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each photographs

  • Photographs - Nana Mouskouri
    "Photographs Of long ago The colours fade The wrinkles show I loved you then I love you still I guess I always will Aging hearts And shaking knees Aching parts Still bend with ease I loved you young And"
  • Old Photographs - Charley Pride
    "Here is one that we took one Sunday afternoon I remember it was in the summer time On the back it says eight eleven sixty five the same day you promised to be mine But old pictures have a way of fading"
  • Night Photographs - Barenaked Ladies
    "At night I like to photograph, producing camera images And I don't have a flash But my little notebook records the subjects at hand In photo one, a flower Photo two is a drunk and naked girl In photo three"
  • Sunlight And Photographs - Too Sorry For Apologies
    "Verse 1 The photographs, they aren't content Growing wrinkled old pages torn and corners fold Just like I am not content Writing poems not to send, praying for the end I'll hold my breath please make it"
  • Photographs - Mest
    "As he laid there, his life flashed in front of him He wonders if he can take back some of his past As he looks back on everything; he's got so much, he feels there's something missing I hear the silence"
  • Photographs - Dum Dums
    "I've got a heart and you're my education I'm a man of little conversation The rope is wearing thin the ledge is breaking Case is closed all the verdicts have been taken And cupid's poison chaining up my"
  • Photographs - Professor Green, Rag'n'Bone Man
    "wish that i took more photographs of us said goodbye now our love’s collecting dust just a memory of you is not enough I wish that I took more photographs of us I can’t believe I left you feeling solo I"
  • Photographs - Shiny Toy Guns
    "All the stars watch over you Night and day When you can't stop turning Where'd you go mysterious? So ashamed.... You've lost the way again Chorus When did we all start Living a world in a photograph? Where"
  • Photographs - Dreadlock Pussy
    "you ask me why I display this array of pain when it's obvious to you I can't complain you say it's just a phase that's supposed to make it OK in a couple of years I'll look back and laugh my youth reduced"
  • Faded Photographs - Sheila E
    "The voice that drew me near to you And drew you near to me Has faded from the picture Becoming clear to me All thats left are memories Of how it used to be We can't erase the past We can't change our destiny Faded"
  • Faded Photographs - Sheila E.
    "The voice that drew me near to you And drew you near to me Has faded from the picture Becoming clear to me All thats left are memories Of how it used to be We can't erase the past We can't change our destiny Faded"
  • Faded Photographs - Abraxas
    "Movin' slow blood runs cold promises ever behold Targets there at last view Start up the engine and be a hero today Holy mission trapped in tradition a place in paradise Honor of the family the final"
  • Old Photographs - Carlene Carter
    "(Carlene Carter) Old photgraphs always make me laugh Ponytails and golden locks Dirty old boys from down the block Always knew someday we'd have to go Our separate ways And you'll find someone to be And"
  • Photographs Lie - Shelter
    "As I admire the smiles on the people in the photo I think "What am I missing this time?" I'm always racing, chasing, someone, somewhere, That isn't mine Thinking that the grass is greener on the other"
  • In Photographs - Across Five Aprils
    "How many plans start with the others? I dont wanna be just another one. Tell me all the things that I wanna hear. Its the stutter in your voice that makes things very clear. Make things very clear. Make"
  • Burning Photographs - Ryan Adams
    "I finally see the light Down on the east side Wasted like a memory If I had a car I'd drive Straight off the bridge into the river, it would empty me. Pretty pictures in a magazine Everybody is so make"
  • These Photographs - Joshua Radin
    "You're Sylvia Plath As you drift from the bath. I hand you a robe And so it goes, The moment'll pass. You're Simone de Beauvoir As you get out the car. The way you read me, No one can see me Is"
  • Old Photographs - Mark Eitzel
    "Old photographs Black and white convictions I remember the way you were facing this restriction Old pieces of paper Memories to fight over Self-interest and loss There's nothing to remember We tried to"
  • Photographs (Rare) - Bliss 66
    "Photographs, pictures of the way we used to be, you and me. Memories, words you used to whisper in my ear, loud and clear. I never wanted anything Never needed anything but you, now you're gone. I never"
  • Photographs & Tidalwaves - Holland
    "L.A. ends in tragedy We're losing face and memories The golden state has fallen to the floor I guess I've had my better days With photographs and tidalwaves I miss a part of what we had before Is tonight"

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