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  • The Holy Noise - Ektomorf
    "Can you fell it Can you hear it I'm gonna show you now Catch the rhythm and jump Jump till the sky, come on jump Open you heart and we give you the strength This is the holy noise We make this holy noise This"
  • Fuck You All - Ektomorf
    "There is the motherfucker look at him He has got a big car and money He is sure that he can be anything He want everyone and everything There is the gurk off look at him Sitting the whole day in the fucked"
  • United Nations - Ektomorf
    "Skin colour, racism and prejudice This world will never change The roots of the hate to deep in our lives And we have to much pain I see it I was born for what I was born And you can't bring me down I"
  • I Break You - Ektomorf
    "Don't fuck with me I'm sick of all your shit You make me mad and it is all your fault You say you are my friend And now you leave me in shit What the fuck you thing Who the fuck are you I bring the pain I"
  • You Get What You Give - Ektomorf
    "Listen to me now I say face to face I can't stand you lie to me Couse you even can't lie I see through your eyes I see you're fucking weak inside You get what you give from me You treat everyone Like"
  • Until The End - Ektomorf
    "All in my life I walked on my own way I never followed rules or trends I left behind all the hypocrites I as never pretending Look at me I am free No one can tell me What is good for me Couse only I"
  • I Will - Ektomorf
    "I will break the walls I will move the rocks I am here to stay Till my dying day In every way you try to stop me Explain me where I have to stay of go But my life is something what you Will never take"
  • Outcast - Ektomorf
    "Outcast Outcast Outcast I feel the power of the rage You cannot close me in your Cage You cannot hurt me anymore I'm ready for the war I know I'm not alone Everyday I feel your soul I know you feel"
  • I Choke - Ektomorf
    "I feel so fucked up here... I feel I cannot breathe Poisoned society Will kill me legally I choke I choke I cannot breathe I choke I choke Disgrace and poverty All around surround me Disgusting empty"
  • Ambush In The Night - Ektomorf
    "Two thousand soldiers Hate and anger Violent - brutality Racist shit Segregation Discrimination Is not a life They wanna survive Ambush in the night Ambush in the night Woman cries Her child has died Revenge"
  • I'm Against - Ektomorf
    "Humiliation Exploitation In the world all the nations Allt the nations gonna be slaves Slaves of hypocrisy Empire of money No personality Anymore No I'm not gonna be a slave No I'm not gonna be the same I"
  • We Rise - Ektomorf
    "Now is the time to make A revolution Go ahed together unite in One young nation God gives the power the Power to hold on Our heart is burning in Flames of freedom Rise We rise We rise We rise Now we"
  • Red I - Ektomorf
    "I grew up in the world that Does not give a fuck about me I grew up in the full of Prejudice and ignorance Hate all around based on the Color of the human skin Open your eyes cut your skin And you're"
  • Who Can I Trust - Ektomorf
    "(Prayer) It was the first I truly trusted in Now it's the worst that I Really hate I can't unterstand why People are so fake But I know they will never change Too many lies so much pain I face reality My"
  • Leave Me Alone - Ektomorf
    "Why can't you see Why can't you see Why can't you see that You just fuck up my life Can't you see that Can't you see that You're just a piece of shit Why can't you see... Leave me Leave me alone Leave"
  • Fuel My Fire - Ektomorf
    "I've got word of thanks, thanks that I'd like to say, for the rage that I feel, the rage that I feel today. Gotta stack, gotta stack, stack of chips on my shoulder, in everything I do 'cause I made, I"
  • I Confront My Enemy - Ektomorf
    "They want me to fall And give up I feel no pain I had enough They can't come close to me Not anymore They cannot defeat me Not anymore I confront my enemy I confront my enemy I confront my enemy I confront"
  • Hell Is Here - Ektomorf
    "Frustration all around Fear is marching on Religions kill the fate Diseases take victims Soldiers on the street They come to destroy The peace Racism in the air We're breathing pure hate Pride - prejudice Hypocrite"
  • Nem Engedem - Ektomorf
    "Te ki vagy te, felettem llsz El akarsz taposni, hogy megalzz Llekben terror, szemedben pnz Hatalmad nincsen, nem lehetsz isten n mr nem flek tled, mert tudom Azt hogy gyenge vagy s kurvra unom Azt hogy"
  • V - Ektomorf
    "Dht az a gondolat Hogy nekem ktszer annyit kell tennem Azrt hogy elfogadjanak s megbecsljenek Mert n nekik bds vagyok Tl fogom lni Tl fogom lni Tl fogom lni Htba tmadnak szemt módon A gyenge pontjaim"

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