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  • The Campaign For Real Rock - Edwyn Collins
    "Don't try so hard to be different The cracks are beginning to show You drift like a cloud through the festival crowd In a frock coat from Saville Row You've just been an all-night party Where I have to"
  • A Girl Like You - Edwyn Collins
    "I've never known a girl like you before Now, just like in a song from days of yore Here you come a-knocking, knocking on my door And I've never met a girl like you before You give me just a taste so I"
  • Make Me Feel Again - Edwyn Collins
    "Make me feel again five twenty five on a monday morning I'm lying on my unmade bed outside these walls there's a new day dawning as the sky turns from black to red but I can't sleep a wink am I losing"
  • Keep On Burning - Edwyn Collins
    "Youve given me a head start, Im brewing up a brainstorm And we leave the grunges far behind In the quagmire of the unkempt mind Cos it got no style,no elequence,no elegance,no sensuality All it takes"
  • Never Felt Like This - Edwyn Collins
    "It's a higher state of being A different way of seeing That I really can't resist It seems I've stolen every scene From the carnival of dreams And I've never felt like this I've never felt like this Never"
  • Shouldn't Have Done That - Edwyn Collins
    "I spent half the morning lying in bed I should have quit while I was still ahead Instead I stumbled out I took the air I should have stayed home, should've washed my hair Should've done that Should've,"
  • Mine Is At - Edwyn Collins
    "I slept in the subway Just for a ruse No stars for company Just a bottle of booze See my lifestyle ain't changed much I just take more risks That's remarkably easy When you're remarkably pissed Good times,"
  • No Idea - Edwyn Collins
    "Watching the world from the corner of your eye You're quite content to let life pass you by You're numb to everything and everyone You've no idea You've no idea You're wondering about the meaning of within You"
  • The Beatles - Edwyn Collins
    "let's hear it for the first beatle let's hear it for the worst beatle let's hear it for the best beatle the had to get it off his chest beatle let's hear it for the lost beatle the art at any cost beatle the"
  • Johnny Teardrop - Edwyn Collins
    "Now that you've broke your heart How long before the teardrops start? And 'til those tears subside You'd better find some place to hide If you don't wanna feel Just make believe that nothing's real And"
  • 20 Years Too Late - Edwyn Collins
    "Hello chaos my old friend We finally got there in the end I found a loophole in the law I stumbled then I crawled through Never frightened that that noose would tighten I felt enlightened My senses heightened Yet"
  • Little Things - Edwyn Collins
    "Your first breath Your first pain Your first tears Your first year Your first smile Your first word Your first step Whatever's next Your first school Your first crush Your first kiss Consider this It's"
  • Stars In My Eyes - Edwyn Collins
    "Well I've a sorry tale to tell ya Forgive me if you've heard it before Y'see, I ain't got nothing to sell ya Though I've a few surprises left in store Well I told all my troubles to Marlon But Marlon didn't"
  • Back to the back room - Edwyn Collins
    "I've been doing a power of thinkingThe Good Ship Lollipop is sinkingBut I've been having such a good timeJust watching from the shorelineCall waiting on the telephoneOnly problem being the phone is off"
  • Calling on you - Edwyn Collins
    "Showing out againLike some famous flameShowing off ahainLack of common senseYour mind's explodingCos life keeps loading on youThe sky is fallingThe void is calling on youShooooh shoooohCalling on youMoving"
  • It's a funny thing - Edwyn Collins
    "It's a funny thingA funny phase I'm going throughAs I drift through spaceNothing left to cling toDon't think me moroseI've always been a tryerNow here's what I proposeI gonna take you higherIt's a funny"
  • Splitting up - Edwyn Collins
    "To anyone who's followed meI offer my apologiesI'm splitting upI can't afford to compromiseWith someone I don't recogniseI'm splitting upThe idea first occurred to meWhile shaving rather cautiouslyCos"
  • The magic piper - Edwyn Collins
    "I'm through with love hangovers, It's best that I stay sober. No rolling in the clover, No Gretna Green trip over. No honeymoon in Paris, I only feel embarrassed For the cool cats, The charmed kittens,"
  • Mr. Freedom - Gabin feat. Edwyn Collins
    "Tried to call you n got the answer phone Now Im glad Im free to spend a weekend on my own Do the shopping Jog in the park And theres a lot of housework That needs to be done Im turning myself into A superhero"
  • Vibes Of The Time - Tony Rebel
    "-P Barrett-D. Colins - T.T. Hall- Original guerilla Tony Rebel ah talk And you know me always a talk from mi heart You shoulda know that man Chorus: There's a vibes about the time And it's real and I"

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