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duran duran come undone na pl

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duran duran come undone na pl

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duran duran come undone na pl
  • Counting Crows White Lines By Duran Duran
    "Fun baby... freeze...rock! Bass.. oh white...white(repeat 3x) ooooo.. (chorus 1) white lines (vision dreams of passion) blowin through my mind ( and all the while i think of you) pipe cries (a very"
  • Saybia Ordinary World (Duran Duran Cover)
    "Came in from a rainy Thursday on the avenue Thought I heard you talking softly I turned on the lights, the TV and the radio Still I can't escape the ghost of you What has happened to the world? Crazy some'd"
  • Duran Duran Come Undone
    "Mine, immaculate dream made breath and skin I've been waiting for you Signed, with a home tattoo, Happy birthday to you was created for you (can't ever keep from falling apart At the seams Can't I believe"
  • Oswaldo Montenegro Hino De Duran (Hino Da Repress?o)
    "Se tu falas muitas palavras sutis E gostas de senhas, sussurros, ardis A lei tem ouvidos pra te delatar Nas pedras do teu próprio lar Se trazes no bolso a contraveno Muambas, baganas e nem um tosto A"
  • Backyard Babies Come Undone
    "You're good, you're bad, you're happy, you're sad Your mom and dad don't want you like that You're fucked, you're fine, you suck when you're signed And your DNA is always divine You do believe, you do"
  • Hunger Undone
    "If, I could make Time roll back For her sake Get back her smiling face For the years it will take She may break She'll come undone If she weeps She'll come undone Sorrow creeps She'll come undone Who's"
  • Sodastream Undone
    "Well here they come all walking at pace a little bit hostile and a little bit grey with sarin walls behind i won't recognise you always despise you but i'll hold your hand so i said don't try to thrill"
  • Failure Undone
    "Someone said they'd like to set you up They're gonna feed on you just sleep now Should've know they'd try and make you cry They're gonna have fun now don't fight it Let me come undone in your house I"
  • Jade Valerie Undone
    "If I take a minute alone now A moment of peace But if I find a minute alone now Know that the guilt is just waiting for me So I'll let the city take over And enfold me deep And let all the lights just"
  • Lifehouse Undone
    "I can see it your eyes you're hurting But pain is part of learning who you are All these truths can sometimes be deceiving When your whole world comes crashing to the ground Tell me everything you need"
  • Pearl Jam Undone
    "Last stop on the westcoast line South of the northern border One small corner on my mind Everybody, they know me there Don't get any second glances Chances are that they don't care The world has come undone Like"
  • Revelation Theory Undone
    "Fate, it never followed me. Until now, I never wanted it to... (take me, I'm caving.) I always wanted it to... (save me, I'm waiting.) I wanted everything and now. You gave it away and I've come undone. Thinking"
  • Robert Earl Keen Undone
    "Fire one up and you toss one down Everybody knows you been downtown Been downtown late last night Busted your head in a barroom fight Fightin' with your brother fightin' with your wife Seems you been fightin'"
  • Robert Earl Keen, Jr. Undone
    "Fire one up and you toss one down Everybody knows you been downtown Been downtown late last night Busted your head in a barroom fight Fightin' with your brother fightin' with your wife Seems you been fightin'"
  • Weezer Undone
    "(Hey bra, how we doin' man?) (Alright) (It's been a while man life is so rad This band's my favourite man, don't you love them?) (Yeah) (Oh man you want a beer?) (Alright) (Oh man Hell bra this is the"
  • Tapping The Vein Undone
    "I Feel Like I'm Going To Break Open Wide I Can't Stop The Walls From Burning, Swelling My Wide Eyes The Fear That I'm Fearing Now Is Crippling Me Leaving Me Broken, Shivering Here On My Knees I Feel Like"
  • Sister Seven Undone
    "Hear the rattle Change is coming Baby could you leave me something Hold me 'til I cannot breathe I'll wake to find you gone Well I don't mind this at all You said that I'd be better off To find another"
  • happysad Undone
    "W takie wieczory jak ten, mógłbym pisać listy, mógłbym pisać wiersze, mógłbym być na mieście, bo kto by zgadł, że odejdziesz po tym co przeszliśmy, jakie mieliśmy szczęście, no, ale nie jest mi tu ciszej"
  • Jackson Waters Come Undone
    "[1.] There are ways that Ive been falling There are times that Ive been So weak There are moment I hear redemption calling But Im too far down to speak Come sweet fire of mercy Cover up my skin Warm"
  • Kate Ryan Come Undone
    "Robbie Williams Come Undone So unimpressed, but so in awe Such a saint, but such a whore So self-aware, so full of shit So indecisive, so adament I'm contemplating, thinkin' about thinkin' It's overrated,"

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