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  • Ed - King Missile
    "Ed was at the end of his rope, an expression he detested. "There is no rope!" he would scream at the laughing walls. "There is only the end. No hope, no rope. Ending is better than mending. Doors of"
  • Ed - Ice T
    "Let me tell ya a little story Bout my homeboy Ed Use to drink every day Straight 40's to the head You try to snap on him He'd ask what you said You still try to break He'd start given up lead Love to gamble On"
  • Ed - Ice-T
    "Let me tell ya a little story Bout my homeboy Ed Use to drink every day Straight 40's to the head You try to snap on him He'd ask what you said You still try to break He'd start given up lead Love to gamble"
  • Ed - Slapstick
    "they dont know what it takes to make a man break down. the don't know what its like to survive without your friends and family around, they tell you that you're lazy and won't get off your ass to find"
  • Ed - Chancho En Piedra
    "Ya es tiempo de una involución estamos nadando en el acuario, tu castigo eterno me es incompatible con la luz de infinita bondad. CORO: **Fiestas eternas y un cielo funk** **todas tus penas, quedan atrs.** **Has"
  • Ed - Green Apple Quick Step
    "The baby can Talk to me In his hand He holds the future A broken key That fits tomorrow All welomce to new world city Just a friend A rotten kid Now a man H lives in venus Not the palce You remember The"
  • O.G. - Murder Inc
    "My nigga Ja sold more records than an o.g. (o.g.) Tah flyin by in the Lac truck like a o.g.(o.g.) For Gotti I'd body a nigga quicker than a o.g. (o.g.) Ferrari and Charli and Jody move like a o.g. A winsdy"
  • O.G. - Daz Dillinger
    "Yeah, what I'ma do right here is take my time, and dedicating this one to my niggas resting in peace, and my niggas behind the wall. See you when I get there, you know what I'm saying? (really doe) So"
  • On Dogz - Ed O.G.
    "Bean large representing from Roxbury Mass And I'd like to give a shout out {Alright go ahead} Word, I'd like to shout out my man ED O.G., my man Big Shug {Ok} And, um my man Big Rob checking that track And"
  • I'm Different - Ed O.G.
    "Intro/Chorus: samples of Big Daddy Kane "I'm different, so don't compare me to another" (3X) "If they can't hang, word to the mother" Verse One: Ed O.G. I'm not like anyone else, so don't you think"
  • Too Much to Live For - Ed O.G.
    "Everybody got excuses which are useless My niggas scientific died what about they sons and they futures Niggas don't fight yo they shoot you Now everybody think they hot like the gear that's stolen by"
  • Extreme - Ed O.G.
    "Uh, yeah Uh-huh, yeah ED O.G. uh uh D Quest uh uh Boston's Finest Y'all check this out You challenge me I'll challenge you, off balance fool I'm a show you rap niggas what real talent do Never shook"
  • Sayin' Somethin' - Ed O.G.
    "Yeah yeah, Ed O.G. Two-thousand, Primo Yeah, niggaz claim they runnin this house they just runnin they mouth You ain't sayin nuttin (Verse One) Yo.. If the opportunity was to present itself I might just"
  • Dedicated to the Right Wingers - Ed O.G.
    "Aiyyo Florida, why ain't you more into the crime instead of sweatin rappers for the way they say a rhyme? I thought your state was straight, lots of girls and very sunny You're bein Bug-A-Boo's cause they"
  • Stop (Think for a Moment) - Ed O.G.
    "I'm bringin fear and all that, the gear I wear is all that You wanna doubt me talk about me I ain't hearin all that Because I'm famous, for waxin the toughest and the lamest, Amos But not the same as,"
  • Work For It - Ed O.G.
    "A yo it's out there son you got to search for it This rap thing is serious don't get murked for it I got love for the game I even hurt for it But don't wish for it, nigga work for it Livin' it up, for"
  • Just Because - Ed O.G.
    "[ Free ] You used to be my man, we used to be in love Since we parted ways things is gettin rough Just because I got a kid by you Don't give you no reasons to act like a fool [ Ed ] Yo, you used to be"
  • Speak Upon It - Ed O.G.
    "But when it comes to uhh protecting the lives of twenty-two million Afro-Americans Then all of a sudden, Uncle Sam becomes very concious, of legality.. Here's the reason that, I've been upset for a"
  • Old School Love (ft. Ed Sheeran) - Lupe Fiasco
    "Give me that old school love right now You know that only you and me alone... As long as I'm here As long as you love me Give me that old school love right now /2x Give me that late 80s early 90s old"
  • Ed Gein - Macabre
    "I'm a killer, and a gravedigger My stew will be made out of you I eat women, I'm a cannibal And a necrophiliac too I make bracelets out of bodies And coffee drums made with flesh Organs frying in my kitchen And"

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