama She never knew that there was anything"
  • Take One Breath - Sonata Arctica
    "New human has seen the dawn of day, Overcame the limitations Of evolution by learning to apply S-C-I in fi, you cry silence! Science is blasphemy! My brainchild, intermingle, Come foretoken of trans-human Already"
  • Come Take My Hand - 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor
    "I know a place where the sun's always shining, with lovely flowers around everywhere. Come take my hand, I'll show you I'll guide you. I know this place it's deep down inside you. I know a place where"
  • Come Take My Hand - DJ Bobo
    "Refrain: Come take my hand Walk through the rainbow and enjoy wonderland Ill show you mysteries Come take my hand Dont be afraid to walk this way To a glorious day Verse 1: Come with me And use your"
  • Come Take Me Over - Robbie Williams
    "Come Take Me Over Is this a long range effort, cause I'll pitch a tent I'm kinda used to feeling cold Should I walk naked should I bear my sould Won't you help me fill this hole And what I'm trying to"
  • Come Take A Trip In My Airship - Natalie Merchant
    "I once loved a sailor. Once, a sailor loved me. But he was not a sailor, who sailed on the wide blue sea. He sailed in an airship; Sailed like a bird on the wing; And every evening at midnight, he"
  • Come Back In One Piece - Aaliyah And DMX
    "There we go, okay, okay Don't do me Greasy, okay You know what a dog needs Do you really know what a dog needs? Uh a dog needs a grr What? What? A dog needs a grr, come on Not just any uh, but a real uh That's"
  • Hoover Dam - Sugar
    "Standing on the edge Of the Hoover Dam I'm on the centerline Right between two states of mind And if the wind from the traffic Should blow me away From this altitude It will come back to you And do you"

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