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echosmith cool kid

  • Cool Kid - Southern
    "He don't wanna release her And she don't wanna kiss him in the kitchen Someone keeps telling me that I'm not good I wanna come back to come back home But I'm not like you anymore 'Cause she's a cool kid"
  • Cool, Daddy Cool - Kid Rock
    "(Daddy Cool) (ohhh, yeah, yeah) (Oh, wo, wo, yeah) Verse 1 - Joe C. See me cruisin' in my caddy Ho's they like to call me "Daddy Cool" When I'm stylin' Just rollin on the island Now just in case I"
  • Cool - Naturally7
    "Walk in the room and yea! I'm that dude I'm never rude, I'm never crude Cause I got nothin' to prove.....(that's right) My speech is tight, I ain't the silent type When I talk it's straight New York Plus"
  • Cool Kids - Echosmith
    "She sees them walking in a straight line, that's not really her style. And they all got the same heartbeat, but hers is falling behind. Nothing in this world could ever bring them down. Yeah, they're invincible,"
  • Caroline Cool - Kid Safari
    "Well, she enters your dreams without a trick or a scheme Like a moonbeam caresses the stream She makes you feel like a kid On his first day at school She makes you feel like a blunderin' fool Chorus: Caroline"
  • Kid Gloves - Rush
    "A world of difference A world so out of touch Overwhelmed by everything But wanting more so much Call it blind frustration Call it blind man's bluff Call each other names Your voices rude Your voices"
  • Hey Kid! - The Ataris
    "I wait for the day to come, When I'll wake up and be a star. I dream of a different world, Somewhere where we will go far. I bitch about my life. I bitch about the scene. I hate this fucking town, And"
  • Hey kid - Ataris
    "I wait for the day to come When Ill wake up and be a star. I dream of a different world... Somewhere where we will go far. I bitch about my life. I bitch about the scene. I hate this fucking town Wish"
  • Emo Kid - Jim Robert
    "Hey babe, I think I'll have a cry Cuz I'm not the biggest guy on the football team And I know you think that's cool I'll just read my emo books and wear my emo glasses Make up fake pink passes just because I'm"
  • Cool Thing - Suede
    "You are the loaded gun sticking in your face Like a stupid child on her roller skates Like a bad sound now that makes you swing Like a real mistake Like a cool thing She like a jet plane gliding across"
  • My Cool - Adam Tensta
    "Ye-ye-yeah, and it goes, this my cool and I can't take it off Ye-yeah, and it goes, this my cool and I can't take it off Throw something to me, feel it in the air Ca-can't put my finger on, but it's"
  • Cool Cat - Queen
    "Words and music by Freddie Mercury and John Deacon Ooh yeah yeah yeah yeah! You're taking all the sunshine away Making out like you're the main line (I knew that) 'Cause you're a cool cat Tapping on the"
  • Cool Confusion - The Clash
    "between cool confusion and kung fu in the car park could the weekend be losing that reactive spark even in the shebeen or down in the meat rack longtime i feel cold to send cinderella's shoe back along"
  • Molly Cool - Atmosphere
    "Wise men couldn't see it in their dreams But up rose the poets from the speed cleans And the weed fiends, speakings dissected Deciphered by the undernourished purists No longer is it a get over situation What"
  • Be A Kid - Ben Lee
    "I wanna be a kid You can nearly do everything You can only not drive a car I wanna be a kid You can even bungee jump When you are a kid And I don't wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna Get old And"
  • Kid In Love - Shawn Mendes
    "I know that we just met And maybe this is dumb But it feels like there was something From the moment that we touched Cause, It's alright, it's alright I wanna make you mine The way you're lightin' up"
  • Kid At Heart - Filatov & Karas
    "It’s like a cool store in the ocean love id pullin’ me in push me blackout it’s a roller-coaster od emotions it’s feel like a dream but I can’t figure it out Monday, Tuesday chasing me all ways i got"
  • Impress The Kid - Slick Rick
    "(Uhh check it out..... S&S...... with the ruler '98........Def Jam.....) And here we are, in the phase again That ol' funeral music, is he goin to heaven or is he goin to hell? I don't know, he's right"
  • Cool Back - Kid Ink
    "I walk in this bitch like a mah'fuckin' villain I'm just tryna bring cool back Can't too many motherfuckers pull that off Lookin' like a million dollar outfit Nah nigga that's me, it don't matter what"
  • Way Cool Jr. - Ratt
    "Oh Oh New kid in town Got fancy clothes Old T-Bird car, baby And you can tell your nose He said, "Where is all the action in this town?" Stop working on the women It's on real slick Heard enough about"

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