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  • Ecce Mundi Gaudium - Mediaeval Baebes
    "Ecce Mundi Gaudium Ecce Salus Gentium Virgo Parit Filium Sine Violentia Ave Virgo Regia Dei Plena Gracia Natus est de Virgine Sine viri semine Qui mundat a crimine Rex qui regit omnia Ave Virgo Regia Dei"
  • Axis - Ego Likeness
    "Through the vein living in the stone running off the wall never broke at all collapsing spaces in... digging places in the ground sifting out the reason... at the crossing of the lines... at the crossing"
  • Off axis - Strata
    "I feel like a prisoner here a patient strapped to the bed somebody call in the medics i think i might step out of line again a straight line from here to our secrets you left me in the middle of our crash"
  • IV. Ecce - Paul McCartney
    "(Paul McCartney) Ecce Cor Meum Behold my heart Ecce Cor Meum Behold my heart There in the future we may be apart Here in my music I show you my heart Ecce Cor Meum Behold my heart Ecce Cor Meum Behold"
  • Ecce Homo - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Et ouais c'est moi Gainsbarre on me trouve au hasard des night clubs et des bars amricains c'est bonnard On reconnait Gainsbarre ses jeans sa bar- bede trois nuits ses cigares et ses coupes de cafard Bizarre"
  • Ecce Gratum - Qntal
    "("Alle springen und singen in Cupidos Zauberreich.") Ecce gratum et optatum ver reducit gaudia: purpuratum floret pratum, sol serenat omnia. iam iam cedant tristia! iam iam cedant tristia! estas"
  • Ecce Gratum - Saltatio Mortis
    "Ecce gratum et optatum Ver reducit gaudia: Purpuratum floret pratum, Sol serenat omnia. Iam iam cedant tristia! Estas redit nunc recedit, Hiemis sevitia. Iam liquescit et descrescit Grando, nix et cetera; Bruma"
  • Ecce Machina - Falco
    "(by Thomas Lang) I've been here through the night And I can smell a new dawn coming. The elders of the solid state It would be easy, could be fate. You! With your empty arrogance, You're something"
  • Ecce Homo! - The Black League
    "Right! Blest' are those who cannot see reality in all its ruthless misery For what doesn't kill you ought to make you stronger Yet the more you endure, the pain lasts longer and longer and longer and"
  • Ecce Hommo - Rantanplan
    "Fuhrst du zu lange im Kinderpanzer auf dem FDJ-Fest ? Oder hat dich erst die Karriere im Kaderkomplex kaputt-kreiert ? Wiedemauchsei - Du hast es geschafft und was aus dir gemacht: Du wurdest Agentin X Doppelt,"
  • Machina Mundi - Umbra Et Imago
    "Streit, Missgunst, Einsamkeit Neid, Habgier, fettes Leid Blut, Terror und Gier nach Macht Bitterkeit, Tod und ew'ge Schlacht Liebe, Erbarmen, Hoffnungslosigkeit Mitleid - die Suche nach Zrtlichkeit"
  • Imago mundi - De Su
    "Powiedz powiedz Cu ty robisz tu Stoisz na wyspie Gameta zwą ją już Dziś jesteś pierwszy Jak pierwszy dzień Gdzie drzewa ludzie W ekstazie łączą się Nie znasz jej W końcu początek teraz Pragniesz wiem Wyobraźnia"
  • Anima Mundi - Dionysus
    "Dreams are engaging in battle Cosmos is rising to fight Our world is neglected and falling Gaia, she screams in the night! On the verge of decay and destruction Hope is what keeps her alive Sending her"
  • Anno mundi - Black Sabbath
    "Can you see me, are you near me? Can you hear me crying out for life? Can you tell me, where's the glory? Ride the days and sail the nights When it's over you'll find the answer Running in the whispering"
  • Salvator mundi - Turbo
    "Imagine that you have f1fe in the throat You head voices of death You have a leprous soul attacked by evil- you die and you die and you die SAL V ATOR MUNDI SALVA NOS Your body is falling down to the gulter"
  • Lacrimae Mundi - Evemaster
    ""Caught in thy net of shadows, what dreams hast thou to show? Who treads the silent meadows, to worship thee below?" Thee who wanders amongst the mortal, never see the light of day Thee who watch the storm"
  • Anno mundi - Ozzy Osbourne
    "Can you see me, are you near me?Can you hear me crying out for life?Can you tell me, where's the glory?Ride the days and sail the nightsWhen it's over you'll find the answerRunning in the whispering rainAnno"
  • Axis Of Evil - Sodom
    "We've been called to defend our freedom Our grief has turned to anger We've seen the decency of loving people Deliver them from foreign danger We'll never rest We'll not relent Until the day you get condemned Axis"
  • Domus Mundi - Venom
    "Feel the dirt, beneath my fingers Taste the soil, inside my mouth Muscles screaming, soundless cries Silent staring, of a thousand eyes Blood is pumping - through my veins Tendond tearing - while fragile"
  • Vangelis Mundi - Evenfall
    "I'm Free... It Hardly Matters Watching What's Happening, What's Failing, Even If... It Hardly Matters Watching What's Happening There Is A Spot Upon This Accursed Earth Which Thou Hast Never Yet"

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