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edge of revolution

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edge of revolution

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edge of revolution
  • Nickelback Edge Of A Revolution
    "Head high, protest line "Freedom" scribbled on your sign Headline, New York Times Standing on the edge of a revolution Hey, hey, just obey. Your secret's safe with the N.S.A. In God we trust or the C.I.A.? Standing"
  • Brides Of Destruction Revolution
    "Revolution, revolution Proceed mission bride injection Operation mass destruction Disengage governed protection Nation damnation World domination Revolution institution coming to ya Smells of revolution Revolution"
  • Chris And Conrad Love Revolution
    "It feels as cold as winter time In my heart and in my mind It leaves me aching for the light I feel so numb and paralyzed Lord, won't you break my heart for what breaks yours? Fan the flames inside this"
  • Explosion Music No Revolution
    "When the blood was red And the lies were black and white They put their hands together They thought they had it right We know they made mistakes but we still imiate Keep the spirit alive when there's"
  • Gob Squad Supersonic Revolution
    "Turn the TV off as you search for a deeper meaning of what you're in for. As they inform, you better listen to your heart. You're the one to take it down to where you wanna take it down. Grab your mind's"
  • The Explosion No Revolution
    "When the blood was red and the lies were black and white they put their hands together they thought they have the right we know they made mistakes but we still imitate keep the spirit alive when there's"
  • Blessid Union of Souls Revolution
    "You say you want a revolution Well you know we all want to change the world You tell me that it's evolution Well you know We all want to change the world But when you talk about destruction Don't you know"
  • Bush Revolution Blues
    "well - we live in a trailer at the edge of town you never see us cause we don't come around we got twenty five rifles to keep the population down but we need you now that's why i'm hangin round so you"
  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse Revolution Blues
    "Well, we live in a trailer at the edge of town You never see us 'cause we don't come around. We got twenty five rifles just to keep the population down. But we need you now, and that's why I'm hangin'"
  • Neil Young Revolution blues
    "Well, we live in a trailerat the edge of townYou never see us'cause we don't come around.We got twenty five riflesjust to keepthe population down.But we need you now,and that's whyI'm hangin' 'round.So"
  • Dragonforce Revolution Deathsquad
    "Flying over darkened skies the battle will call Destiny is calling we'll be out of the storm And the world falls under the starlight Shining from heavens below Ride the wings of pain and sorrow searching"
  • Access Edge
    "Kasome no Fake Dreaming pandora no naka Urahara na wana misenai Sadistic Night Furikaeru shisen So Untouchable Motion Fureta yubisaki ni furesou na jerashii Shibireru ai no manazashide Nemuri kara yobi"
  • Shyne Edge
    "Uh uh, Uh, Uh Ayo, mac 10s and fake friends Lawyers little game homicide 25 with the fucking nigga face 'em But I'm still trill, still holdin Rollin gully until I'm froze, close in a box with a bomb in"
  • The Cult Revolution
    "Pictures of never ending dreams I can't see what these images mean Locked inside me Can't set the rainbows free Like perishing flowers They sag and twist and die There's a revolution There's a revolution,"
  • Yngwie Malmsteen Revolution
    "And now the end begins. The world is dying from within. But the game is still the same. Just different players. To fuel the flames. Now is the time to shed our skin. And we must repent our sins. It's"
  • Crematory Revolution
    "They'll never stop our will to live free from pain and fear they cannot bring us down all your gird go out and justify the revolution The beginning of the age - to start revolution now break and leave"
  • Kamelot Revolution
    "I stand before you blood of mine A simple man of simple words I expect no songs of praise when I am dead Let my lament of endless gray Light a fire in your hands To forge a future we can call our own So"
  • R.E.M. Revolution
    "Your revolution is a silly idea, yeah All your friends are feeling had It's like you need a reason to be feeling bad You sport an armband when your good and mad la la la la revolution (the future never"
  • Arrested Development Revolution
    "This is Headliner from Arrested Development, and I come here tonight To give thanks to ithe rain, so brothers and sisters please put down your Umbrellas, you won't be needing those today Look to the clouds"
  • Black River Revolution
    "I work in the dark I live in a cage I am carrying my fury ever day I am follow the rules but nothing’s mine it doesn’t resemble with real life we stay for Revolution I have enough I don’t care no more we"

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