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easter alien babies

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easter alien babies

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easter alien babies
  • Dream Theater Easter
    "- ("uncovered" show at ronnie scott's jazz club, london - 1/31/95) - steve hogarth and john helmer (marillion - from the album "season's end") A ghost of a mist was on the field The"
  • Marillion Easter
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) A ghost of a mist was on the field The grey and the green together The noise of a distant farm machine Out of the first light came A tattered necklace of hedge"
  • Patti Smith Easter
    "Easter Sunday, we were walking. Easter Sunday, we were talking. Isabel, my little one, take my hand. Time has come. Isabella, all is glowing. Isabella, all is knowing. And my heart, Isabella. And my head,"
  • Jefferson Airplane Easter?
    "Golden velvet robes on Pope Paul, he's talking--he's stalking devils offlesh. Rides through the streets instead of walking. I think his holy storyis a mess. All I did last Easter all I did was paint some"
  • Ashford & Simpson Babies
    "It happened innocently you gave your love to me. Who could blame us? That night I was so late coming in. Who could blame us? I couldn't explain exactly where I'd been. But your mama shouldn't have told"
  • Counting Crows Babies
    "After you're gone, babies ride the soft machine threading the warm children down the space between into a slow heaven hanging by a thread leaving the still living for the walking dead It took so"
  • The Strokes Babies
    "Well We Walked Around All Through That Day And We Couldnt Find Anything (Anything) Baby You Found It What You Wanted to Hear (Yeah) Baby Baby Baby Babies And Im Sorry About All That Stuff I Said You Think"
  • Jana Hunter Babies
    "Forget the middle being what's played Gypsies have babies just the same You know my name, you just do That don't mean I told it to you Into my life, water came With it regret and shame Down to the banks,"
  • Het Goede Doel Babies
    "Ik hou van vrouwen met zomersproeten En lange benen met kleine voeten Ik hou van meiden met zachte borsten En harde lippen maar zonder korsten Ik hou van feesten bij de buren Een beetje kijken, een tikkie"
  • Wu-Tang Clan Babies
    "Light is shinin.. beauty sunshine Here comes one-time.. the ball was so fine Heat is blazin.. the kids were playin His partner was shady.. tryin to slave the babies Aiyyo they didn't know the cop was"
  • Pulp Babies
    "Well it happened years ago when you lived on Stanhope Road. We listened to your sister when she came home from school 'cos she was two years older and she had boys in her room. We listened outside and"
  • Bush Alien
    "The satellite comes and goes We give each other all we know In silence we still talk By the light of the stereo we waltz And will you rain down In your cinematic love truck I'm gonna hold you like Nothing's"
  • Chris Whitley Alien
    "Everybody knows I can tell how you fill your clothes I can see it at the edge of your smile So strange about the dormant desire But everybody knows the alien I can tell how you try to pretend You can see"
  • Oblivion Dust Alien
    "She has just touched heaven But acts as though it's broke She can't help it She can't mend it Alien...Alien... I stole the colors off her And changed myself just like her They don't see me They"
  • Eternal Decision Alien
    "I don't belong here Stranger to this world This place is not my home Alien This land of darkness I do not know My streets are paved with gold I am an Alien We have traveled on this far Far away from home With"
  • One Fine Day Alien
    "they're so spoiled and living deep down in their holes demanding more with deep profanity never satisfied, grabbing greedy souls can't understand how they replace sanity and I feel so distant I'm an"
  • Erasure Alien
    "Cuts to the quick Pure emotion, a trip No word of a lie Oo-ah, oo-ah, oo-ah Pressed to your lips We collide, slowly twist Ardent and lithe Oo-ah, oo-ah, oo-ah Seeps into the ground Kisses"
  • Atlanta Rhythm Section Alien
    "The sun just went behind a cloud again Down crowded streets he walks alone He's a stranger out of place A number not a face And all day long, all day long (CHORUS) He's feelin like an alien Feelin"
  • Simple Plan Alien
    "I'm sick of being alone When are you coming home? Just a glimpse of your face I can remember smelling your hair I'll meet you anywhere Somewhere that no one can retrace Somewhere where no one will know"
  • Toploader Alien
    "I drove from nowhere to relive my past Felt like an outsider, feel the same now Its funny how you get so much further When you feel like an alien Thank God I was never a thinker I would have never have"

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