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dzieicuff squad

    "Nikt nie śmiga z apaszką, siedzimy za flaszką I wiadomo, że nic nie wypłynie dalej Zweryfikował czas nas I wiadomo kto się nadaje by dalej iść Dupa zabroniła Ci koleżków, bo przez nich ulegasz pokusie To"
  • SQuad - Pogo
    "I. Zabić prezydenta to moje motto Tu moje ziomki rządzą Ziom poddaj sie emocją Ja robię to gorąco Wiem że przy tym kręcisz głową Tylko słowo: Ja mogę więcej niż oni mogą To West - POGO nowy sQuad Ziom"
  • Mój Squad - ZBUKU X OLEE
    ""Mój Squad" to utwór z mixtape'u Young Blood"
  • Terror Squad - Artillery
    "Dressed in cold black - gun in your hand Looking so cool you act like a man Livin' by terror goverment blessed You're taking your prisoners and shoot down the rest Terrror terror, terror squad Terrror"
  • Goon Squad - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
    "Too little true, too many lie Not enough laugh, too many cry Too many low, not enough high Who let the goon squad in? Too many stare, not enough see Not enough stand, too many flee Too many slave, not"
  • Odd Squad - Kurupt
    "Yeah good looking out Dame for dropping that heat on my album thug Yeah (*3X*) Odd Squad (*2X*) You don't wanna Once your eyes open the mysteries fall Wall to world wars, in a far world You're in"
  • Pleasure Squad - Chester French
    "Out on the street, he's a big star wearin' khakis We love his style, he's so tasteful, so classy He still loves you, Cause he's above you He'll bring you luck, keep his picture for good measure And pay"
  • Riot Squad - Cock Sparrer
    "when we were at school i thought he had it sussed fighting the law with the rest of us smoking, drinking, acting cool 'til they started treating him like a fool then he stayed on his own for most"
  • Drug Squad - Steel Pulse
    "Drug Squad Ain't got nothing to declare My luggage in my hand I greet the customs man No sir got nothing to declare He waves me down to stop (is it my character) I know I didn't jump no queue so what he"
  • Death Squad - Sacred Reich
    "Putting to dead those who oppose you Will take control, no matter the cost Bodies are mounting the carnage around you At the last count, 10.000 have died Taken by force Controlled by fear Death squad"
  • Blasphemy Squad - Rudimentary Peni
    "blasphemy squad, thriving on hate, in the warfare state, like piss in a pod. -ch- never forget, never ever forgive, wash your mouth out with pope. death love god squad + the babies of christ, pin you all"
  • Goon Squad - Elvis Costello
    "Mother, Father, I'm here in the zoo I can't come home 'cause I've grown up too soon I got my sentence I got my command They said they'd make me major if I met all their demands I could be a corp'ral into"
  • Suicide Squad - Action
    "Unarmed enemy, locked in your sights, Goin' down a martyr tonight Follow your orders, follow command, Power of god in your hands Die for your government, Die for your god There's no return from the Suicide"
  • Firing Squad - Epicure
    "One last cigarette. One last fading dream. One set of tracks into the sea, footsteps off the balcony. And preacher I believe in your shock therapy. I once was blind but now I see, everything so clearly"
  • Firing squad - M.O.P.
    "CHORUS 2X: Firing Squad Aint no tellin what they might do Firing Squad Yo them niggas will invite you Firing Squad To the battlefields so they can wipe you Firing Squad That's them niggas that don't like"
  • Pilcher's Squad - Primus
    "Sgt Pilcher, Sgt Pilcher Ingeneous Sgt Pilcher He's found a way to make them pay, for the deviant things they do and say Pilcher, Sgt Pilcher Quick-witted Sgt Pilcher He's a dutiful man with his task at"
  • Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad - Busta Rhymes
    "(feat. Flipmode Squad, Def Squad) Taking you to the other terrain, we mash strictly for the cream Here to kill your whole scene and your motherfuckin team Little 'Mal, the raw dawg, I know you heard"
  • Ride By Blazin Squad - Blazin' Squad
    "baby we can ride got ma car parked rite outside ill even let u drive if thats kool wit me if u wanna wanna wanna got ride outside ill bring ma boys wit me if u bring ur girls tonite but if u give it"
  • Def Squad Delite/Rapper's Delite - Def Squad
    "I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip a hop and ya don't stop A rock on baby bubba to the boogety bang bang the boogie to the boogety beat Now what'chu hear is not a test I'm a rappin"
  • Le Shit Squad - Iam
    "Respect to the Hit Squad Mais moi Marseille je roule avec le Shit Squad Je roule avec le Shit Squad Je roule avec le Shit Squad Je roule avec le Shit Squad Je roule avec le Shit Squad Je roule avec le"

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