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dynamite nuty na keyboard

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dynamite nuty na keyboard

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dynamite nuty na keyboard
  • Xiu Xiu Black Keyboard
    "Why would mother say such things? Why add tongue to a kiss goodnight? Force me to know The Want. No one needs to know. Be free. Laugh at your son. A child is nothing without hate. Be certain he feels his"
  • Scorpions Dynamite
    "(Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, Herman Rarebell) Kick your ass to heaven With rock'n roll tonight I'll make this night a special one Make you feel alright Shoot my heat into your body Give ya all my size I'm"
  • Junior Senior Dynamite
    "Ah shake it one, shake it two Shake it three and four 'Cause we are starting up a fire on the dance floor Step aside, day and night they use dynamite You know Junior Senior's outta sight Do you think"
  • Sly & The Family Stone Dynamite!
    "MISS CLEAN She's so together and nice, yeah MISS CLEAN I got to see her twice MISS CLEAN I like the way she moves, uh-huh When I was through She turned on the light Made my heart beat dynamite Dynamite,"
  • Jamiroquai Dynamite
    "Riding the night, riding the night Ain't it cool? Rolling it high, rolling it high Ain't it cool? She's looking hot, she's looking hot In the breeze Flashing those eyes, strutting her stuff Givenchy Baby"
  • Cliff Richard Dynamite
    "Well send me love in a package labelled dynamite I wanna feel an explosion when I hold you tight I got a powerhouse reception waiting for you When you come back to your loving baby's arms again Come back"
  • Beats And Styles Dynamite
    "Tell a friend to tell a friend Beats and Styles back at it again Like this Blowing up like dynamite, Blowing up like dynamite, Blowing up like dynamite, dah dah dah dynamite! You might have ammo, you"
  • Brenda Lee Dynamite
    "you're dynamite! you're dynamite! dynamite! hey, baby when you kiss it's dynamite! hey, baby when you hug and hold me tight i just explod like dynamite if i might do all that things i'd love to do tonight then"
  • Christina Aguilera Dynamite
    "Dancing til the morning on a velvet sky Racing to the top with golden rays of light I never felt so free and yet so dangerous The night was electronic painted red with lust I move, you chase, we magnetize A"
  • Jermaine Jackson Dynamite
    "I don't know too much But I know love the way I've been touched It's your love that heats me up And there's no such thing as too much 'Cause I don't know any better No, I don't know when it's time to stop,"
  • Stina Nordenstam Dynamite
    "The film they show is sad and boring The morning shot from a diving bell Forgetting you is like breathing water There's got to be a better way Dynamite A thing you said once made me wonder What can go"
  • Scissorfight Dynamite
    "Bang fire I got the dynamite Head atrocities I got the dynamite Respect the wild ride That left you horrified Get arctic wolfman Massacre ignite Astronomic height Commence to go off Have at the TNT League"
  • Rod Stewart Dynamite
    "(R. Stewart/A. Taylor) Oh, look out baby! I got a stupid little job It's driving me insane With those keyhole people All they do is complain About the tattoo on my arm The ring in my ear But I don't"
  • E-Rotic Dynamite
    "Come on take me on a ride You're like dynamite I want you baby Give me some action when we fly But don't you - don't you Don't you hurt me deep inside Feel you're exploding baby You're like dynamite I"
  • Mz Ann Thropik Dynamite
    "Hey you, with your pretty smile Hey you, with your sharpened claws You know, i've seen it all before You know, you're gonna crash n burn I saw your picture in a magazine (x3) but it wasn't you! No, it"
  • Randy Dynamite
    "If you try babe I guess you can Figure out who the hell I am The Unabomber - bomber Is my fan Cos blow up is the only thing I can Say the time babe And I'll be there Oh! I'm fragile baby so handle me with"
  • Taio Cruz Dynamite
    "I came to dance, dance, dance, dance I hit the floor 'Cause that's my, plans, plans, plans, plans I'm wearing all my favorite Plans, plans, plans, plans Give me space for both my hands, hands, hands, hands You,"
  • The Roots Dynamite!
    "(feat. Elo) Uh uh, come on, S-P in the Up north into the NYC and the out West And to niggas in Cali and the Down South type dynamite What, yo yo come on dynamite dynamite Uh check it out, uh uh Yo"
  • Amaranthe Dynamite
    "Face it I told you I'm on fire But I am energized And won't apologize I'm digitalized, I'm hypnotized No excuse Break the bonds, a gasp of air My will is strong Get out of here my mind is futile I'm just"
  • Dream Evil Dynamite
    "I couldn't believe in what I saw'Though she stood in front of meI was afraid to let her goShe needs a lot of lovingI couldn't stop this thunderstormEven if I wantedCouldn't believe in what I feltI wanted"

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