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easy please me

  • Please Please Please - Shout Out Louds
    "Long time ago The times we had were so and so It was the worst days of your life So I called your home your so-called father was on the phone he wasn't easy to ignore But we're all happy cause the"
  • Please Please Please - Sleeper
    "going straight has never been easy close my eyes don't look to the left or right when it hurts you know it's the price you can't make it everyday i hide from the sunlight anyway i got near it on twice maybe"
  • Please - INXS
    "I've come to tell you 'bout the story I see It made of honey but it sting like a bee Got the message that it come from the floor And that's the way to get yourself in trouble You think it's easy 'cause"
  • Please Please - McFly
    "Please, please, Lindsay, please... Set the scene, I think I'm in love now, Your eyes are green, you come from above now, Easy girl, I think we're alone now, Let's get the motion in the ocean, So turn"
  • Easy - Troye Sivan
    "You ran away to find something to say I went asytray to make it ok And he made it easy , darlin’ I am still in lobve And i say taht because I knwo how it seems between you and me It hasn;t been easy darlin’"
  • Easy - Sally Oldfield
    "Oldfield Oh I don't know if its the rain falling Theres something in my eyes like the shining sea Oh I don't know if its a new love calling There's something growing in me and it's strong and free Oh its"
  • Easy - Crushead
    "im looking out of the window what a beautiful day the sun is gone and the wind blows the colored leaves away this is my favourite season this is a wonderful day and I'm starting to chill out times relative"
  • Please, Lindsay, Please - McFly
    "Please, please, Lindsay, please Set the scene, I think I'm in love now Your eyes are green, you come from above now Easy, girl, I think we're alone now Let's get the motion in the oceans So turn off your"
  • Pretty Please Me - Redd Kross
    "Animal gods got a cod piece So shot on the hard seas Gotta be - gotta be a man People gotta get what they can I said my (my-my-my) Can can is the new age San san is the coming rage Pretty please me, pretty"
  • Pretty Please Me - Dickies
    "pretty please with sugar on top hey babe wont you do the flop beebop boy see j seabring twenty thousand years in sing sing i said my well my my my animal god with a cod piece still shot on the stormy"
  • Easy To Please - Coldplay
    "Love, I hope we get old, I hope we can find a way of seeing it all Love, I hope we can be I hope I can find a way of letting you see That I'm so easy to please So easy Love, I hope we grow up I hope we"
  • You Please Me - Dragonette
    "I wake up I'm all alone in my room Glad you're gone Alone is just the way I wanna be Someone's waking up with you Someone pretty, someone who you'll do that thing to That you did to me It's the only thing"
  • Help Me Please - Z-RO
    "Help me please I'm blinded by my tears and I just cain't see So many devils tryin to recycle my soul Cause in the ghetto where I'm from ain't no flies in the groves Just niggaz and hoes Send me a sign Just"
  • Please Dear - Faster Pussycat
    "Baby All I wanted was a change Lisa I never wanted you to go that far away Then ya had to go and leave me sittin' All alone, oh baby how I miss ya so And I'm so damn tired of thinkin' She wiped the tears"
  • Please die - Carnal Forge
    "I'm hunting your shadows, i fool you with ease,Can you feel my eyes undressing your mind, your soul such an easy prey,There's nothing that can stop this gameYou just wanted a ride, now you are blinded"
  • Easy Come, Easy Go - Rory Gallagher
    "I'm easy come and easy go, Now you're not so carefree. You found the thorn behind the rose, You took it, oh, so badly. Lost inside yourself, You've gotta break out soon. You've gotta try again, To hear"
  • Easy Jesus - Zilch
    "I'm walking down the freeway I'm waiting for the madness to bite well lazarus is waking my virgin she is holding me. Tight. Alright Yeah let me take you there following the footsteps never seem to catch"
  • Easy Target - Heart
    "Everytime I hear your voice on the phone Everytime you leave me so log alone Everytime I think that my heart's gonna break You knock at my door, you're back on the make If your hands were tied If your"
  • Easy Lady - Spagna
    "move on up you're such a sexy groover when you get on down you're better than another move on up it's such a hot sensation when you get along get along get along oh I could rule this nation get on down"
  • Easy Now - Eric Clapton
    "(Eric Clapton) Holding you, you holding me, Everyone could see we were in ecstasy. Making love against the wall, Feeling very small when we didn't need to be. Easy now; don't let my love flow out of"

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