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edzio habits

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edzio habits

    "I just got a HABIT dirty little habit I can have it it this classic shake that nipple plastic then real you know how I feel HABITS what you gonna do? HABITS take it from you HABITS maybe I’m a psycho HABITS its"
  • Czas na mnie (ft. Edzio) - Koro
    "czasem robię co zechcę a czasem co konieczne na ile czas pozwoli łapie chwile bezcenne i nadal działam prężnie czasu więcej nie będzie by znów nie uciekł biegnę ze stoperem w ręce czasem robię co zechcę a"
  • BAD HABITS - The Last Shadow Puppets
    "Bad habits Sick puppy Say: Hi! Knee deep Do you wanna hold hands? Should we go back down? She wanna show dance? Should've known, little girl that you'd do me wrong Should've known by the way you’re showing"
  • Bad Habits - Ed Sheeran
    "Piosenka Ed Sheeran 'Bad Habits' zostanie opublikowana w czerwcu 2021 roku."
  • Nasty habits - Oingo Boingo
    "Here's something to think about Where would we be without nasty habits, nasty habits Makes me want to scream and shout Life would be so dull without nasty habits, nasty habits All those naughty little"
  • Bad Habits - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Bad habits Bad habits Bad Habits (Bad habits, Bad habits) Picked a few up nine years in this game (Bad habits, Bad habits) Life style's fast driving me insane (Bad habits, bad habits) Daily doses"
  • Bad Habits - Thin Lizzy
    "I seen you walking down the street with another man Girl you're really shocking I seen you walking down the street with another hand Held in your stockings Boys will be boys and girls will be trouble And"
  • Bad Habits - Joan Armatrading
    "You swear too much You drink too many You smoke like a burning Haystack honey You got bad habits Bad habits You chase all the women Coloured and white You steal from your mother Do you think that that's"
  • Nasty Habits - Grand Ole Party
    "People look for love in the strangest of places It's a physical love that contorts their faces It's a spiritual love that lust displaces Sometimes, sometimes Love, lust Nasty habits Make us who we are Love,"
  • Old habits - Hank Williams
    "Well I kicked the habit, of smoking back sometime ago. And I tried the hard stuff,but I had to let all that go. But the toughest thing I ever gave up was today.Cause Old Habits Like You are hard to break.I"
  • Old Habits - Hank Williams Jr.
    "Well I kicked the habit, of smoking back sometime ago. And I tried the hard stuff,but I had to let all that go. But the toughest thing I ever gave up was today. Cause Old Habits Like You are hard to break. I"
  • Old Habits - John Hiatt
    "When the snake of love Starts pullin' you under And it wont let go 'Til it starts to thunder And there's not a cloud in the sky Gonna make him shake I guess old habits are hard to break Cause"
  • Bad Habits - Usher
    "I love love I am just bad at it I just can’t escape all of these bad habits I had way to omany one nights I keep messin’ up my love life I love love I am just bad at it I just can’t escape all of these"
  • Bad Habits - My Favorite Highway
    "Is it wrong to assume that you missed me? Because the look in your eyes says that you're dying to kiss me The touch of your lips is tasteful and forgiving A part of the past that I don't mind reliving Just"
  • BAD HABITS - Dawid Kwiatkowski
    "Drop that cigarette All escape, movin Got roses on my neck First show Give up all the rest I’m feeling lousy Got roses on my bad For you Spending dollar bills On the wrong tape of woman Spending all"
  • Bad Habits - The Cyan Velvet Project
    "oh no old habits die hard oh no bad ones don't die at all sinister & vile live in denial creator on trial armageddon diarama modern anti dalai lhama hugging dying mother amma bollywood melodrama slow drugs"
  • Bad Habits - Michael Tolcher
    "i get all my bad habits watchin you its true well i wish that things were so different change it myself its what i'll do but i can't figure it out, yet just how to make it perfect for you but i'm closer"
  • Nasty Habits - You me at six
    "You've should seen me last night, Working the room had their chests going tight, I got a theory, all I need is one drink. I've got you breathing all heavy and deep, Gasping for air and down on your knees, You're"
  • Rabbit Habits - Man Man
    "Dont you dare say that you werent warned that the end was coming soon. And your eyes shined like Oppenheimer as he talks about the moon. And he dont even taste the food he eats anymore. And theres a space"
  • Lethal Habits - Destroy!
    "Shoot some cocain To pacify your brain It´s brought to you Courtesy of the CIA In Vietnam men didn´t die in vain The US shipped back heroin in their body bags My neighborhoods a shooting gallery Because"

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