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egypt central

  • Egypt - Mercyful Fate
    "(Music & lyrics by King Diamond) Ahh...Egypt...Ahh Solo: Shermann O Thou of countless names Who are one and all things O Thou of countless names Without beginning, without end Ahh...Egypt...Ahh Osiris...Anubis...The"
  • Egypt - Valhalla
    "Egypt (M: Patxa, Ivn, Mikel, Jevo / L: Jevo) In a land, close to the Nile Surrounded by desert is Egypt. Down below, under the sand Lie the rest of ancient kings. Ooh, relics and gold in their graves Ooh,"
  • Egypt - Kate Bush
    "Follow the Nile Deep to much deeper. The Pyramids sound lonely tonight. The sands run red In lands of the Pharoahs. Their symmetry gets right inside me. I cannot stop to comfort them. I'm busy chasing"
  • Egypt - Doro
    "What a dream come trueI got the biggest crush on you My whole body shakes I know I'm gonna break But God I'm craving for more The only thing I really feel is the regret of my heart Killing you with kindness Like"
  • Egypt - Tuxedomoon
    "Enough is never enough when the going gets tough Too many things coming up for one dope to handle Just foot in mouth lean on crutch Wish I was with the Ancient Egyptians With how many thousand Gods Someone"
  • Egypt - Symphony X
    "Endless sands of Atlantis - etched in gold, a city lost in time and from the sea - A Child speaks of things unseen, before the King - a teller of the Rhyme Five align - hidden in the word a message locked"
  • Egypt - Dio
    "In the land of the lost horizon Where the queen lies dark and cold When the stars won't shine, then the story's told When the world was milk and honey And the magic was strong and true Then the strange"
  • Central - John Frusciante
    "I'm central to nowhere Thinking of sweeping it clean When we choose to go were losing more than just our surroundings I've gone around the sides of this universe as it stands Outside the limits of all"
  • Little Egypt - Elvis Presley
    "I went and bought myself a ticket and I sat down in the very first row They pulled the curtain but then when they turned the spotlight way down low Little egypt came out a-struttin' wearin' nothin' but"
  • Ancient Egypt - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) The minute I lay my head on the pillow I'm in ancient Egypt, I can feel it glow, Warm and gold, Gold and warm. And I'll see you there all dressed in raindrops, Need I explain? I don't think"
  • Glasgow Central - Billy Connolly
    "Last Train Tae Glasgow Central Last Train Tae Glasgow Central You better catch this one. And you better have a ticket 'cos here's the man BiddieBiddiebumbum - to Glasgow central We had a great time."
  • Central park - Top One
    "Ten śmiech to łza Nie kochasz mnie już Więc sam tu tkwię Twój anioł i stróż W Central Park grają jazz Szukam cię liryczny skaut W chmurach gdzieś ginie deszcz Moknie sznur pędzących aut REF: To jest Central"
  • Central Hotel - Peter Hammill
    "I found myself lying on the balcony, stripling terror, naked to the bone; the secret asteroid jungle nearly done for me I saw it all just a moment ago. I know I'd better watch out for the Central Hotel... I'm"
  • South Central - One Minute Silence
    "Jump, jump, jump! I'm gonna bring it down jump, jump, jump! I'm gonna bring it down jump, jump, jump! I'm gonna bring it down jump, jump, jump! I'm gonna bring it down Bring it down, bring it down for"
  • Central reservation - Beth Orton
    "Running down a central reservation.Last night's red dressAnd I can still smell you on my fingersAnd taste you on my breath.Stepping through brilliant shadesOf the color you bringBut this time, this time,"
  • Party Central - Heartsdales
    "* (R) Every time you take my breath away Feels like my heart just skipped a beat Party with me all night long Every moment is precious to me Just take my hand and dance tonight I'm falling in love again (J) Yo,"
  • Central Disposal - Mudvayne
    "My perspective on life is pain Sponge textured soul so porous i cant drain I just absorb violations of the pledge You swore to me your perjury Detours the life of my child Chicanery from you for me"
  • 72nd & Central - Proof
    "Mr. Lennon, Mr. Lennon! John John, could, could I get your autograph? Could I get your autograph? (Sure kid) Oh, yeah yeah yeah, just Could you sign this for me please? (Sure, what's your name?) Thanks"
  • Playgirl Central - Tila Tequila
    "Verse 1: Creepin' everytime I got a minute to spare I was tappin' that ass everynight like I didn't care I call them all baby cuz I forget their names You would do the same so dont call me insane! I got"
  • Grand Central - Edward Shearmur
    "Suu, suu, inbai fu Ka ore wa kimi wo goukan Iwau mashou, masutaabeeshon mashou Tekubi kitte, kitte to shinu Sono yaru ni riyoumashou (Kare korosu) Kimi no rokkotsu soto hiki nuku sono Yaru ni riyoumashou (Ore"

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