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ejoh my time you can

  • Time Can Tell - Electronic
    "You're voice is breaking up Get off the phone Come and see me These times are hard enough To be alone, I want you with me And much to my regret It's you i can't forget Tears on your shoulder Don't look"
  • Can you feel it - Dead Can Dance
    "It's not the way you look It's not the way you walk It's not even the colour of your money That brings you my respect It's not the way you talk It's not the tales you tell You watch and speak loud on words"
  • Can - Ami Suzuki
    "hikari tsutsumu KEESU GARASU?koshi kara mitsuketa FUROA ni (feel my heart, yeah) kidzuiteiru no ? HIRARI kawasu no yo KIMI to no kakehiki sore demo karada yurasu BEESU GARASU koshi kara miorosu FUROA ni"
  • Can - Gun
    "Life I dont see the meaning now Love Ive lost all the feeling for Time won't wait to work out why I'm losing this fight in a private war Empty life is a warning sign Locked away where the sun don't shine Can't"
  • Can - Black Milk
    "somehow the atmosphere has changed feel it's time to rearrange - the flood is coming in ... please say none of your dreams will subside, promise you'll be by my side when the breakers come to crush so"
  • Can - Toby Keith
    "I got a sweet little woman at home She knows that I love her true I got three little kids at home on the floor They love there daddy too I got one on the way and I don't think I can pay the doctor bill I"
  • Can - Nas
    "There comes a day in your life When you want to kick back Straw hat on the porch When you old perhaps Want to gather your thoughts Have a cold one, Brag To your grand kids on how life is golden So I'ma"
  • You Can - Body Language
    "I've got time to kill Like we all do I've got to fill it up When I mill about Like we all do It's on the heels of my thought Convenience takes its place Like it always does With the sun into the moon You"
  • You Can Be My Nigga - Adina Howard
    "Spoken Friend: Girl you betta call him you know you ain't been home in 3 days Adina: Girl whateva Friend: Damn he just blowin' yo little pager up Adina: Yeah, whateva I'll do what the hell I wanna do,"
  • My time - Winter rose
    "Whoa, whoa, yeah, yeah! In a life of dreams I sense reality By living your fantasy Not much time left for me Well I'm know it's true When I'm looking at you Trapped in someone else's mind How could I be"
  • My Time - The Psychedelic Furs
    "you've got rain in your eyes and a head full of stars all the tears you can hold in your hand and a room full of sleep and a promise to keep isn't it just like love in a world made of law you're just losing"
  • My Time - Earshot
    "I struggled with this pain inside, but it was too strong you looked so catatonic, you knew it was wrong destructive, tainted, heated words scraped off your tongue singing wholly sinful song if you feel"
  • My Time - Unbroken
    "I don't know why I place these virtues on myself, I just see that greed never cares for where we live, pass this onto others well after us, the few times that we care never seems quite enough, and I know"
  • If You Can Spare The Time - Lefty Frizzel
    "Well if you've got the time honey I've got lot of gold and money And I'll lay the cash right on the line We'll go honky tonkin' baby and have a lotta fun and I don't mean maybe I've got the money if you"
  • Can You See The Hard Helmet On My Head? - My Morning Jacket
    "Do you see the hard helmet on my head... totally unscarred serves protection for my head but I don't believe everything I read... one that makes them warm don't ever lose any of your god-given"
  • My Time With You - Neil Diamond
    "A little quiet conversation in the night I need my time with you It always seems to make The day turn out alright It's easy when I'm here with you And when life is hard to understand You reach out for"
  • You Play My Time - Usher
    "First time I Saw you baby,you did something to me,That no one else has ever done. ( Ooh )Something in you eyes,Caught me by surprise,and told me that you are the one. (oooh )But what's that, it's another"
  • Can You Remember - The Jacksons
  • You Can Say - Krezip
    "Come on let yourself slide Come on take it tonight You made it real for now but Make your day if I can I give it all cause I am You made it real Yeah you can say You can say Just say what you want Cause"
  • Can you celebrate? - Namie Amuro
    "Can you celebrate? Can you kiss me tonight? We will love long long time Eien te iu kotoba nante shiranakatta yo ne (Can you celebrate?) (Can you kiss me tonight?) (We will love long long time) Futari kiri"

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